Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Paddy's Day In Wolf Peak Territory

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Top of the Morning, ShapeShifter Lovers, and Happy St. Paddy's Day! 

Enjoy the magickal walk through Wolf Peak Territory As Winter Transitions Into Spring. 

The Celtic Old Way Lives In the Peak


One of the Druid Priestesses In the Peak Honoring the Ancient Magick of Mother Nature With Her Pets 

Dante, the Alpha Wolf Shifter Leader of the Peak ... He Embraces His Highland Roots 

Razor, a Razorback Boar Shapeshifter, Always Competes In The Highland Games

Celtic Stag Shapeshifter, Descendant of the Antediluvian Gods Who Settled In Ireland ... He Teaches the Lost Knowledge To Those Who Desire Such Awareness 

Stephanos, a Wolf-Lion Hybrid Shifter, Is the Chief Mechanic For the Wolf Peak Motorcycle Club, and Best Buds With Razor

Celtic Wisdom Priestess ... She Leads the Various Spiritual Communities In the Peak, Encouraging Both Unification and Individual Spirituality

Tartarian Castle Embraced By Creation's Rainbow ... There Are Those In the Peak Who Are Studying and Resurrecting The Amazing Building Technology of Tartary and Their Energy Grid 

One of the Many Fairy Beauties ... They Are Creating Their Own Fae Landia Within Wolf Peak Territory ... All Are Invited To Share In This Flora and Fauna Fantasy-Like Realm 

A Remembrance Painting of an Ancient Celtic Lifetime

The Celtic Warrioresses of the Peak Celebrate Their Heritage 

Springtime's Bear Shapeshifter Cub From Last Year ... Isn't He Just Too Adorable? 

Mr. Beautiful Horse Shifter Springing Into Spring ... Again a Pic From Last Year

Akita Shapeshifter Greeting Springtime ... Yes, a Pic From Last Year 

The Cheetah Shifter Clan ... Mom and Baby ... The Cheetahs Hold Racing Contests At This Time of Year 

The Cougaress Shifter With Green St. Paddy's Day Eyes

An Irish Elf Woman Who Has Arrived In the Peak To Visit Khryssa, the Half-Elven Half-Human Woman That Razor Is Boar-Wild In Love With. He Is Currently Wooing Khryssa Despite Her Reluctance 

A Little Too Much Libation At One of the Peak's St. Paddy's Day Pub Parties 

Shaman Wolf Playing the Fiddle For Mother Nature

Riding the Irish Wolf In the Peak's Fae Landia 

This Shar-Pei Pup Is One of Many Shapeshifter Breeds Populating Wolf Peak Territory ... Yes, Too Cute For Words ... the Photo Taken Last Spring 

Fantasy Fairy Art Is Very Popular In Wolf Peak

This Dragon Shapeshifter Is a Rock Star ... He's a Singer With a Band Playing At One of the Nightclubs In the Interspecies Pleasure Club

Just Cannot Resist Showing This Little Dragon Guy Again .. He's Been Featured Before

Oh, Those Wee Folk Always Tempting a Beautiful Maiden ... But She Knows Better Than To Believe His Blarney 

It Wouldn't Be Wolf Peak Without a Unicorn Pegasus Flying About 

Unicorn Dancing In Fae Landia ... Truth Is, I Just Adore This Fantasy Art Pic

The Celtic Dragon Cross With Real Dragon Attached ... Many Were Beloved Pets In the Early Celtic Times 

When Life Was Good In the Ancient of Ancient Times ... These Times Are Being Recreated In Wolf Peak 

One of the Peak's Beautiful Unicorns Gathering Star Energies During the Aurora Borealis 

Archeress and Her  Dragon Protector In the Peak's Fae Landia 

Have a Sparkly and Happy St. Patrick's Day ... Love From All Those In Wolf Peak Territory

Authoress Note: I am busy working on a WIP tentatively titled: Beauty and the Biker Beast. This is a Valentine ShapeShifter Erotic Romance. Also, both of my submissions for the Bad Boy Antho were rejected. I had planned to quickly Indie publish them. However, time does not allow for that to happen. I'm kinda in publishing limbo once again. ~darn it sighs~ 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Thursday, February 14, 2019

How About A Unicorn For Valentine's Day

How About A Unicorn For Valentine's Day? 
That Was One of the Themed Celebrations At the Interspecies Pleasure Club In Wolf Peak Territory This Year 

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Belated HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, shapeshifter lovers. 

I hope you had one of the best ever. Given, I discovered a trove of fantasy art images by Sue Dawe, one of my favorite artists ever, I spent part of the day entertaining myself by downloading them. Back in the day, I would buy file folders that featured her art when the new ones came out for 'back to school' days. Most of the pictures I remembered, and love. They're packed away somewhere in all of my stuff. And yes, many of those fantasy images are featured today. 


Every Unicorn, Every Unicorn Shapeshifter Was Invited and Cherished 

Pegasus and Unicorn In Love, the Magic of Living In Wolf Peak Territory 

The Unicorn Shapeshifter Castle Hidden In the Nearby Mountain Range 

Unicorn Dance At the Replica Stonehenge In Wolf Peak

Unicorn Paradise, There's a Secret Portal In Wolf Peak 

Unicorn Shifter Mates Dance Beneath the Crescent Moon 

Valentine's Day Dance Performance by the Rose Unicorn

The Dragons and Dragon Shapeshifters Say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 



Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Year of the Razorback Biker

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

*Lunar Year of the Boar* howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.  
So, I decided to try writing what was/is supposed to be a Valentine ShapeShifter Erotic Romance--hopefully, a short story, which is set in my fictional shapeshifter world of Wolf Peak Territory. My hero is a Razorback Boar shifter in honor of the new lunar year.  Here's an unedited snippet. 

Working Title: 

Year of the Razorback Biker 

Chinese Year Of The Brown Earth Pig 
February 5, 2019~February 24, 2020 

Chapter One 

"Yeehawwwww!" Razor bellowed against the icy-cold wind. "You'll never catch me, little pig cops!" The strength of his voice matched the thunderous roar of the giant bad-ass Harley he rode. 
Growling above the scream of several sirens behind him, Razor leaned forward, and kicked up his speed. He shot like a bullet onto the twisty highway that would take him most of the way to the Last Bite Lodge. The backwoods biker bar was in shapeshifter country. 

"Gotta love it," Razor grunted to himself. Slowing, then zooming up the highway's steady incline, he taunted the officers trying to chase him down. 

Tech-modified beyond anything James Bondian, the black and chrome chopper eclipsed any capability of local law enforcement. Including the chase drones. Including if they used satellites to track him. 

"Time to get the squealing, black and white piglets off my ass." With a press of his thumb, both he and the Harley were enveloped inside an invisibility shield. 

The plasma-magnetic field also cut off the wind. Warmth surrounded Razor immediately. Not that he cared so much, given his body's metabolism adjusted to frigid temperatures. 

Once the wailing sirens ceased, the patrol cars breaking off the chase, Razor slowed to cruising speed. He scanned his instrument panel, given his enemies were legendary. So far, though, nothing else to battle. 

As Razor negotiated the forest road in the fading light of twilight, he allowed himself to think of her. Khryssa. The woman had Sophia Loren curves, the exotic face of her half elfin heritage, and piles of coppery auburn hair he longed to run his fingers through as he made hedonistic love to her.  

Khryssa also possessed plenty of spirit and spunk. Her firebrand defiance of his mating courtship of her drove Razor lusting wild. 

The big truth, the woman just plain made him stud crazy. 

Khryssa kept claiming she wanted nothing to do with him. Yet snort, her female scent beckoned him to like damn singing Siren. 

These days the more-than-gorgeous woman plagued him during his mission-ops for Dante, the alpha wolf leader of their enormous shifter community.  

Hell's mud, his body hardened already. Big damn time.  


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Friday, February 1, 2019

Beyond the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

February howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

I had intended to blog just before the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse, but life had other ideas. Given it was too overcast on my tame prairie to see the eclipse, I watched several good live streams online. My apologies for the heresy, the lunacy that my next words will inspire in some. 
However, come on, there is obviously activity on the moon's surface. That all those supposed craters are just craters. Naw. The moon is occupied by who, what??? Well, that is the trillion dollar question, isn't it. 
Anyway, what are the cosmic opportunities? of this major celestial event. AWAKENING is the overall theme. If you want to rule your own life, if you value freedom and truth, then ALL IS BEING REVEALED ... that is, EXPOSING that which the darkside would keep hidden from humanity --  to clarify further, their despicable cabal-type centuries of brutal rule. 
The real truth about how our world has operated is being revealed. Now that will accelerate to superspeed. 
While this is esoteric territory for many, my previous statement ... on a down to Earth level, corruption from the lowest town to the highest government officials will be pouring out like fiery lava into full public view. Because of this Aquarian-era EXPOSURE, the big bad guys/gals on our planet WILL ATTEMPT to make it appear as if the innocent are guilty of their own horror-deeds. This is a common tactic of sociopaths/psychopaths -- accuse others of what your are nefariously doing. 
On the paranormal/supernatural side, UFOs will light up the skies as never before in recent history/herstory, that is ... and public disclosure will continue drip-drip along. At the same time, there will be more ET and human contact happening. 
On the individual homefront, new and better ways of living will be revealed to those who are aware enough to rise above past brainwashing/propaganda. Big Pharma will begin the long downfall into complete destruction. Natural healing methodologies will become more and more popular.  
LOVE ... the emergence of  heart love has been the dominant force in our evolving spirituality. Now there will be a joining of LOVE FORCES from the sexual to Christ love. We are on the Divine path to BECOMING WHOLE LOVING BEINGS. 

Love To All From the Star Wolfess of Wolf Peak Territory 

Celebrating the Wolf Moon Eclipse

Notes: I am continuing to write on a couple of Wolf Peak Territory WIPS, the latest is Valentine Day-themed. I keep hoping I'll get to the point of publishing again. 
Also, perhaps life will let me blog for the 2019 Chinese Year of the Boar or Pig. 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar