Sunday, April 7, 2024


Beloved ShapeShifter Lovers! 

The 2024 ECLIPSE Arrives  

GREAT AWAKENING Celebrations Are Taking Place Throughout Wolf Peak Territory.

In anticipation, joyous howls, boisterous yowls, and playful growls reverberate, an untamed music beneath the cerulean sky, a vibration that hugs the grassy plains, the towns, ranches and farms ... then to spiral up the cathedral mountains.

Come Kiss the Joining of Sun, Moon, and Vulcan. A New World Forms on the Wings of this Dragon Year.   

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Dragon Eclipse II Artwork by Britt Martin | Dragon dreaming, Dragon ...


If you dare, if you care, listen to what these exceptional people share.





This is mind blowing... IMO.

David Sereda! A New Mathematical Discovery Conveyed from Crystal His Wife on the Other Side

An In-depth conversation, some of the deep-space hidden info... 

“The Soul War And The Traps Within” & The Eclipse!

“The Soul War And The Traps Within” & The Eclipse! 


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Friday, January 26, 2024

Bold Wild Howls From Wolf Peak Territory

  Bold Wild Howls From Wolf Peak Territory

 2024, Belated Happy New Year

My Beloved ShapeShifter Lovers! 

The Full Wolf Moon Arrives  

GREAT AWAKENING Songs Echo Across the Forever-Sacred Lands! 

Ferocious howls, yowls, and growls rule the vast blue-sky air, now icy with a fiercely penetrating cold... 

Come Kiss the Winter Wolf.

The Wolf Full Moon: what is it and where did it come from?

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When the frost nips at your nose, your fingers, your toes 

When your heavy parka, your knit hat, your big-ass gloves, and your wintertime boots 

aren't enough to keep you warm...


Hug and Snuggle Deep In Luxurious, Thick Fur... 

Feel the Welcoming Strength, the Beat of an Enormous Loving Heart. All For You.

Spiritual Meaning & Astrology of The January 2024 Full Wolf Moon

 Yip-yip howls, this year the indomitable dangerous passion of the wolf rises. Like winter's brutal and relentlessly whipping wind, this wolfish spirit circles the world battling every dictatorship.

With sharpened fangs, with stealthy step, with ruthless precise attacks, every despot is destroyed, one after another. Bite, crunch, snap, it's over, evil ones. You will not take our freedom. Our right to roam wild, unhindered, untamed. You will fail. Our will to be brilliantly wonderfully creative lives into the eternity of Christ. For, we are warrior-wolf beacons of Truth. Throughout this beautiful planet, our natural-born freedom rings like a chorus of unending howls.


Here’s how 2024's first Wolf Full Moon in Leo will impact your zodiac sign

2024’s first Full Wolf Moon in Leo will be seen on January 25 at 12:52 P.M. Eastern Time

The first ever full Wolf Moon of 2024 is a cosmic phenomenon during which the Moon will oppose the Sun in the charitable zodiac sign Aquarius, allowing members of each zodiac sign to embrace true confidence and letting go off their fear through meditation, exchange of thoughts and spirituality.

This is the time of the year, when you can reminisce your growth and do some self-reflection. ~

This ceremony looks ultra howling kool ...  Time To Jaw-Grab the Journey, Run with this Leo-Moon Charging Lion He Roars His Sovereign Rule, Demanding Kingly Justice For His Worldwide Pride.  Meanwhile, the Queen Lioness Snarls Guarding Her Treasure of Cacao, Her Goddess-Created Chocolate. This Gift to the Divine Ones of Earth,   Her Cacao-Chocolate Heals Body, Mind, and Soul...  Thus Soaring the Spirit.    About the event FULL WOLF MOON IN LEO - SACRED CACAO & SHAMANIC SOUND JOURNEY
A Transformative Healing Ritual for The FIRST FULL MOON 2024 in the Ancient Mayan Jungle to Open Your Heart with the Sacred Cacao

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on your life and set intentions for the future.

Full Wolf Moon in Leo on January 27, 2024, is the perfect time to unleash your inner wolf and howl your intentions to the universe. πŸ”₯πŸͺ·πŸ”₯

As the first full moon of the year, it's like a clean slate, a new beginning, a chance to birth your ideas into reality.

Let the powerful energy of the moon guide you towards success and fulfillment in the New Year.

Howl at the moon and let your intentions be heard!Join the thousands of others who have been doing this for thousands of years and let the power of the Wolf Moon guide you towards your goals.

A Transformative Healing Ritual for The FIRST FULL MOON 2024 in the Ancient Mayan Jungle to Open Your Heart with the Sacred Medicine of Cacao, known as Mayan Food of Gods,and allow your soul to travel to a different realm with the Shamanic Sound Journey

 AT ~

Full January wolf moon to glow in night sky this weekend -

Beneath an icy bright moon, the young Black Wolf, a warrior for his clan, patrols the Peak borderland. Sniffing a cabal-conjured demon, he races to intercept. With quick, ripping efficiency, he dismembers the hulking soulless beast. 

Basking in her moonbeams, embraced by a Mother Full Moon, the White Wolfess walks between starry-diamond dimensions. She seeks the wisest and boldest ways to move through the coming Great CHAOS, through the savage and necessary challenges. She seeks the highest path that will benefit ALL in Wolf Peak... ALL those on and inside most precious Earth. This, as Gaia ascends the spiraling ladder of the Cosmic Divine. 

Later, when our White Wolfess shifts to her human form, she will put on her fluffy white wolf slippers and sip on her cup of creamy steamy hot chocolate... with organically made marshmallows, of course.

 The Silver Wolf pack, shapeshifter descendants of Thor, sing howls of praise to the Full Cold Frost Moon, as is their ancient shamanic tradition. Huge tables are laden with fabulous feasts. Viking Drinking Horns await to be filled with jugs of Honey Mead.

How to Make Mead Like a Viking’ve just watched Eric Northmen and Ragnar Lothbrok down mead from a horn and were inspired to do the same. Drank by Vikings and their Norse Gods, sometimes even referred to as Nectar of the Gods, mead has been around for centuries and is possibly the world’s oldest alcoholic drink. 

The History of Mead

One of the earliest references to fermented honey dates back 4,000 years, well before the Vikings, and the earliest written recipe for mead dates back to 1520 by the Archbishop Olaus Magnus, stating that “on the eight day it may be drunk, but the longer it is left, the purer and better it will be.” The traditional Viking mead recipe has stayed the same over the years, with the three main ingredients of honey, water, and yeast. With the beverage being fermented all across Scandinavia, added ingredients from local areas (or pillaged lands) created plenty of varieties. Mead can have anywhere between 8 - 20% ABV, be as sweet as honey or as dry and un-honey tasting as wine.

This easy-to-make alcoholic beverage was such a favorite for the Vikings, they even dedicated entire buildings to it. Viking mead halls were the central place for people to socialize, feast, drink, probably participate in Pagan rituals, and get killed by creatures like Grendel. Or if mead halls don’t make you think back to reading Beowulf in your British Literature class, the key takeaway is these halls were built for drinking. Drank in horns, cones made from rolled birch, and bowls passed around the hall for everyone to imbibe. Mead was so well loved that the Nordic people had a saga called “the mead of poetry” dedicated entirely to the drink. And in Norse mythology, Valhalla had a goat whose udders flowed a never ending stream of mead for Odin and his warriors.


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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Thanksgiving After the Beaver Moon

Most beloved ShapeShifter Lovers!
Real Thanksgiving Roars! Ferocious howls, yowls, and growls... also lots of winter-coming cuddles... or live like a beaver.  

The 2023 Full Beaver Moon is Here. 

Tuesday, November 27.

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 Time to finish our winter lodges beneath the moon's spectacular radiance... time to fortify our dens against the season's invading, knifing cold... yes, time to get seriously and sweetly cozy, my friends... don't delay, stockpile nutritious, sustaining foods... also, lay in a supply of yummy goodies to feast upon... bring out the thick lovely blankets and snuggle while the winds howl, while the snows wildly swirl forming huge deep drifts that can bury a moose.

Or hunker bunker down. This is the beginning of the Pagan New Year. It's gonna be wild and woolly, wayward and wondrous, wicked and weird in the extreme... with a whirlwind of wingnuts on the rampage who want to ravage the world into endless compliance, to complete obedience. 

Beware. Take Care. And Prepare Like a Beaver.

Caressed By Moonbeams, How Cute Is This Beaver?

The Spiritual Meaning of the Beaver Moon

The Beaver Moon encapsulates a unique sense of withdrawal, akin to the instinctive act of tucking in and snuggling down to wait out the impending cold. Energetically, this lunar phase becomes a poignant juncture—a time to begin the deliberate collection of resources and the settling down for the winter season. Much like the beavers constructing their lodges for protection, this period encourages us to create our metaphorical sanctuaries, preserving our energies and fortifying ourselves for the colder months.

In essence, the Beaver Moon carries a dual symbolism—one that harks back to ancient traditions tied to sustenance and survival through hunting and another that resonates with the instinctive pull to withdraw, snuggle down, and conserve resources in harmony with the natural rhythm of the changing seasons.


Real Thanksgiving Roars! 

So, it was revealed by Robert Morningstar on his Sunday show at that Thanksgiving Day was changed this year from it's true date... no, this coming Thursday is the real date. How about that? 


Too bad, I won't discuss the reason here because it's considered to be a (HELP) dreaded conspiracy theory. 

Nevertheless, this is a freakin' good opportunity for me, for Wolf Peak Territory. 

Real Thanksgiving Greeting-Roars! to one and ALL.

He was delicious... naw, this feather was a gift from the One Great Spirit, floating onto my forest path. I am a Shaman Shapeshifter. My intrepid team and I patrol the borderlands. Roars, the Peak must be protected at all fierce-costs. Forever.

The infamous TURKLES of Wolf Peak, a shopping trip into the rural quaint town of Moonrise Lake. Gobble, gobble, they have a grand and enormous family to feed.

Ma and Pa Turkle pass many a working organic farm and ranch. The Peak is dotted with more and more such wonderful food-producing families. For, they are enthusiastically welcomed.

Golden Unicorn Princess... She Adores the Children and Offers Loving Divine Guidance... plus lots of meadow-galloping rides.

When Dante, the alpha wolf-shifter leader, dreamed of his future realm while traveling the world on his badass motorcycle .,. while he mourned his unrequited love, Kitty.

This is not Kitty, but a good white-witch friend of hers. Yes, she contributes to the Circle of Witches.

Great Grandfather Turkle... Shortly Before Traveling West to the Wilds of Montana.

The Turkles on their usual stroll through the surrounding...

gorgeous and bountiful farmlands of Wolf Peak.

The Gathered Feasts...

Happily Enjoyed by the lustily procreating, field-romping Rabbit Clans... indeed, their Hare Shaman vanquishes the predator-bad dragons.

Bringing home one of the ginormous pumpkins found in the Peak. Someone has a big hankerin' for lots of punkin pies... and the toasted seeds are darn tasty too... not to mention they're good for man parts.

Wolf Peak Wych With Her Raven Familiar Celebrating the Pagan New Year in the Grandeur of the Late Autumn Woods... All good and powerful Beings are Welcomed to the Peak Community.

Harvest Celebration at One of the Family Farms Owned By Equine Shapeshifters, a Draft Breed of Percheron.

The Turkles Visit the Farm In their Wild Turkey Form.

After the Castle's Fall Feasting and the Entertaining Medieval Games She Walks the Peaceful Prairie Solitude With Her Favorite Horse... All is Good.

Pumpkin-Loaded... Vintage Pickups Are a Huge Favorite In the Farmlands. Small Froggie Shifters Abound and Bound About Freely, Happily. Yes, a few Transform Into Prince Charming.

Not Waiting For a Prince Charming... Loving Herself and Enjoying the Autumn Beauty of Mother Nature.

An old-fashioned farm house and barn, a relic found near the Wolf Peak town of Sunrise Prairie. It was lovingly restored by Amish Mule Shapeshifters. Festivities With One of the Enchanted Fae at Her Cottage In the Deep Magical Forests of the Peak. She is Adored by One and All, Leading Herb Foraging Hikes.

Come Hither, For Gratitude Is Smiled Upon By the Divine Creator.

A Small Beautiful Fae -- Many Tribes Live and Joyfully Thrive In the Peak. They Teach the Children About Mother Earth's Ever-Abundance while Spiritually Watching Over Them.

The Children Always Visit the Wild Turkey Wisdom Teacher. He Embraces Their Open Hearts, Nourishes Their Ferocious Curiosity. And Loves It When They Stroke His Feathers as If He Were a Favored Pet.

A Thanksgiving Card Given to the Turkey Wisdom Teacher.

 Love From the Fae Goddess. One of Wolf Peak's Top Leaders, Dante Relies On Her Mystical Heavenly Guidance.

Small Portrait of Dante, Founder and Alpha Wolf Leader of Wolf Peak.

Dante and his Mate, Kitty -- Their Twin sons -- Go Walking and Running With the Turkle Clan. They Often Wrestle With Each Other. Feathers and Fur Fly... but no real harm is ever done.

Dante 'shifting' to his warrior-face. An attacking foe lurks.

The Foe: AI-Built and Bred In One of Several Secret Chicom Labs... Absolutely, Any Weaponized Beast To Destroy Wolf Peak, a Domain of Fierce Freedom, of Rebellious Strength Against Psychotic Worldwide Tyranny.

After All, the Sacred and Wholesome Goodness of the Peak's Diverse Families, the Vitality of their Growing Indomitable Culture... Must Be Protected, Preserved For the Sake of ALL in the Galaxy.

Kitty Sneaks Up On Her Mouse Friend... just for some chasing-fun before chowing down on a lavish Thanksgiving Dinner.

Welcome to Wolf Peak, My Friend. It's been a Kali Yuga Age since we lustily dined and  drank at our Harvest-filled table, then reminisced for a long night before the great fire-burning hearth.

Remember, my dearest friend, When Our Dragons and Turkeys Roamed the Family Estate Lands, Frolicking Like the Older Toddlers.

Awww, yes indeed... The Days of Delightful Travel, of Overseeing Our Fertile Green Countryside... Nothing More Magnificent and Rewarding, my robust monster friend...

Oh, and Recall Our Gypsy Raccoon, my little monk friend... She could pickpocket the most talented thief, relieving him of his prized hidden coins.

She lives here now, my winter-hairy friend... With a Raccoon Shapeshifter clan-family. Romance is in the crisp Autumn Air for our Gypsy, I tell you.

Speaking of, my hood-hiding friend, I have had the lucky fortune to scout out a little ranch homestead here, which is owned by benevolent Tuatha de Danann High Elves. They wish for me to join them.. you know, employ my set of specialized skills.

A Perfect Placement, I Will Say. If You Still Abide Our Friendship My Presence Is Welcome There. For, We Share Archery Training and Such Amusements.

 The Pet Dog Puritans of the Peak, shapeshifters who own an old-fashioned General Store in the town of Green Buffalo -- much appreciated by the local population, especially the surrounding ranch owners.

One of the shop's Thanksgiving quaint homey displays.

The shop kitten... she found her way to the backdoor, racing inside when the door opened for a delivery. Who could refuse this cutie?

Already at home in the shop, her Blue Feline Alien companion likes posing for the customers... they are slowly becoming allies.

Mr. Shapeshifter Shar Pei joins the staff at the General Store for the Christmas Season.

Bringing their precious farm produce to trade for Goods at the General Store. This is an 'American and Wolf Peak Territory' very cherished tradition. Growing food is always highly encouraged.

 He Guards the Produce Anticipating His Doggie Biscuit Reward.

This large KittyKat ranch family owns the Cattleman Grub shop in Green Buffalo. Business is booming as many stock up on meat products. No one buys the current elite-idiotic narrative. Not with the overwhelming abundance available in the Peak.

Grateful for herds of grass-fed beef...

Dinner is about to be served...

I am here. We can begin. I decree it so. By Divine Favor, You may begin the feasting.

Done being a Harvest decoration... when do we dig in and yum-yum licking-clean our plates?

 Me too... when do we devour the Thanksgiving feast? I add the crispy morsels with my internal flamethrower... enjoy a piece or two... my treat.

 Patience Is a Virtue... I Get the Turkey Giblets.



Bringing Your Baby Dragon to the Harvest Thankagiving Festival at One of Several Mountain Castles. They Were Created So Very Long Ago... Before and During the Tartarian Age.

This Warrioress and Her Battle Dragon Are Attending the Opulent and Medieval-Dancing Festival As Well. She is Training Him to Be a Superb Dance Partner. Yes, He is More Than Willing.

Mistress of the Castle Manor and the First Dance, She is Adored as a Matchmaker in the Wolf Peak Community. 

As the Daughter of an Immortal Viking Queen She Helps Raise the Castle Dragons -- following in the ancient revered tradition.

The Castle's Watcher Owl... he observes every dimension, all the Myriad Beings and Creatures... those who can enter, those who cannot...$WS/kotte-zeller-shop/websale8_shop-kotte-zeller-shop/produkte/medien/bilder/gross/203182.jpg

The Castle's Druid Cat Shaman... yes, he's made a small fortune selling his image as magical whimsy... however, good earthly fortune is always attached... a way of gifting to humans.

Harvest Wreathes On Many a Peak Door...

The Majesty of Stags, an inspiration to the Spirit... the true wealth of living in Wolf Peak.

As are the invaluable working ranches...

The old-time cowboy life suits many a soul, heart, and spirit...

A Super Cowgirl, she lives her dream. For real. Don't Mess With Texas Sassy. She is a dead shot. If you are a bad guy endangering anyone in Wolf Peak, well hell, your balls are in grave danger. And do not even think of stealing her Turkey dinner.

Final Harvest From the Peak's Hay Fields...

Before Winter Snows Blanket the Resting and Sleeping Lands... When Mother Earth Dreams of Springtime Flowers, of Sunny Yellow Daffodils Waving in the Warm Breezes...

Remembering the Family Thanksgiving Dinner... Once Upon a Time this Was a Good Thing... what happened?


I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. 


During Sunday’s broadcast Holden A. from California, a Native of the Chumash Tribe. His Grandfather is on the Chumash Tribe board up in Santa Ynez. This is his family at Super Bowl LVII. Everyone is making a massive deal out of this, only trying to show one side of his face to push their narrative. Real Kansas City Chiefs Fans Salute You Holden And Your Family.



Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~

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