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Ferocious Roars From the 2022 Lion's Gate

 Originally posted on ShapeShifter Seduction.

Lion's Gate 2022 Howls, Yowls, Growls and 'No Scowls' ShapeShifter Lovers!

Good snarling gracious, it's been a challenging 8/8 day already. However, challenge met and THANK THE DIVINE overcome. So far. 

INTERRUPTION: August 14, 2022. With the monumental recent events and the unpredictability of my life, this post has been delayed. 

On a sentimental note my novella TANGERINE CARNAL DREAMS was e-published 8/8/2008. Unfortunately, the owner of the company went bad. I had planned to revise and publish again...but so it goes, time disappeared. Yeah, I still love that story, and could pen a sequel...blurb is on the sidebar.

This portal has been called the infinity portal or the Lion's Gate, an energetic activation of the numbers 8/8, August: eighth month, in the sign of Leo the lion, on the eighth day of the year. The Month of the Lion. Right now we are in the astrological sign of Leo and this lion is a natural leader when all aspects are balanced.

The lioness within me roars. Now, as individuals, we relentlessly ROAR our sacred voices together in a new chorus of freedom and harmony. For, THE GREAT HARMONY of the Aquarian Age is here--front and center for humanity. It is how we win the day for GOODNESS and Justice for ALL on beloved Mother Earth, and in the whole beautiful starry cosmos surrounding us.

"Together, woman and man, we are the strong roaring rulers of this LION'S GATE. The stellar energies. I am Pasha," the gorgeous woman with dangerous sexy curves introduced herself. "It is a pleasure to meet you, elder Kymbra. You have yet to remember. We knew each other in Egypt Atlanta." 

Tingles raced spectacularly through Kymbra--the knowing, her inner knowing. "Good to meet you, Pasha. Your words resonate." She spoke as curiosity ran out of control.  "Can you tell me more?"

"It is not wise to reveal much before the imminent discovery of our pyramid in Wolf's Peak." Pasha subtly, sensuously flipped her long hair, a brilliant shade of red. 

Kymbra's eyebrows shot for the glorious blue sky, yep, above the small private veranda.

"We will cross that momentous bridge soon." Pasha swayed toward her, seating herself--goddess royalty on the paradise-lovely divan across from Kymbra. 

"You and I, we don't pussyfoot around." Pasha smiled, her inner strength obvious. "We rise with the power of fierce lionesses during the Lion's Gate."

"The RISE OF THE GREAT AQUARIAN-AGE LION begins," Kymbra spoke her intuitive insight. "Now despite all the terrible challenges--the rise of the brave lionesses and lions at this time who love this world. Those who would save it for a good and most amazing DIVINE future. 

Pasha gracefully nodded in agreement. "With our ferocious and Spirit-wise roars we transform life for All. As sacred celestial lionesses we lead this time. Not as superior to the lion, to his intrepid charge, but as real and cherished companions."

 "Yes. I see my mind's eye." Kymbra sipped her fruity tea as she gazed into their magnificent and adventurous cosmic time ahead.

 "It is the Pyramid of the Sun Lion King, a golden frequency temple of multi-universe function. What wii shortly be revealed." Pasha's eyes blazed gold for several seconds. 

Unblinking, Kymbra stared, her nerves exploding firecrackers.

"Lavender Lioness, did you not name yourself such in your college days, Kymbra?"

Staggered to her core, Kymbra slowly nodded. "When I was writing poetry, short creative writing classes." Memories flooded. "I was told by one professor, good guy actually, that I would never be a successful author because my writing was 'old school'--or not in the style of Ernest Hemingway. But he, the professor, liked it." Kymbra paused, recalling more. "must have, since I got an 'A'." 

"Ahhh, yes, Mr. Hemingway. He and his brother searched for the remains of Atlantis around Cuba. Beneath the waters." 

"Said he was searching for German U-boats," Kymbra couldn't resist "Also his mother, his family were friends with the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. He revealed info about Atlantis." 

"Yes, it is so. Edgar Cayce also spoke about feline races living in ancient Egypt." Pasha smiled as if she knew a delicious secret.

 "Another lifetime?" Kymbra asked, whirling inside. It felt as if she had no foundation--yeah, lifted aloft by a cyclone. 

"No, dear Kymbra." Pasha paused. Her eyes flashing again, she brought in a large long breath. "I lived during that ancient time--as I am living now. Here in Wolf's Peak."

Kymbra whirled faster now, her insides ethereal as wind. "Like an immortal?" 

"Yes, in a manner of speaking." Pasha elegantly flipped her hair. 

Kymbra's jaw dropped as the woman's eyes switched to feline. Briefly.


"Yes. I am what is known as a cat were many of the goddesses in Atlantis, then Egypt." 

"And I knew you? in that lifetime." Kymbra tried touching ground, inwardly that is. Was this reality? Something rang true, though. She admitted that much to herself.

"You did know me. Have you seen Bastet and the lioness, Sekhmet--the statues from those ancient times?"

Kymbra could only nod. The images vividly seized by her mind. The new paradigm crashed into her awareness. 

"The truth becomes a precious gemstone with the passage of time." Pasha softly intoned. "With the diabolical obfuscation of truth by those who would wrongly rule." 

Kymbra absorbed Pasha's words. "I could not have said it better...but I'm not a lioness shapeshifter." She fully met Pasha's direct gaze. "You are a lioness?"

"One breed, yes, so to speak." 

There was a fearsome silence between them as if the universe readjusted itself. Certainly, she was reborn again, in a 'high strangeness' sort of way. Wow oh wow. Within, Kymbra shook and spun spiritually.

"Many dimensions, many mansions..." Kymbra trailed off. "I always think of the Star Wars bar room seemed so real to me." 

"A true telling of that 'space opera' story. One that is a mere 3500 years ago." Pasha smiled, a beguiling lioness.

"So, it is true...was true," Kymbra mused. Wild excitement coursed through her, unstoppable. "I'd like to remember that life experience." 

"When the sacred appointment arrives, you will." Pasha swayed in her chair, a natural seductress. "During that era I fought alongside the White Lion clan. Their starships were superior in flight." Pasha's face shone with radiant happiness. "Tales for another day, Kymbra." 

"Now that's something to live for," she enthused. A lurking cloud of despair lifted from Kymbra. "Are there white lions with in fantasy art? They seem real somehow."

 "There are, absolutely. Many roam the ethers or the interdimensional realms. These majestic beings adored living in and also visiting the high civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, then of the Lion Angels, as they are known, are beginning to come here--to join in the battle against our dark-force enemies. They are savage warriors, ruthless avengers." 

 Kymbra reeled. "Too darn cool. I," she glanced at Pasha. What the heck. "I have seen visions of a lion humanoid. He's a tan golden color. It feels as if we know each other."

"Ahh yes. He is a protector. Mostly during your life in ancient Egypt when lion humans protected the Good Ones."

"I miss him. My lion man." 

"Currently, he protects you in the dream-walking dimensions. The dangers of the lower astral plane."

"I am grateful. I need all the help I can get. I know I do."

"The dangers of this Earth incarnation are indeed, unparalleled." Pasha's expression turned somber. "We need you, elder Kymbra, as one of us."

"That's hard for me to fathom." Kymbra shrugged a bit. "Although, the more I learning...I will do whatever I can...of course." 

"Your destiny will be fulfilled. We will work together often." Pasha assured in a manner Kymbra actually believed. "As we have partnered before."

A sizzle swept through her, then a remembrance. "Who is the exotic kingly white lion I am seeing?"

 Pasha grinned, a precocious cat, obviously aware of Kymbra's psi-image. "He was our Obi-Wan Kenobi. Perhaps he returns to us at this crucial X-moment." 

"Like a Jedi master. Well, that is intriguing. Did he sacrifice his physical life as Obi-Wan Kenobi did?" 

"No. He temporarily phased out of existence." Pasha's eyes glimmered stars. "Nzartha relocated to another world where our enemies could not follow."

"Nzartha," Kymbra repeated, wishing he would appear--a child's wish though.

"Ferocious Roars From the 2022 Lion's Gate." Pasha rumbled an eloquent raworrr. "We wiil be companion warrioresses again." 

"The sooner, the better. I hope Dangerous isn't promising the moon when it comes to my recovery."

"The moon, we should visit once again." Pasha chuckled a mew. "It was once a wonderful playground. I hear it is gradually being restored now that enemy races have been eliminated." 

"Greys, Dracos...?" 

"Those and others. I have a feeling Nzartha charged through the violet light gateway to bite, scratch, and claw their nefarious ugly hides."

 With a sensual shimmy, Pasha asked, "Would you care to see one of his top captain warriors?"

 "Please..." Instantly, a large holo image appeared. "Incredibly wow." 

"Yes, he is impressively handsome. However, he doesn't hold a battle sword next to White Fang, my mate. "You'll meet him soon." 

Kymbra could only imagine given the fantasy-hunk lion warrior before her.

"Is your mate a white lion from the clan you fought with?" 

"I had many offers of marriage, but no, Kymbra. Let us say none suited my desires. Only when I arrived here in the Peak to claim revenge against a notorious crime boss. He killed my friend...ah, again that is a story I will tell later."

AUGUST 24, 2022 NOTE: Another major life interruption.

 "I will look forward to that story. Believe me." As if she watched a big-screen film, a space odyssey, lion people starred in various roles. An enormous, dark silvery starship orbited Earth several times, then slid through the atmosphere like a gigundis fish. 

"Yes, Kymbra, we cat-genetic humans arrived on Terra as a benevolent force to assist the people. Once Atlantis fell to its final destruction. During that eon there were many malevolent species attempting to not only rule but genocide most of the remaining humans."

"Why genocide?"

"It Is ultimately a battle for galactic power. In secret, in ages past, the human population was developed with the potential to become those who own spectacular super abilities. As well you were gifted with the Great Divine Spark...beyond other races."

 Kymbra's eyes popped wide. Realization dawned bright, like a tremendous light bomb. "That's why we're being horribly tested, as To earn those super powers." 

Pasha gave a regal nod. "Yes, although the satanic cabal has cleverly exceeded their right to test Earth humanity. Most sadly."

"Most sadly," Kymbra echoed in a murmur. 

"We cat people, we the lion peoples roar in our love, in our partnership with Divine humans. We are comrades in the fight for galactic freedom."

Kymbra buzzed, resonated with renewed Spirit. "Galactic freedom. Freedom...precious freedom. I've wanted freedom, to run with wolves so to speak, ever since I was itsy bitsy. Yeah, I'm guilty. I like "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

"We are of the same sacred nature, you and I. Freedom, true freedom for our eternal souls." Pasha gave a fierce feline shake. "Rawrrrr!" 

Kymbra grinned, wider than she had for months and months. "Impressive. Tell me how you arrived on Earth." 

"Our people, while sailing the galactic waves, noticed there was a change in this solar system, your source of nourishing light. What is now the current sun had arrived. We chose to explore, to follow this new celestial beam. After all, we are Sun Lions."

"That is mega fascinating." 

"Like us, our ships bask in and soak up the resplendent rays. We have many such sun-paradise ports of call--rather like enjoying a tropical vacation here." 

"Makes me think of the Virgin Islands--bare-boating, the beauty of the sun, the turquoise sea, the feeling of sun and sea on my skin." Kymbra paused for a breath, "But the solar power fuels your ships?" 

"We would say 'energizes'." 

"That makes sense. I am energized when I'm outside or sunbathing."

"We will visit my favorite sun replenishing spots here."  

"I would love that."

Pasha positively glowed. "You know, Kymbra, those of us who are brave of heart...we warrioresses with battle souls, those of us who nourish our Spirit with ferocious freedom...we boldly leap through the celestial Lion's Gate."

"To achieve our golden destiny on Earth...then, in the stars." Kymbra nearly sprang to her feet, her healing leg only stopping her. "BOOM-BOOM BOOM-BOOM BOOMERANG...BANG-BANG." She aimed her finger like a gun. "Bing bang boom, the despotic scumzoid globalists are going down." 

"Down for the Universe-eternal count. Absolutely. For, we will use our pyramid's power with uncompromising wisdom."

"Ladies." The Danger Man approached. With a charming grin, he doffed his cowboy hat. 

"Finished working with your horses?" Kymbra ignored her stupid raging attraction. It's only's only hormones. 

"Yep, darlin'. Later we'll be taking a walk. Give my regards to White Fang, beautiful Pasha." With that Dangerous spun on his bootheel, swaggering from them. 

Pasha giggled knowingly. "He's got a big ole hankerin' for you, ma'am. As they say in these parts." She tossed her hair for emphasis. "I'm learning Old West speak." 

"Yeah, it's a problem," Kymbra muttered, rolling her eyes. "I don't understand it--given my age." 

"It's different here in Wolf Peak..finding a mate, falling in love. There's a highly sacred connection often." 

"Well, that's good...but..." 

"Kymbra, you're in no danger of being forced. Dante has zero tolerance for such behavior. However, he encourages every manner of courtship, of men romancing single women. It is one reason there are so many dance clubs, community dance events like square dancing." 

"Heck on steroids...yeah, dancing, I'm in mega trouble."

 "On the good news front our pyramid will likely be able to provide a type of wireless electricity for many beyond our Wolf Peak was accomplished throughout the world until Atlantis, then Tartaria were both attacked and mostly destroyed."

 Kymbra let Pasha's words settle for a bit. "That is good news. Like Nikola Tesla's technology." 

"What our world has been wrongly denied by those who are criminally devoted enemies to All of us--those who love life on our Divine Earth." 

"Yes. They emerge into the Light like hordes of monstrous evil cockroaches...As you said, Ferocious Roars From the 2022 Lion's Gate"


Wardenclyffe Tower
Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as the Tesla Tower, was an early experimental wireless transmission station designed and built by Nikola Tesla on Long Island in 1901–1902, located in the village of Shoreham, New York.Wikipedia


 NOTE: This post is out of order in Kymbra and Dangerous's love story.

To be continued... hopefully.

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


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Summer Solstice & Rattlesnake Attack

 Originally posted on ShapeShifter Seduction.

Summer Solstice 2022 Howls, Yowls, Growls and 'No Scowls' ShapeShifter Lovers! 

The magnificently numerous and culturally varied celebrations in Wolf Peak Territory are eclectic, of course pagan-magickal, and wondrously fun for children, for All. Many of the fae folk Supernaturals are leading the origin-sacred rituals, the rollicking happy festivities this year. There are forest moon runs especially popular with the shapeshifter crowd. And the dance nightclubs in the Peak are filled to capacity--elegant gowns, medieval finery, twenties gaiety, disco thrills, romance reaching the stars choose the entertainments at the Interspecies Pleasure Club!

I wish I'd been there.

 One of the Fae MidSummer Gatherings In Wolf Peak.

Below is Dangerous's fantasy, his vision of Kymbra during next year's Summer Solstice faires. Their story continues after the rattlesnake attack Dangerous and his team defeated...,h_2263,q_75,strp/fairy_aine__summer_solstice__by_nismiana-daxzoj5.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.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.2xZ0QZDt2QwURzUl0WTowUCTCatjM5S54XQmpwDArjA

"Showtime, Palladin." Dangerous reined his warrior horse toward the slithering glint. They spun on a dime. About half a mile in distance, the enormous, evilly engineered rattlesnake charged, fangs displayed as is if his favorite dinner was served. 

Demon yellow eyes glittered beneath the omnipotent glare of Montana's noon sun. Yep, the robo-bio weapon demanded his weakness, his submission. 

Fat fucking chance.

Rifle raised and ready, Dangerous aimed for the manufactured snake. Hell, the sweet kill spot. 

Palladin raced faster, his ears flattened in fury. 

Bam-boom. Severed. The monster's head flew off in a spray of crimson blood and dark component particles. 

As the bio-mutants rapid approach slowed to a weak winding crawl, Palladin leapt altering course. With great glee, with all four hooves, he stomped on the collapsed sidewinder. Gory mush and prairie dirt mixed. 

Done, the warrior stallion snorted his triumph. "Four more of the smaller ones comin' for us!" Dangerous shouted. 

Blasting his shots with precision, while Palladin whirled and attacked beneath him, Dangerous shattered their fang-striking heads. The kick of Palladin's back hoof sent the last rattlesnake head soaring through the air. 

"Got the bad muther," Jacker yelled to Dangerous. Neatly snatching the flying head with his capture net, he deftly placed it inside the specialized bag destined for the Peak's research lab. 

"Got 'em all," Jacker assured, "including that huge fang-spitting effer." 

"See ya at the Mule Kick bar, the meetin'." Dangerous watched the renowned Texas snake wrangler climbed into his safari-like vehicle. 

"Yep, gotta whet the ole whistle. Plan for the future." Jacker gave a salute. "Keep beheading them trans-machine rattlers." 

For several minutes, Dangerous studied the mangled crushed bodies of the lab-built diamondbacks. None moved. 

"Clean up on aisle three-two," Dangerous reported via his wrist com. He grinned.

Giving Palladin's neck a hearty pat, Dangerous twanged, "A big pail of oats for you."

While Palladin headed home swinging into his smooth trot, Dangerous recalled their snake-kill encounters. He committed every detail to memory. After greater all, their alpha-wolf leader, Dante, rightly expected such from his Guardian Force. 

'Course once he'd completed that mental exercise, She took over his thoughts. She being Kymbra--more of a beauty every damn day. The woman was gettin' under his shapeshifter hide, no howling doubt.

In truth, more than her womanly beauty, it was her dagger-sharp mind, her insights--like fine cut crystal. Dang, it was her profound cosmic soul and being...her human-spirited resilience.

It was...what other descriptions...his brain circled with potential images, none of them worked, though.

Okay growls, more wolf-panting truth, her simmering sexuality   yip-yip pant-pant...the depth and ferociousness of a smoldering 'about to erupt' volcano. 

He could smell it--a ruthless delicious torment. 

The unique dog who resembled a Dingo ran to him as he opened the large pen's gate. Lifting the little guy high, Dangerous gave him a playful shake. "Duringo, my man." 

"Looks like he's adapting well. Aren't you?" Betgossi cooed. The woman in charge of finding homes for pets in the Peak stroked the dog's head. 

Dangerous held him close to his chest since Duringo liked it. "Anything to make Kymbra happy." Dangerous cuddled the dog, something he'd never done before. even though he was fond of domesticated canines. 

"I'm so glad we found him. Not an easy breed to locate, a good one, that is." Betgossi lightly scratched behind Duringo's pointed ears, then rubbed his cheeks with her thumbs. 

"Kymbra's gonna love the dickens outta you, my man. She needs to do some more healin' first, though. And you and me need more quality time together."


 "What in the living hell did you do to my hormones?" Her accusing eyes struck deep, thrown spears at him. Yet her vulnerability also took hold of his heart.

"You're on the mend, Kymbra." Dangerous forced his own high-impact hormones to loosen their tight grip. "It's natural. A natural process." 

Their lips were so close, kissing close. 

But he didn't dare. Not yet. 

By the grace of the wolf goddess, he knew better. Dangerous distanced himself enough to gaze at her face.

Silence, the deadly silence of a pissed off woman. She glared. Yep, for several moments before, "Crap. Is this going to reverse menopause?" 

"It could," he quietly admitted. "However, here in Wolf do I explain..." 

"Spit it out." She glared harder. 

"It's like a good spell." He grabbed a large breath. "Women don't get pregnant here unless they choose it." 

A look of confusion crossed her features. "Birth control?" 

" pills, no potions of any sort." Dangerous gently cupped her face. "It's a matter of will, of will power...the women magicians ordained it into existence many years ago." 

"Like a mass intention experiment?" Her gaze searched his, demanding the truth. 

"More powerful, light years more powerful, Kymbra." Dangerous stroked his hands down her irresistible hair--thickening now, becoming silkier. "The Source Goddess rules."

Disbelief captured her expression. At first, then gradually vanished. She felt it, sensed the omnipresent Divine Magick.

"Well, that's a good thing." She breathed the words out.

He gave a nod. "A couple more days and you'll be up, walking again." 

One side of her mouth quirked. She challenged, "Just like that."

 "You got me, Kymbra darlin'. Not just like that." With sky-big reluctance, Dangerous removed his hands from her, straightening. "It'll take some time, some practicin'. But before you know it, you'll be running again." 

She quirked her face, squinching one eye. "Running?" 

"You're one adorable woman. Yep, runnin'. And riding a horse." He winked, then grinned. "Promise."

"Rattlesnakes." The word burst from her. "Robo-bio rattlers. How many did you destroy, Danger Man?"

After assessing her, Dangerous asked, "You wanna a front row seat?"

She nodded. 

"Your wish is my command...darlin'." Touching his wrist com, he linked the cyber recording to her monitor. "There ya go. You can stop it anytime. Just say the word." 

Not wanting to look intrusive, Danger retreated to his command desk, as he affectionately thought of it. He concocted his fave superior-health coffee brew, then sat back and leisurely sipped--watching Kymbra from beneath the brim of his cowboy chateau. 

What a brainy beauty--just what he liked in a woman. Sundown howls yep, whether wolfess shifter, the other shapeshifter ladies, the many types of Supernatural women living in the Peak...yip-yip, the lovely faes, the ET and Inner Earth communities. 

Hell yeah, that was just his man's nature. Always had been.

Kymbra gave him a quick piercing glance, then became absorbed in his rattler slaying. A good sign, he figured, yep-yips in several ways. 

Dangerous grinned surreptitiously.

After refreshing his brew, he reviewed the latest info on various battle fronts--keeping one eye trained on Kymbra, of course. "Our Guardian Force is wipin' their butts clean," Dangerous muttered with warrior satisfaction. 

"Dragons to the frontlines, alright," he quietly enthused. The winged serpent beasts, some with their riders, some without, some shifters, some not--their prism-colored scales flashing majestically beneath the strong sun--they dived like squads of attacking eagles decimating the AI-machine built dragon replicants. A whole sky full of them. 

Pieces and parts polluted the air, littered the ground--a strange confetti. Teams of Peakites immediately collected the fake dragon debris while the Medicine Practitioners attended to anyone wounded. Not many. Thank the Precious Wolf Spirit. 

"What a show. What a glorious show." Dangerous pumped his fist fast and high.

 "What are you celebrating?" Kymbra's soft yet, sword-penetrating voice owned him. 

Yeah, penetrating alright...his cock twitched. Time to swallow down more of his inhibiting elixir. 

"We're winning the air battle." 

"Air battle...?" 

"Wolf Peak Territory is like an independent country. Lot of folks don't like that. The deepstate and beyond want us utterly destroyed." 

"A white hat country," she mused. Her gaze had him under a damn microscope. "Your own air force?...your own space force, in fact...dammit, what's going on here?...and where's my gun? I want to fight." 

Her gaze was so sparkling, so fierce, Dangerous was transfixed for long instants. 

"We gotta get you fully healed, Kymbra..." 

"Yeah, yeah. Do you know how long, how frustrated, raging frustrated I've been..." she jerked in a large breath, "because I can't physically fight them, get rid of those liberal new world creeps--those creepazoids who are brutally genociding humanity. Right now." She glared, a ferocious sight for damn certain. Kymbra's whole body vibrated, a goddess on the warpath.

"Why don't I bring a target screen and a practice gun while you're healing..." 

"I want to kill evil rattlesnakes." She hit the side of the bed with her fist, impressively. "I want to take out the yellow-bellied dirtbags." Her breaths earth-quaked in and out.

Dangerous waited for her breaths to calm, to become less explosive. "No problem, darlin'. We'll make it happen. It'll just take some time."

"Guess I've got a new lease on time." Reason took over, her raw emotion only on simmer. "Also, I want one of those sci-fi pistols like Melishza showed me." 

"Why not...darlin'. Any weapon you can handle. You can be armed to the teeth, Kymbra."

"Btw, if your borders are being attacked how is the baby formula being delivered?" 

Standing, Dangerous approached his brainy-babe warrioress. Yeah, his. He might just need double shots of the temporary-eunuch elixir. "Razor and his un-merry band of outlaw bikers, he answered. "They know all of the hidden routes. And his wife is very psychic--sees a way where there is no way." 

She considered his words, her forehead scrunched. "Well, that's a good thing...that makes me happy." 

"Happiness," he drawled. "Here in the Peak, to quote: ALL SENTIENT BEINGS are created equal in the Sight of the Divine, that they are endowed by the One Great Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

"Yeah, most people seem to have forgotten that...that my experience." Her tone dripped like sour fruit.

Dangerous didn't like the fact that Kymbra imperceptibly shrank from him. He knew why. But it still didn't settle with him. "You know, sweetheart, you have that psi-ability." 

"Probably," she admitted, while crossing her arms against him. "Back off, Danger Man, I'm feeling crotchety...the crabby elder." Her frown warned him. Seriously warned him.

"Crotchety," he crooned. The Wolf Gods, he liked it when she called him 'Danger Man.' 

"I'm feeling particularly dangerous," he twanged, leaning toward her. 

She aimed a pretend kick at his crotch with her good leg.

Dramatically, he twisted away. Putting on his bad-boy grin, Dangerous loomed above her. He placed his hands on either side of her head as if he intended to kiss her. "I like a cantankerous filly."

"Gonna have fun breaking me," she dared. 

She couldn't have stud-tempted him more. "Isn't International Kissing Day coming up soon?" he sexily taunted."I could start there...breakin' my cantankerous filly." 

"This is crazy," she spat out. "I'm old...a cranky elder...damn cranky. Get it."

"How about I take you to our Midsummer Blaze Hop? It's a pagan cosmic-fertility event, loved by many." 

"No thanks," she knifed with her voice.

"Sun, outdoor fun...lots of time for kissin'." 

"No." Kymbra sliced him like steak.

A steam-hot silence lengthened between them. Until... 

"You will pardon my untimely interruption," the familiar feminine voice spoke. "I have a gift for the elder from Dante and Kitty. It is approved by the Quirkomon, of course." 

"Lhyzaia," Dangerous greeted one of Kitty's personal cat-shifter assistants. "All is well at the Command Center, I trust." 

"We remain triumphant in all battles. Dante wished me to tell you he is impressed with your victory over the AI-rattler breach of our border."

"I will speak my respect to Dante soon." Dangerous eyed the heaping mound of ice cream scoops, topped with fruits, and nestled between banana halves.

"Elder Kymbra." Lhyzia presented the sparkling crystal bowl on an ornate silver tray. "This is an original recipe from the times of ancient Atlantis, the tropical Poseidon Empire, as you might recall." 

A glimmer of memory filled mind--for an instant. 



To be continued... hopefully. 

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~

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Savanna Kougar

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Memorial Day Freedom In Wolf Peak

 Originally posted on ShapeShifter Seduction.

 Post Memorial Day Howls, Yowls, and Most Ferocious Growls, ShapeShifter Lovers! And have a glorious flag day... 

Currently, there have been vicious-striking attempts to breach several areas of the Peak's border lands. In their diabolical relentless bid to win world dominion, the dark force's supernatural creatures are in league with the WEF's evil globalist cabal. For, it is known that to rule Mother Earth with neo-brutal feudalism, with a Borg technocracy, Wolf Peak must be utterly destroyed, the bold-powerful community's freedom annihilated. Forever.

Btw, the pics in this post are from last year, 2021. Due to very challenging circumstances, I couldn't write the post. However, I am on the slow road to full recovery. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts.


Kymbra smiled at the cat with the somewhat annoyed glare. Seated on what Dangerous called a comfort chaise lounge, she thumbed through last year's Memorial day images. Before leaving abruptly, he'd set up the crystalline-looking 'Viewer' device saying it was self explanatory. Dang, if he wasn't right.

"Are you well, comfortable, elder?" A young. very lovely woman entered the healing room. 

Annoyed as the cat, the 'elder' curled one side of her mouth. "Please, call me Kymbra. Yes, this chair is super comfortable just like the Danger man said. Btw, do you know where he is?...what's your name?" 

"I am Melishza." Her feline-slanted, amber-colored eye brightened as the sleekly built woman approached.

"Nice to meet you." Kymbra straightened. "Are you here to babysit the crabby elder?" 

"We take care of each other here, Kymbra. Weapons included." Melishza whipped out a small strange pistol from a mostly hidden holster on her hip. She palmed it showing Kymbra. 

"Sci fi," Kymbra murmured, impressed. "Where do you get those?"

"I know Dangerous is checking out weapons for you, and training, of course." Melishza holstered her pistol, the movement almost faster than Kymbra could follow.

"Sweet," she praised. "Great sci fi outfit too."

Melishza gleamed a smile. "We have the best clothing shops...and gun shops. Anything you want. No licenses either."

Kymbra felt her spirits lift. "Guns. That would be a dream come true. I was stupid and never owned one, By the time I realized...never mind...that was another life." She sighed her regret. "Do you know where the Danger Man is, or is that a secret?"

"Dangerous is protecting the perimeter of our town, Moonrise Lake." Melishza hesitated her gaze studying Kymbra. "Our Guardian Force is fighting on the Peak's border, stopping the main infiltration." 

"Infiltration!" Kymbra jumped up, almost. "Ouch." She plopped back down. "Is everything okay on the, the border?" 

Melishza aimed her gaze at the health monitor. She frowned while saying, "No worries. The enemies are being decimated." Eyeing Kymbra like a pissed mother cat, she scolded, "You've got stay off your feet, your injured leg, for this phase of your healing to work properly." 

"Yeah, I know...I promised the Danger Man...sorry." Meekly, Kymbra settled herself. She had promised.

"We want you to rejuvenate fully." Offering an encouraging grin, Melishza pointed to the Memorial Day parade on screen. "Dangerous is part of our mounted patrol. You'd be surprised how effective that's been defeating some of our worst foes."

Kymbra scrunched her brow. "How's that?...Unless you mean the immigrant 'aka' illegal aliens invasion...and I don't mean ET aliens...although, some say the Grays have..." 

"Alien Gray hybrids crossing the southern border...yes," Melishza interrupted. "We, the Supernatural Peak community, have special-ops types...let's say intervening." 

Shaking her head at all the revelations, Kymbra stared for long moments. 

"Dangerous's horses are trained to spot and kill weaponized snakes, reptiles, other such small critters that can sneak through, cross our borders." 

Kymbra nodded. "Like the DOD's robot insects, cockroaches, mosquitos?" 

"Robotics and similar to Dr. Moreau's island. Also, other dark-secret methods."

Blinking, her mind whirling, bringing the conspiracy puzzle pieces into focus, Kymbra sat back. She sank into the ultimate comfort of the chaise. at least, my brain still works. 

"I'm certain Dangerous will explain more. Later. Would you like to see some of the wild horses?" Melishza instructed the Viewer.

"Love horses," Kymbra softly uttered. "But you know that." 

"Yes," Melishza pointed her finger. "These are from last year's Memorial Day photo contest." 

A series of patriotic horse pictures followed. "Beautiful. Thank you." 

"I know," she kindly spoke, "Dangerous will find you a horse to ride once--" 

"Once I've recovered," Kymbra finished. "Definitely something to live for."

"Ice cream?" Melishza inquired as she checked the monitor. 

"I'm still breathing...I know I can feel it"

"Dry as a Vodka Martini, your voice." Amusement gripped Melishza's voice, yeah, like ice tongs. 

"No. I prefer a Five Island Flamingo...not found on Dr. Moreau's island, I presume."

"I presume." Melishza giggled, then grinned reminding Kymbra of a mischievous kitty cat.

"Ice cream," Kymbra changed position, the magical-tech chair following her body. "You have the absolute best here. Sure."

Melishza tapped her wrist device. "The Quirkomon has it 'doctored up' with your health ingredients." 

"He's a good-medicine wizard, alright."

Melishza moved closer. "Would you like to see two of Dangerous's horses?" 

Kymbra nodded, curious of course. "Gorgeous." she praised, emotionally savoring. "Looks like the Akhal-Teke breed."

"I don't know horses." Melishza waved her hands. "Except for how beautiful they are." 

"Cat claws, your nails." Fascinated, Kymbra stared. 

After a speculative glance, Melishza stated, "Cat Fights. It's a type of warrior training, and a fighting style we have here."

"You're a champion, right? ...A flash of intuition." Kymbra answered the woman's inquisitive expression. 

"One of the champions. You should see Dangerous compete in the various horse sporting games we have here."

Aware that Melishza changed the subject, Kymbra gently mocked "Will I be in awe? Female-worshiping awe?"

"You'll remember this from the late 70s," Melishza spoke teasingly, then crooned, "Love, exciting and new...

To the tune of the Love Boat, she continued,"Come to the Peak. We've been expecting you.

"Yes...Love, life's bestest reward.
Let it soar, it flies back to you.

"Love Mates will be meeting for another run
The Love Peak promises sweet passion for everyone
Yes. Set a course for adventure,
Your heart wanting a brave romance.
"No. Love won't hurt anymore
It's an invitation like a wild delightful roar.

With her jaw nearly dropping, Kymbra gawked. " you star in musicals?" 

"My family owns a dinner theater here in Moonrise Lake. Daytime for the kiddies. Nighttime for us adults." Melishza offered a radiant satisfied smile.

"Oh...that makes sense. That was wonderful." Kymbra moved, restless. "I don't sing worth a darn." 

"No worries, I'll teach you." Pure confidence, that was Melishza's body posture. 

Kymbra almost believed her. "That would be a real miracle," she snarked softly. "I can dance...used to be able to dance."

"Dangerous is a dream to dance with."

Kymbra let her curiosity run off leash, this time. "What kind of dancing... country western?"

"Just to let you know, Kymbra, the men who live in Wolf Peak are strongly encouraged to learn the art of dancing with a woman. Many styles, btw." 

"Well, that's amazing given today's stupid sterile relationship culture." Kymbra knew her tone was cutting. She hardly cared. "The Danger Man?"

"I partner with him at our square dancing events. I've seen him cut the rug often, that is, swing dancing to one of the bands at the elegant Midnight Stardust Club." 

"Amazing," Kymbra repeated the word, while trying to imagine that scene. 

"We have a huge variety of nightclubs...including disco, discotheques. An ultra-fun favorite here."

"Discos, wow, Double wow." Kymbra hiked a skeptical brow. "Elders allowed?... If I can dance again."

Melishza threw her head back, chuckling as if Kymbra had said something ridiculous

However, before Kymbra could question her, Melishza spun toward the main door. She leaped to touch the panel. "Saved by the Medicine Practitioner." 

To Kymbra's surprise and delight, two Pomeranian dogs sprinted inside. They adorably bounced toward her. 

"Your names aren't Ice and Cream," she teased as the boy jumped on her lap. After playfully patting him, she gave him a hug. 

"No, dear woman, Muffster and Fluffster don't belong to me," the Practitioner princely bowed. "I am merely petsitting. It seems they overwhelmingly approve of me."

"Do you feed them ice cream?" Kymbra bantered with a grin as the tall wizard-type handed her a large cut-crystal bowl, plus the silver spoon. Politely, the Pom hopped to the floor. 

"Only a tiny taste after their dinner." The girl Pom yipped happily. "You will excuse me, lovely Kymbra, I must attend to another." 

"Of course. Thank you."

Muffster and Fluffster gave her extended hand a licking kiss before following the Quirkomon.

Gazing down at her wrist device, Melishza strode toward Kymbra. "Message from Dangerous," she announced. "He's due back here in a couple of hours--after taking care of his horses." 

"How's the perimeter, does he say?" 

"I'll check the battle status." Again Melishza manipulated her computer-like device. "Although, if there was a bad turn, an emergency, we'd know immediately." 

"Unlike the fake-news MSM," Kymbra dryly scorched. 

"Right on, sister." 

Kymbra grinned at the 'her-generation's' saying. "Right on." 

"Our town's perimeter remains secure, but is still under attack. No concerns, though," Melishza quickly added. "The next team is in position and battle ready," 

Her mental faculties still operational, jerked to attention. "How many people live here?"

"Here in Moonrise Lake or in Wolf Peak Territory?" Melishza's eyes became a shade of radiance Kymbra had never witnessed before. 


"Last count. Moonrise Lake has grown to about three hundred of That's why we have two newer towns in the Peak. Green Buffalo and Sunrise Prairie...We have about 5,000 Peakites. Currently. Most folks don't live in the towns...but on ranches, farms. Outside of the towns." She paused, her gaze assesing Kymbra. "I'll let Dangerous explain more." 

"Why?" Kymbra demanded bluntly. She stilled her restless movements, pinning Melishza with her gaze. Unrelenting gaze. 

"Like a laser...the Celtae were infamous, are infamous..." 

Kymbra bolted upright as she could while still sitting. She pointed her finger. "And who in the hell are the Celtic?"

"The Celtae originally arived and thrived in Ireland, a powerful sect of Merlin-like magicians. Genetically, they were Hyperborians who interbred with a tribe of Atlanteans. They adored animals creating many new species. This included wolves, other canines, and horses, bears and hunting falcons, also riding well as many of the big cat breeds while working alongside certain of the Egptian gods." 

"Oh." In a long silence, Kymbra pondered deeply, finally stating, "That makes sense--given who I am. What I like." 

"I'm certain Dangerous will answer your questions, explore your heritage with you." Melishza consulted her wrist device at a tone. "Will you be okay if I leave now? I'm part of the baby formula delivery team." 

Kymbra waved her hand. "Of course. Take care of the babies--their moms and dads."

With a glowing smile, Melishza spun around, her quickness surprising Kymbra. "See you soon," she threw over her shoulder. 

Moments later, a helpless rage blazed through Kymbra. "Starving babies. Starving people around the world. All by horrific design. To depopulate." She spat out,"Death to the new world stinky ODOR." After an angry breath, Kymbra slammed back against the chaise lounge. "Now. And forever." 

Later, she heaved an infuriated breath. "And you ain't getting our guns, either. You scumbag monsters."

Kymbra touched on the Viewer screen the Danger Man had given her--yep, news from the sites she knew. 

"Yeah, that's right. Protect yourself and others," she muttered.

Mass shooting stopped by law-abiding woman carrying concealed handgun

As of this writing, police have not released the name of the woman who killed Butler. No one else was injured in the incident, however.


Pregnant Woman Used AR-15 to Drop Armed Robber Attacking Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

June 6, 2022, 9:55pmby Samantha Chang, The Western Journal


Having dozed off, Kymbra awoke with a start. The Danger Man entered, his steps quiet as a hunting predator. A wolf came to mind, not for the first time. 

Mentally, Kymbra shook her head.

Pistols were strapped to his hips western-hero style. Good Gawd, no. Sexual desire bolted through her, a damn flamethrower of need--so it felt. 

Kymbra suppressed her feelings fast. 

But did the monitors light up with the truth? Did he psychally sense it?

"You're still alive," she drily commented. 

"Disappointed?" he joked. With a huge grin pasted on his overly handsome face, Dangerous sauntered toward her.

"Rattlesnakes," she burst out. "Why am I seeing them in my mind...filling it?" 

"Yep, darlin', had to destroy a few. Fake rattlers, bio-robot creatures constructed by a bad group in DARPA." 

Kymbra wrapped her head around that, knowing he spoke true. " did you destroy them?"

Like a gunslinger with lightning reflexes, the Danger Man drew both of his pistols. "Good aim and my warrior horse, Palladin." 

At her quizzical glance, he added. "Every bio-robot has a vulnerability, a neuro shutoff spot." 

"Oh...okay. That computes, so to speak." 

"Computes. Good one, darlin'." 

As he approached, ever closer...ever closer, Kymbra resisted the urge to shrink away or worse! passionately grab him. 

Conflicted to the max, she froze completely still.

"Looks like your healin', right fine, Kymbra," he drawled, reminding her of a sweet-talking TV-show Texan--especially as he expertly holstered his guns. 

Suddenly fierce inside, she snapped, "What in the living hell did you do to my hormones?"


To be continued... hopefully.

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar