Thursday, February 14, 2019

How About A Unicorn For Valentine's Day

How About A Unicorn For Valentine's Day? 
That Was One of the Themed Celebrations At the Interspecies Pleasure Club In Wolf Peak Territory This Year 

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Belated HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, shapeshifter lovers. 

I hope you had one of the best ever. Given, I discovered a trove of fantasy art images by Sue Dawe, one of my favorite artists ever, I spent part of the day entertaining myself by downloading them. Back in the day, I would buy file folders that featured her art when the new ones came out for 'back to school' days. Most of the pictures I remembered, and love. They're packed away somewhere in all of my stuff. And yes, many of those fantasy images are featured today. 


Every Unicorn, Every Unicorn Shapeshifter Was Invited and Cherished 

Pegasus and Unicorn In Love, the Magic of Living In Wolf Peak Territory 

The Unicorn Shapeshifter Castle Hidden In the Nearby Mountain Range 

Unicorn Dance At the Replica Stonehenge In Wolf Peak

Unicorn Paradise, There's a Secret Portal In Wolf Peak 

Unicorn Shifter Mates Dance Beneath the Crescent Moon 

Valentine's Day Dance Performance by the Rose Unicorn

The Dragons and Dragon Shapeshifters Say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 



Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Year of the Razorback Biker

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*Lunar Year of the Boar* howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.  
So, I decided to try writing what was/is supposed to be a Valentine ShapeShifter Erotic Romance--hopefully, a short story, which is set in my fictional shapeshifter world of Wolf Peak Territory. My hero is a Razorback Boar shifter in honor of the new lunar year.  Here's an unedited snippet. 

Working Title: 

Year of the Razorback Biker 

Chinese Year Of The Brown Earth Pig 
February 5, 2019~February 24, 2020 

Chapter One 

"Yeehawwwww!" Razor bellowed against the icy-cold wind. "You'll never catch me, little pig cops!" The strength of his voice matched the thunderous roar of the giant bad-ass Harley he rode. 
Growling above the scream of several sirens behind him, Razor leaned forward, and kicked up his speed. He shot like a bullet onto the twisty highway that would take him most of the way to the Last Bite Lodge. The backwoods biker bar was in shapeshifter country. 

"Gotta love it," Razor grunted to himself. Slowing, then zooming up the highway's steady incline, he taunted the officers trying to chase him down. 

Tech-modified beyond anything James Bondian, the black and chrome chopper eclipsed any capability of local law enforcement. Including the chase drones. Including if they used satellites to track him. 

"Time to get the squealing, black and white piglets off my ass." With a press of his thumb, both he and the Harley were enveloped inside an invisibility shield. 

The plasma-magnetic field also cut off the wind. Warmth surrounded Razor immediately. Not that he cared so much, given his body's metabolism adjusted to frigid temperatures. 

Once the wailing sirens ceased, the patrol cars breaking off the chase, Razor slowed to cruising speed. He scanned his instrument panel, given his enemies were legendary. So far, though, nothing else to battle. 

As Razor negotiated the forest road in the fading light of twilight, he allowed himself to think of her. Khryssa. The woman had Sophia Loren curves, the exotic face of her half elfin heritage, and piles of coppery auburn hair he longed to run his fingers through as he made hedonistic love to her.  

Khryssa also possessed plenty of spirit and spunk. Her firebrand defiance of his mating courtship of her drove Razor lusting wild. 

The big truth, the woman just plain made him stud crazy. 

Khryssa kept claiming she wanted nothing to do with him. Yet snort, her female scent beckoned him to like damn singing Siren. 

These days the more-than-gorgeous woman plagued him during his mission-ops for Dante, the alpha wolf leader of their enormous shifter community.  

Hell's mud, his body hardened already. Big damn time.  


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Friday, February 1, 2019

Beyond the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

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February howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

I had intended to blog just before the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse, but life had other ideas. Given it was too overcast on my tame prairie to see the eclipse, I watched several good live streams online. My apologies for the heresy, the lunacy that my next words will inspire in some. 
However, come on, there is obviously activity on the moon's surface. That all those supposed craters are just craters. Naw. The moon is occupied by who, what??? Well, that is the trillion dollar question, isn't it. 
Anyway, what are the cosmic opportunities? of this major celestial event. AWAKENING is the overall theme. If you want to rule your own life, if you value freedom and truth, then ALL IS BEING REVEALED ... that is, EXPOSING that which the darkside would keep hidden from humanity --  to clarify further, their despicable cabal-type centuries of brutal rule. 
The real truth about how our world has operated is being revealed. Now that will accelerate to superspeed. 
While this is esoteric territory for many, my previous statement ... on a down to Earth level, corruption from the lowest town to the highest government officials will be pouring out like fiery lava into full public view. Because of this Aquarian-era EXPOSURE, the big bad guys/gals on our planet WILL ATTEMPT to make it appear as if the innocent are guilty of their own horror-deeds. This is a common tactic of sociopaths/psychopaths -- accuse others of what your are nefariously doing. 
On the paranormal/supernatural side, UFOs will light up the skies as never before in recent history/herstory, that is ... and public disclosure will continue drip-drip along. At the same time, there will be more ET and human contact happening. 
On the individual homefront, new and better ways of living will be revealed to those who are aware enough to rise above past brainwashing/propaganda. Big Pharma will begin the long downfall into complete destruction. Natural healing methodologies will become more and more popular.  
LOVE ... the emergence of  heart love has been the dominant force in our evolving spirituality. Now there will be a joining of LOVE FORCES from the sexual to Christ love. We are on the Divine path to BECOMING WHOLE LOVING BEINGS. 

Love To All From the Star Wolfess of Wolf Peak Territory 

Celebrating the Wolf Moon Eclipse

Notes: I am continuing to write on a couple of Wolf Peak Territory WIPS, the latest is Valentine Day-themed. I keep hoping I'll get to the point of publishing again. 
Also, perhaps life will let me blog for the 2019 Chinese Year of the Boar or Pig. 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Lure of ShapeShifter Erotic Romance~Guest Blogging

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Blogging howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

How's the NEW YEAR treating you? 

Tomorrow, January 11, I'm blogging on  *the wonderful* romance author Delilah Devlin's blog ~ The title: The Lure of ShapeShifter Erotic Romance. 

Yowls, it took me forever to write that post. Why? I'm not certain. However, my thoughts refused to form themselves into the written language. Finally, however, it worked after I got darn cat-scratching mad. I believe the blog turned out pretty good. But that's up to anyone who reads it. 

Anyway, I also wrote a whole section that I did not use because it was essentially off topic a bit, and would have made the post too long. I'm thinking of posting it here. We'll see. Of course, this section could be somewhat controversial to some. 

So *knock on wood* I am writing, and so far, it's going GOOD. My heroine and hero, Karyssa and Zeth, are on their first date at a small cozy Italian restaurant in Moonrise Lake, the small town in Wolf Peak Territory, Montana. 

Here's an unedited *background* snippet, which is very dating-tame... 

Zeth cut the engine, stepping into the icy cold he liked, especially as reindeer. He strode to the passenger side, handing Karyssa out. The frozen expression on her face as she met his gaze disturbed him. She'd slipped inside her blue-blood, 'correct behavior' shell. 

Given most of the snow had been cleared, he lightly gripped Karyssa's elbow, walking her the short distance to the front entrance. 

The smells of rich, herbed Italian cuisine greeted them at the door. Eight other couples, as Zeth counted them, were seated in the intimate booths. Younger members of the extended, dog shapeshifter family served the couples one on one. 

The large family were Volpino, a canine breed from Italy. As Zeth understood it, they'd fled Italy during World War II, arriving in New York. 

Their ability to shift aided them greatly in establishing themselves in America. They'd gradually traveled westward, whenever threatened with exposure. 

After discovering the existence of Wolf Peak Territory, the very large family moved lock, stock, and barrel. They'd immediately purchased a small farm, raising chickens, growing herbs and produce—organic, of course. 

With their farm's abundance, they'd opened the Fireside. The exclusive dining establishment served small parties during the evening hours only. 

"Ah, Zeth, my friend." Marina smiled beckoning him toward the booth he'd reserved, next to the crackling hearth fire. 

Pine cones and fragrant pine boughs decorated the hearth's mantle. Festively placed throughout, were potted Poinsettias. 

"Marina." Zeth warmly grasped the matriarch's hand. 

"A pleasure to meet you, Karyssa." Marina offered her hand. 

"What a wonderfully cozy place." Karyssa enthused, clasping her hand. "I'm looking forward to dinner." 

"Wine?" Marina arched her brow, her eyes dancing. "I have a new Chianti I'd like you to try." 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 From Wolf Peak Territory



All Those Living In Wolf Peak Territory, In the Small Town of Moonrise Lake, Wish You and Yours the Most Incredible and Wonderful Year Ever! Be Brave. Stand Tall. Use the New Powers That Will Be Yours.  

New Stars Will Show Up In the Heavens. For, the Celestial Beings Will Be Making Their Presence Known To Many More On Earth. The Time Has Come To Rise, and Live a Spiritually Powerful Life. The Shamans, the Priestesses, the Circle of Witches, the Angelic-Heritage Beings of Wolf Peak Will Be Leading Everyone In This Aquarian Knowledge. 

Yes, the White Wolves of the Peak, Once Again, Wish Your Pack the Happiest, Most Prosperous Year Ever. Their Pack Is Expanding. New Mates, and Several New Cubs. As One of the Most Powerful Wolf Packs, They Regularly Patrol the Borders As Part of the Guardian Team. 

Meet the Latest Hero, Zankorr Dquiv Vheth. He Is Half Lion, Half Cougar, and Stars In My ShapeShifter Seduction WIP, Currently Titled: Santa Studly, Trim My Christmas Tree 

What Makes Him Desire His Heroine More Than Life Itself? Due To An Emergency Situation, He Sees Solessa Singing a GIRLS NIGHT OUT Version of Santa Baby... 

"Santa studly, just slip satin sheets under the tree, for me. 
Been a very good girl, Santa studly, 
So slide down that chimney tonight." 

White Wolfess Singing-Howling 'Auld Lang Syne', Then 'What Are You Doing For New Years' Eve'. In Her Woman Form, She Performs At the Midnight Stardust Supperclub. 

A Great Greeting Roar To the New Year At Midnight. 

All Creatures Big and Small -- Everyone In Wolf Peak Is Valued and Cherished. 

This Stallion Shifter Is On a Beach Vacation With His Beloved Mate, a Human Woman Whose Ancestress Is the Celtic Goddess, Epona 

A Wolf Tug of War On New Year's Day, One of Many Sporting Events

Yep,  a Copy of This Old Photo Is Displayed At Moonrise Livestock and Pet Center by Mary Lou, the Horse Shifter Owner

This Is Just An Adorable Animation Reminiscent of Wolf Peak Territory 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Eve Comes To Wolf Peak Territory


The Merriest of Howlidays, ShapeShifter Lovers! 

This year, Reindeer shapeshifters take center stage. The children adore them, of course. Zeth, who is one them, is the hero in my Christmas short story romance WIP. He'll be giving sleigh rides to the always-enthusiastic children of Moonrise Lake. 

As a member the Guardian Team, Zeth will also be protecting everyone in Wolf Peak Territory this year. 'Cause there's a bad Santa hombre on the way with nine cloned reindeer, and a big bag of bio-plague designed to kill off the shifter population. 


The Viking Santa Arrives In the Peak 

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my home
Only I was stirring, to pen my romance tome.
My best black silk stockings were hung, ready to wear,
In hopes, my miracle Santa stud would soon be here.

The pets are nestled all snug in their places,
With visions of holiday treats making them run dream races.
Their mamma has just slipped into her red lace teddy,
And is settling her brains to continue writing her fantasy.

When out on the lawn I hear such a loud clatter,
I spring up from my desk to see what is the matter.
Away to the window I trot in my boa-trimmed slippers
To take a peek through the curtains. Oh no, is that drunk Mrs. Kippers?

The full moon shines on icy slush, instead of new-fallen snow
Giving a natural spotlight to celebrating Mrs. Kippers below.
Yet, what to my wondering gaze does appear?
But an old-fashioned sleigh, and eight majestic reindeer.

With a Viking driver, so handsomely tall and magnificent,
I knew in a moment I must be dreaming this whole event.
More rapid than jets, his stags flew the midnight sky untamed,
His long mane blew wild as he shouted, and called them by name!

"Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! soar on Donner and Blitzen!
Fly to the top of each roof! Above the city walls!
Now race higher and faster! And sail over all!"

As autumn leaves that before the approaching blizzard fly,
When they meet with a whirlwind and spiral to the sky.
So up to my rooftop, the brown and white stags they flew,
With a sleigh full of glittering gifts, and Viking Santa too.

And then, after a blinking of my eyes, I heard on the roof
The precise landing, then the pawing of each jingle-belled hoof.
As I drew in my dreaming head, and spun around,
Down my fake chimney the Viking arrived, with an impressive bound.

He was splendidly dressed in red and faux fur, down to his boots,
And his garments remained perfect, despite all the ashes and soot.
A bundle of shiny presents he had flung behind his back,
And he looked like a romantic hero as he dashingly opened his pack.

His darkening eyes, how they naughtily twinkled! And at his dimples I gawk!
His features are sternly carved, reminding me of a beautiful proud hawk!
His full sexy mouth slowly turns upwards, a knowing grin,
As I continue to stare like a vixen at his strong virile chin.

With a saunter he approaches, making me weak in the knees.
His searing gaze travels the length of my body. And I freeze.
Without a word his powerful arm captures my pliant waist.
Crushing the lace against my skin, he has me tightly embraced.

Oh, how stalwart he feels, his muscles like hot heated ropes
And I sigh, then softly pant as I give free rein to my hopes.
His half-lidded gaze takes in my face, then settles on my parted lips
While his palms slide in a caress and boldly seize my hips.

“Oh, Santa,” I softly exhale, before his mouth claims mine in a torrid kiss.
“Wear those black silk stockings,” he rasps. “I promise bliss
When I return from leaving presents beneath every sparkling tree.” 
After plundering my eager mouth with another kiss, he spins from me. 

I hear him spring to his sleigh, to his stags give a fierce long shout,
Then, from my window I watch them depart like a meteor flaming out. 
Still, I hear him exclaim, as he disappears from my sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to my gorgeous woman, leave on the light!"

The Reindeer Shifters Put On Quite the Magical Show For the Little Ones and Everyone With the Wondrous Spirit of a Child 

And the Children Shouted With Glee

It's Good To Be a Reindeer Shapeshifter In Wolf Peak Territory Where You Are Beloved! 

The Many Santas Deliver Gifts Throughout the Peal 

A Popular Vintage Santa and Reindeer Poster In the Peak

This Is Another Popular Poster Currently Displayed Inside the Magical Forest Bakery 

Gathering Around the Golden Light Christmas Tree Are the Deer Shifters In Wolf Peak Territory ... Their Friends of Every Type and Stripe Will Be Arriving Shortly 

Enjoying the Winter Wonderland of Wolf Peak Territory 

She's Back This Year Topping One of the Forest's Beautiful Holiday Trees

One of the Paintings Done By Aspiring Artists In Moonrise Lake 

Adorable Wolf Cubs Howling, Another One of the Entries in the Aspiring Artists Contest

Who Can Resist This Entry, of a White Wolf Cub Beneath the Christmas Tree 

The Ever Popular Wolf Christmas Bulb

Wolf Shifter Family Outing, Celebrating the Season

It's All About Enjoying the Christmas Season With Shifter Friends And Celebrating the Birth of the Earth's Messiah

Santa Claws Delivers Anywhere and Everywhere In Wolf Peak Territory

A Portrait of Santa Loving the Shifter Children of Wolf Peak Territory...What Could Be Better? ~ This Was Featured Last Christmas 

The Portrait Image Was Used In This Lovely Presentation This Year

A Young Warrior Santa Arises

Christmas Fairy Painting, the Two Fairy Ladies Are Real, However 

Winter Wonderland Repose ... Dante, the Alpha Wolf Leader, In the White Light of Christmas
Santa Claus and His Reindeer Enjoy Their Touring Visit To Wolf Peak Territory

This Shaman Stag Is Recuperating From Playing Santa Hoof Claus At the Magical Forest Bakery On Christmas Eve .. The Children Were Wonderful, But It Ain't Easy... 

Merry Christmas To All ... And To All a Goodnight


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar