Monday, May 29, 2023

Where angels fear to tread... 2023 Earth

Volcano, aka Zerr Dann -- his carnal angel name -- is the hero in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, my fantasy 2012 novel. 

For many years, divinely inspired by my hero, I wrote a future-revelations blog at TITLE MAGIC titled:

Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecast


Much of what was written has proven to be accurate as our times have played out. 

So, Volcano has a message for humanity ... which I don't know yet ... until I start writing .. 


Monday, December 28, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 28, 2015

 Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #382   

Worldwide 2016, the Year of Mainstream Disclosure About Galactic Life, or NASA-Crumbs Tossed To the People ... Two: the Year of Chaotic But Relentless Rebellion ... Three: the Year of Wars and More Banker Brushfire Wars Backfires On the Dark-side Global Elite ... Four: the Breakthrough Year of MASS WILL, Or the People Say NO, We Will Not Comply 

On the AWAKENING front, The Dark-side War On Human Creativity and the Artistic Soul ... the Dark-side War On Human Intelligence ... the Dark-side War On the Precious and Precocious Human Spirit ... HERE IT COMES! Bigger and Badder Than Ever

 Архангел in 2023 | Fantasy art men, Male angels, Angel art

Thursday, May 26, 2023

 Angelic Forecast ~ 

Update 2023 Earth


The looming supremacy of a 1776 Revival. 

For now the worldwide evolution-revolution on Earth, this Great Awakening, soars toward the sweetness of heaven ... This, once FOUR sinister choice-points have been overcome, mastered, then transcended.

First, the wicked winds of endless war cyclone around the planet threatening every living being. No life for you, common peasant-serf. You will serve the global draconian royalty and be happy, while eating your ration of meal-worm porridge... that is, until death claims your miserable bones.

Rise triumphant, glorious human race. Declare freedom and happiness for yourself, for ALL on lovely sacred Earth. 

Because YOU are the hope of the Universe. You were Divinely made for these brutally challenging times. 

You were made to win in Christ.

Angel Of Peace, Epic Angel HD wallpaper

Second, the reprehensible money-changers, those who are nothing but savage predators in truth -- yes, those who own the worldwide beast Babylon temples -- they will begin leaping to their deaths. This, once grand humanity rejects financial enslavement. Rejecting the cyber-1984 control system. 

Do not fear their demon attacks.

Stand for real prosperity, whether in public or 'hidden' in private. For, YOU will be the ultimate victors.

Third, Where angels fear to tread ... 2023 Earth.  

Dark times ahead as terrible acts of violence will be blamed on the innocent, on those who love and honor justice and freedom... on those who are the highest souls on Earth. 

Or, on those who adore human life, adore ALL forms of life -- flora, fauna, mineral, the supernatural... 


Band together in loving strong communities, sustain and fiercely protect each other. That is the real power. The winning power in these temporary endtimes -- this cosmic-turning into the Aquarian Age.

Fourth, the food supply is endangered. Several nefarious methods are being deployed, including the escalating use of industrial poisons. 

Also, under the guise of improvements, our main food crops have been subjected to a hellacious brew of genetic manipulations -- designed to monetarily plunder, to sicken, then depopulate most of humanity. 

Currently, the food supply lines are being intentionally decimated. Food livestock is being criminally killed off causing shortages. Processing facilities are being burned down, destroyed. 

The savage whip of inflation strikes. Then...

On the pretense of saving our magnificent planet from climate catastrophe, vicious propaganda attacks are being aimed at the smaller family farms and ranches. Thus, those who live and produce on rural lands, are being cruelly, constantly eliminated.

No wholesome food for you, people of Earth. 

Yet remember, once great wild herds roamed our lands -- the bison, deer, antelope, moose, and feral cattle -- the grazing herds of Africa, zebra, giraffe, elephant, gazelle, water buffalo -- all of them emitting copious amounts of flatulence ... with no 'green house gas' harm done. Only benefits to our world.

Rebels With a Cause, your time has arrived. For, the time has come to ignite freedom's fiercest heart. Forever.

Defending every splendid shade of being human, body, mind, heart, soul and spirit ... That is Sedona, my heroine in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS 

Ever-Winging to the 'good vs evil' battle, Sedona and Volcano's daughter.

 After viewing this article, she is overheard to snarkily remark...

Hillary Clinton Claims to Know More About Putin Than The CIA

Anthony Scott

Well hell, serve Hitlary up on a silver platter to Putin. Send Killary over with good tidings of more Uranium One to sell. She will make a fine hostage while being held at a gulag in the far reaches of frozen Siberia-- no email servers allowed.

  Title Magic Blog

Home to Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecast ... at

  When a Good Angel Falls

Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth...Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?


Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 The end of the Mayan Calendar

What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? Let the Nazerazzi squad of the North American Union capture her and force her into a FEMA concentration camp? Walk out into the Arizona night desert, let the wildlife have a good meal, with the hope her death will be quick? Or does Sedona trust the mysterious stranger suddenly before her? Handsome as sin and all in black, he emerges from the darkness astride a super-speed black motorcycle.

Is he her savior from the brutal hell of end times, or is he a roving cult member of the New World Order, hunting his next blood sacrifice?

Sent from heaven to help her save humanity, Zerr Dann knows the Divine is playing its last card on Earth.

"The end times, December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. Curious, I gaze into my author's crystal ball. With pen poised, I see my heroine, broken by life, her wings clipped. I see my hero, a carnal cherub, his divine mission to save her. Their mission: To save humanity from the evil consuming all that is good on Earth." ~ Savanna ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

 Freedom Howls and Growls from Wolf Peak Territory ... 


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar 

Monday, May 15, 2023

Celebrating the Mother

Celebrating the Mother 

In Wolf Peak Territory

 Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION

MOTHER Howls, Yowls, Growls and 'No Scowls or Big Scowls' ShapeShifter Lovers!

Okay, a day late and dollars short. Life is just too tough right now to keep up with anything.



Mothers, Motherhood is howling-sacred in Wolf Peak -- that goes without yip-yip saying. ALL are trained to viciously protect the children no matter the foe or foes. 

Needless to say the 'globalista evil ones' are never allowed anywhere near the Peak. Many have already been ripped to shreds, torn limb from limb, then scattered to the four winds... or tossed to the very hungry shapeshifter sharks, and the voracious Dino families. 

Such snacks are always appreciated.

 Mother Big Cat Protector and Her Goddess Companion ... They Are Soaring the Skies... no intruder escapes their ever-vigilant watch. For the little ones are precious.

Mother Nature, owl, planets, fantasy, wolf pup, wolf, abstract, woman, animals, HD wallpaper

Moonheart and Her Beloved Wolfess, Healing Mother Earth Is Their Holy Mission.

 Taking Care of Her Wolf Babes In the Forest Beauty of the Peak. They Will Be Playing With Several Other Children Soon. 


 Wolf Peak Territory is home to Shapeshifters of all types and stripes ... to Supernaturals of every imaginable and unimaginable kind ... to Extraterrestrials, Interdimensionals, Those from Inner Worlds ... and home to several ancient, powerful goddesses and gods, and their descendants. Plus humans, of course.

 A Humanoid Wolf Mother's Love. Priceless.

Windwolf, Spirit Animal Who Walks With Her Shamaness... Together They Lovingly Guide the Children of Wolf Peak.

 Wolf High Quality Digital Download image 1

 Grateful Howls to Mother Moon for all the cherished children.,1000_QL80_.jpg 

Immortal Viking Warrior from the ancient days... try tangling with his wolves, if you dare. The taste of evil blood drives them fierce-ripping mad. Not a sight for the timid. 

 Lots of Unicorn babies this year...too adorable and beautiful for words. 

Loving Unicorn Mom in her human form.

Do you recall this classic?


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

SHOCK 'N PAW, Invisibility Shields Up


Invisibility Shields Up, My Warriors


 Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION



Meet Khashido Salkazuky

Howls, Yowls, Growls and 'No Scowls or Big Scowls' ShapeShifter Lovers!

 Here I am. The struggles remain. On the goodside, I am walking a bit better, more mobile, and keep improving. Thankfully.

But gee, I ask: where are those miraculous, promised medbeds-- the space-age advanced tech that heals and rejuvenates? Where? 

Do only the scum elite have access? Yeah, WE the so-called 'useless eaters' get nothing but medicalized, authority-funded death care--  these days. 

Of course, here in Wolf Peak there is every healing modality, from ancient herbal remedies to frequency crystalline tech. 

However, absolutely, LOVE is always the greatest healer.


Lunar Lioness by Maquenda on DeviantArt

Example logo

April 24: Rahu and Sun conjunct at 10 degrees of Aries

  • World leaders will surface and proclaim their power. On a personal level, this can be an indication of being overconfident, conceited, and ego based. Do not force your desires onto others, as this aspect indicates aggressive, dominant, self-centered behavior. To avoid conflict, be humble and passive.



 The Roaming Kougar, keeping a watchful eye out...



Apr 21, 2019Texas Parks & Wildlife Department mammalogist Jonah Evans, who studies mountain lion populations, said 13 states classify mountain lions as game ...

A glimmer of a golden tail shoots through the corner of your eye on your drive home. A huff in the middle of the night wakes your sleeping dog. A hike in Big Bend National Park raises the hair on your neck.

Most Texans know that mountain lions lurk in backyards, ranches and national parks across the state, especially in West and South Texas. But what evades biologists and trappers alike is where exactly to find these elusive predators — and how many are out there.


Fierce lion HD wallpapers | Pxfuel

  Pride welling within her heart-- pride as big as  Shining King Sun above -- she raised her face to the invigorating beams, indulging in the beautiful warmth for several minutes.

"Like Herding Cats..." Khashido paused, "Lions... actually."  

 Her assistant growly laughed. "You're telling me."

 As they sauntered into the enormous forest glade, Khashido scanned her Guardian team of Warrior Leons. Shapeshifter lions. Humanoid lions. Winged lions. Every breed of sentient lion and lioness from the galaxies and beyond... and from the many dimensions. Interdimensional visitors, those who lived in Wolf Peak -- and All who had made the Peak their home, felt a deep abiding loyalty.

 lioness digital wallpaper, digital art, animals, female lion HD wallpaper

 With fierce grace, Khashido leaped onto the glade's dais, a huge flat boulder used as a soapbox and to address groups. She raised her hand gaining everyone's attention.

"Time to slay the formidable beast collector. Those corrupt-tard idiots who prey on the weak, the gullible, the innocent. All for a Judas paycheck." 

"My Leons... We are ready."

Celestial Lion' Poster by TESSERACT ART | Displate

 "Ready!" thunderously echoed, startling flocks of Spring-winging birds, causing deer herds to flee. 

Khashido shot her fist skyward. "A terrible and ruthless theft is overtaking the lands around us. Impoverishing humankind, stealing the dignity of their hard work, crushing their precious souls, seizing their property, and using imprisonment to force their obedience." 

"1913 began the betrayal," shouted one warrior.

 ArtStation - Lioness.

 Khashido gave a nod. "Yes, the time for holy justice, for worldwide revelation has arrived. Humankind, mortals must know these hidden truths or they will eventually perish as a species. Their great Star Trek destiny will be demolished."

 "No." One warrior roared like an exploding volcano. "We adore our humans. We have protected them since the ancient days."

 Fierce Lioness Images – Browse 7,208 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video |  Adobe Stock

 Every fiber of her fierce with resolve, Khashido yelled, "Yes. We adore our humans. We Leons will never submit to the Evil One's reign, to their satanic puppet regimes -- to their armed, pathetic minions coming for everyone's wealth."

95 Lion Man Concepts ideas | character art, fantasy creatures, fantasy  characters

Hearty and ferocious shouts erupted. "Down with the damned revenuers. Hoist the revolutionary  tea into the water! 

"GGRRRS... Robin Hood fights the Sheriff of Nottingham again. 

"Freedom from the devil parasites... Forever."

  highly detailed portrait of a majestic lioness queen in the form of a beautiful woman. d & d. art by donato giancola, eugene delacroix, evelyn de morgan, bastien lecouffe - deharme. trending on artstation, intricate details, energetic composition, golden ratio, concept art, illustration, elegant art, global illuminaition

"Forever." Khashido blasted her voice. 

 "But first, my Leons, we will covertly intercept... we will attack those revenuers who dare oppress anyone."

A Guide To Leonin, A Playable Race Added With The Mythic Odysseys Of Ther…  | Dungeons and dragons characters, Fantasy character design, Dungeons and  dragons classes

With its very force, their monstrous roars crushed nearby mountaintops. 

"As before on Earth we will stop... we will punish the foul oppressors." They boomed together, one voice

Lexica - Full body shot of an amazon fighting a lion art by donato giancola  and james gurney, digital art, trending on artstation

"Truth to power. We will know every triumph, my Leons. We will remain concealed from our global beast enemies. For the sake of those we protect." 

She paused flaming her gaze over them for several silent moments. "Invisibility shields up." 

As one unit her ferocious warriors switched on their super tech devices.

Again silence owned the air.

 "Appear, my Leons, " Khashido commanded.

 In a few blinks, they reappeared. Magnificent, ever-bold, emanating their ruthless power. 

She glowed inside, radiant as the Lyran Sun.

 prompthunt: highly detailed portrait of a majestic lioness queen in the  form of a beautiful woman. d & d. art by donato giancola, eugene delacroix,  ruan jia, gaston bussiere. trending on artstation,

 "Remember... as we all know. No one is above UNIVERSAL LAW."

Desert Queen, frumusete, desert, beauty and the beast, luminos, orange, brown, xavier beaudlet, leu, queen, superb, animal, lion, fantasy, girl, gorgeous, HD wallpaper

She Who Walks Into the Lion's Den at Will

"PART TWO" to be continued... Lion goddess willing.

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar 

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Welcoming the Glorious Rebirth of Easter 2023

 In 2023, the first full Moon of spring is the Pink Moon, April 5. April's full Moon is thus designated as the “Paschal Moon.” The first Sunday after the Paschal Moon is Easter Sunday
Wolf Peak Priestess Welcoming the Glorious Rebirth of Easter
The High Priestess's Devoted Companions, Her Unicorn and Her Wolf


Exploring the Full Pink Moon

April’s full moon is called the pink full moon, but if not handled correctly, it could be red hot, as it comes with the potential for some drama and fireworks. Happening in dual sign Libra, it will give us two options, and it will be crucial that we take the correct one for us right now.

Acting as Pandora’s box for feelings, this full moon will activate Wounded Healer Chiron, meaning that we will have to tread carefully and accept accountability for our actions. Are you ready? Luckily, Mercury and Saturn will be cooperating, helping us make the right decisions. The Lunar Nodes of Destiny will also be active during this astrological event, encouraging pragmatic decision-making in matters of the heart.

 Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION


Howls, Yowls, Growls and 'No Scowls or Big Scowls' ShapeShifter Lovers! 

 So, I'm strategizing how to write and publish again... a lot of stuckness in my life now. Although, so far, no problem with being creative and there's a never ending supply of WIPs. 

Hope you enjoy the Easter time pictorial. 


 An Enchanting Easter, the Loving Invitation from ALL in Wolf Peak Territory... To All...

 Kashmere Silky on her homeworld... 

 Currently Visiting the Peak for the Earth Easter Season...

 Honoring the Sacred Fertility of the Great Rabbit Goddess...

Rainbow-shimmering Easter Eggs, a gift from the Goddess Ostara

Easter Egg Art Displayed at the Peak's Pink Moon Faire

 She Loves Entertaining the Children at the Fun Faire, showing off her pastel-shining colors.

Bunny Shapeshifter Communing with the Nurturing Mother Moon

Shamaness Cherishing the Peak's New Life, feeling the resurrecting abundance of love...

 Vintage Easter Fun, delivering the gift eggs...

Basking in Generous Rabbit Hugs... yes, a time of AWAKENING CREATIVITY...

 Vintage. Artist-Coloring of the Easter Egg for his mate...

 Vintage, birthing the Great Mythical Easter Bunny...

Vintage, the Blooming Beauty of Easter Revealed...

 The Endless Joys of Being an EASTER Bunny...

 New Snow covering mountaintops in Wolf Peak... bunnies at play in the beautiful glow of the aurora borealis, and beneath the Pink Moon... Vintage Easter, boating with friends on a lovely day... what could be better?

 Vintage Angel floating among the gorgeous Easter Blooms...

 Touch one colored egg, one Easter basket, meet Mr. Viking Battle Axe...

Vintage Easter Bunny, I'm on my way. Never doubt.

 The Regenerative Greening Earth Where Bunnies and Butterflies Romp Together

 Vintage, the Rabbit Races Delightfully Entertain One and All

 Vintage Chick Couple in Their Antique General Store

 Delightful Flight of the Easter Egg Balloons,h_1024,q_75,strp/easter_dragon_by_diterkha-d9wncm6.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.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._ec67qlXw1UfUEGFVgw6DHDkRxV8hIsxb33HoKu7OBA

Easter Birth of a Beloved Baby Dragon, another playmate for the kidlets in Wolf Peak

 Vintage, Row, Row Your Easter Basket Merrily Down the Stream...

 Rabbit SteamPunk Warrioress Visiting Wolf Peak from a Neighboring Dimension... she is enjoying the festivities...

 Rare Lavender Baby Bunnies Frolic in the Meadow Bathed by the Pink Moonbeams

 Bear Spirit Shifter with His Celtic Wise Woman Mate... happily decorated eggs, the fertility of Queen Rabbit -- in a field of breeze-caressed daffodils... oh, the loving euphoria of Easter time.

The Celtic Rabbit of  Life Renewed Upon our Heavenly Spinning Earth


 Once Upon a Time... The ancient Battle to reestablish, resurrect sacred LIFE on planet Earth... we won.

 ....the Moon Rabbit, is a rabbit that lives on the moon. In Chinese folklore, it is often portrayed as a companion of the moon goddess Chang'e, constantly pounding the elixir of life for her. is the goddess of rabbits?

Hares were associated with Artemis, goddess of the wild places and Artemis would not permit young hares to be sacrificed (as some demanded) but left to her protection. Rabbits were also sacred to Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty.

What is the story of Ostara and the rabbit?

Essentially, the tale is that Ostara, the ancient Germanic goddess of the spring, transformed a bird into a hare, and the hare responded by laying colored eggs for her festival. Some online sources, such as Goddess Gift, claim this story is very old indeed.

From Bird to Hare... the transformation of Spirit During our Season of Easter

Ēostre was a goddess celebrated with a festival during the spring equinox and according to some scholars, her association with hares is the origin of the Easter Bunny story...,h_834,q_75,strp/ostara_by_meliemelusine-d8m5ndm.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwic3ViIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl0sIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiIvZi9mMjRiMjA0NC1hOTNmLTQ3ODgtOWQ3ZS0yNWU2NjQ2ZTAxZDUvZDhtNW5kbS1kMmI5ZTFiMi1lNjQ4LTQ4YWYtODA3NC02NjU0YWY0OTAzNTQuanBnIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTk1OCIsImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9ODM0In1dXX0.Y9-TPImTiGry6VDIFYlZw_D7OZvPY80wFkScT54V1og

 Many of the symbols of Ostara have roots in other traditions, and the use of rabbits and hares is one such example. In medieval times in Europe, the March hare was seen as a fertility symbol, and a sign of spring. This species of rabbit is nocturnal most of the year, but in March, it is mating season for the animal.

 Tartaria, For the Love of Gaia, Celebrating the Rejuvenation of Third-Dimension Designed Life...

 Tartarian Unicorn... the Dance of Ecstasy

 Can You Imagine Living With This Majestic Unicorn Beauty in Advanced-tech Tartaria? ... this culture was destroyed by the jealous rage of alien gods gone berserk...

Or living with this Loving Magnificent Unicorn... she is a wonderful healer of many ailments...

 The Pure Sweet Intoxication of Living in Tartaria... once upon a time...

The Pet Dragons of Tartary Before the Great P[asma-War Destruction -- Orchestrated by the Black-heart Controllers...

Dragon Easter Eggs in Wolf Peak...

 Easter Field of Dreams, the Revitalizing Enchantment -- where Unicorns in the Peak Gather..

  Riding the Wildlands of Wolf Peak Beneath the Magnificent Moonlight , She Flies Within Her Soul... Her Heart Soars... She is Free to Be...

 The Tartary Remnant Population Living in the Castle Mountains, Hidden within Wolf Peak Territory

Shapeshifter Stallion Galloping to Meet His Priestess Lover at an Easter Meadow Gathering...

Greeting, Soaring the Sunrise, Easter Day Skies... oh, the sweet sacred exhilaration...

The Resurrection Triumph... Good Transcends Evil Leaping Into the Brave and Bold-Loving Future of Life on Earth, and Charging Upward Into the Challenging Grandeur that is Our Starry Cosmos...

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar