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Ferocious Roars From the 2022 Lion's Gate

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Lion's Gate 2022 Howls, Yowls, Growls and 'No Scowls' ShapeShifter Lovers!

Good snarling gracious, it's been a challenging 8/8 day already. However, challenge met and THANK THE DIVINE overcome. So far. 

INTERRUPTION: August 14, 2022. With the monumental recent events and the unpredictability of my life, this post has been delayed. 

On a sentimental note my novella TANGERINE CARNAL DREAMS was e-published 8/8/2008. Unfortunately, the owner of the company went bad. I had planned to revise and publish again...but so it goes, time disappeared. Yeah, I still love that story, and could pen a sequel...blurb is on the sidebar.

This portal has been called the infinity portal or the Lion's Gate, an energetic activation of the numbers 8/8, August: eighth month, in the sign of Leo the lion, on the eighth day of the year. The Month of the Lion. Right now we are in the astrological sign of Leo and this lion is a natural leader when all aspects are balanced.

The lioness within me roars. Now, as individuals, we relentlessly ROAR our sacred voices together in a new chorus of freedom and harmony. For, THE GREAT HARMONY of the Aquarian Age is here--front and center for humanity. It is how we win the day for GOODNESS and Justice for ALL on beloved Mother Earth, and in the whole beautiful starry cosmos surrounding us.

"Together, woman and man, we are the strong roaring rulers of this LION'S GATE. The stellar energies. I am Pasha," the gorgeous woman with dangerous sexy curves introduced herself. "It is a pleasure to meet you, elder Kymbra. You have yet to remember. We knew each other in Egypt Atlanta." 

Tingles raced spectacularly through Kymbra--the knowing, her inner knowing. "Good to meet you, Pasha. Your words resonate." She spoke as curiosity ran out of control.  "Can you tell me more?"

"It is not wise to reveal much before the imminent discovery of our pyramid in Wolf's Peak." Pasha subtly, sensuously flipped her long hair, a brilliant shade of red. 

Kymbra's eyebrows shot for the glorious blue sky, yep, above the small private veranda.

"We will cross that momentous bridge soon." Pasha swayed toward her, seating herself--goddess royalty on the paradise-lovely divan across from Kymbra. 

"You and I, we don't pussyfoot around." Pasha smiled, her inner strength obvious. "We rise with the power of fierce lionesses during the Lion's Gate."

"The RISE OF THE GREAT AQUARIAN-AGE LION begins," Kymbra spoke her intuitive insight. "Now despite all the terrible challenges--the rise of the brave lionesses and lions at this time who love this world. Those who would save it for a good and most amazing DIVINE future. 

Pasha gracefully nodded in agreement. "With our ferocious and Spirit-wise roars we transform life for All. As sacred celestial lionesses we lead this time. Not as superior to the lion, to his intrepid charge, but as real and cherished companions."

 "Yes. I see my mind's eye." Kymbra sipped her fruity tea as she gazed into their magnificent and adventurous cosmic time ahead.

 "It is the Pyramid of the Sun Lion King, a golden frequency temple of multi-universe function. What wii shortly be revealed." Pasha's eyes blazed gold for several seconds. 

Unblinking, Kymbra stared, her nerves exploding firecrackers.

"Lavender Lioness, did you not name yourself such in your college days, Kymbra?"

Staggered to her core, Kymbra slowly nodded. "When I was writing poetry, short creative writing classes." Memories flooded. "I was told by one professor, good guy actually, that I would never be a successful author because my writing was 'old school'--or not in the style of Ernest Hemingway. But he, the professor, liked it." Kymbra paused, recalling more. "must have, since I got an 'A'." 

"Ahhh, yes, Mr. Hemingway. He and his brother searched for the remains of Atlantis around Cuba. Beneath the waters." 

"Said he was searching for German U-boats," Kymbra couldn't resist "Also his mother, his family were friends with the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. He revealed info about Atlantis." 

"Yes, it is so. Edgar Cayce also spoke about feline races living in ancient Egypt." Pasha smiled as if she knew a delicious secret.

 "Another lifetime?" Kymbra asked, whirling inside. It felt as if she had no foundation--yeah, lifted aloft by a cyclone. 

"No, dear Kymbra." Pasha paused. Her eyes flashing again, she brought in a large long breath. "I lived during that ancient time--as I am living now. Here in Wolf's Peak."

Kymbra whirled faster now, her insides ethereal as wind. "Like an immortal?" 

"Yes, in a manner of speaking." Pasha elegantly flipped her hair. 

Kymbra's jaw dropped as the woman's eyes switched to feline. Briefly.


"Yes. I am what is known as a cat were many of the goddesses in Atlantis, then Egypt." 

"And I knew you? in that lifetime." Kymbra tried touching ground, inwardly that is. Was this reality? Something rang true, though. She admitted that much to herself.

"You did know me. Have you seen Bastet and the lioness, Sekhmet--the statues from those ancient times?"

Kymbra could only nod. The images vividly seized by her mind. The new paradigm crashed into her awareness. 

"The truth becomes a precious gemstone with the passage of time." Pasha softly intoned. "With the diabolical obfuscation of truth by those who would wrongly rule." 

Kymbra absorbed Pasha's words. "I could not have said it better...but I'm not a lioness shapeshifter." She fully met Pasha's direct gaze. "You are a lioness?"

"One breed, yes, so to speak." 

There was a fearsome silence between them as if the universe readjusted itself. Certainly, she was reborn again, in a 'high strangeness' sort of way. Wow oh wow. Within, Kymbra shook and spun spiritually.

"Many dimensions, many mansions..." Kymbra trailed off. "I always think of the Star Wars bar room seemed so real to me." 

"A true telling of that 'space opera' story. One that is a mere 3500 years ago." Pasha smiled, a beguiling lioness.

"So, it is true...was true," Kymbra mused. Wild excitement coursed through her, unstoppable. "I'd like to remember that life experience." 

"When the sacred appointment arrives, you will." Pasha swayed in her chair, a natural seductress. "During that era I fought alongside the White Lion clan. Their starships were superior in flight." Pasha's face shone with radiant happiness. "Tales for another day, Kymbra." 

"Now that's something to live for," she enthused. A lurking cloud of despair lifted from Kymbra. "Are there white lions with in fantasy art? They seem real somehow."

 "There are, absolutely. Many roam the ethers or the interdimensional realms. These majestic beings adored living in and also visiting the high civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, then of the Lion Angels, as they are known, are beginning to come here--to join in the battle against our dark-force enemies. They are savage warriors, ruthless avengers." 

 Kymbra reeled. "Too darn cool. I," she glanced at Pasha. What the heck. "I have seen visions of a lion humanoid. He's a tan golden color. It feels as if we know each other."

"Ahh yes. He is a protector. Mostly during your life in ancient Egypt when lion humans protected the Good Ones."

"I miss him. My lion man." 

"Currently, he protects you in the dream-walking dimensions. The dangers of the lower astral plane."

"I am grateful. I need all the help I can get. I know I do."

"The dangers of this Earth incarnation are indeed, unparalleled." Pasha's expression turned somber. "We need you, elder Kymbra, as one of us."

"That's hard for me to fathom." Kymbra shrugged a bit. "Although, the more I learning...I will do whatever I can...of course." 

"Your destiny will be fulfilled. We will work together often." Pasha assured in a manner Kymbra actually believed. "As we have partnered before."

A sizzle swept through her, then a remembrance. "Who is the exotic kingly white lion I am seeing?"

 Pasha grinned, a precocious cat, obviously aware of Kymbra's psi-image. "He was our Obi-Wan Kenobi. Perhaps he returns to us at this crucial X-moment." 

"Like a Jedi master. Well, that is intriguing. Did he sacrifice his physical life as Obi-Wan Kenobi did?" 

"No. He temporarily phased out of existence." Pasha's eyes glimmered stars. "Nzartha relocated to another world where our enemies could not follow."

"Nzartha," Kymbra repeated, wishing he would appear--a child's wish though.

"Ferocious Roars From the 2022 Lion's Gate." Pasha rumbled an eloquent raworrr. "We wiil be companion warrioresses again." 

"The sooner, the better. I hope Dangerous isn't promising the moon when it comes to my recovery."

"The moon, we should visit once again." Pasha chuckled a mew. "It was once a wonderful playground. I hear it is gradually being restored now that enemy races have been eliminated." 

"Greys, Dracos...?" 

"Those and others. I have a feeling Nzartha charged through the violet light gateway to bite, scratch, and claw their nefarious ugly hides."

 With a sensual shimmy, Pasha asked, "Would you care to see one of his top captain warriors?"

 "Please..." Instantly, a large holo image appeared. "Incredibly wow." 

"Yes, he is impressively handsome. However, he doesn't hold a battle sword next to White Fang, my mate. "You'll meet him soon." 

Kymbra could only imagine given the fantasy-hunk lion warrior before her.

"Is your mate a white lion from the clan you fought with?" 

"I had many offers of marriage, but no, Kymbra. Let us say none suited my desires. Only when I arrived here in the Peak to claim revenge against a notorious crime boss. He killed my friend...ah, again that is a story I will tell later."

AUGUST 24, 2022 NOTE: Another major life interruption.

 "I will look forward to that story. Believe me." As if she watched a big-screen film, a space odyssey, lion people starred in various roles. An enormous, dark silvery starship orbited Earth several times, then slid through the atmosphere like a gigundis fish. 

"Yes, Kymbra, we cat-genetic humans arrived on Terra as a benevolent force to assist the people. Once Atlantis fell to its final destruction. During that eon there were many malevolent species attempting to not only rule but genocide most of the remaining humans."

"Why genocide?"

"It Is ultimately a battle for galactic power. In secret, in ages past, the human population was developed with the potential to become those who own spectacular super abilities. As well you were gifted with the Great Divine Spark...beyond other races."

 Kymbra's eyes popped wide. Realization dawned bright, like a tremendous light bomb. "That's why we're being horribly tested, as To earn those super powers." 

Pasha gave a regal nod. "Yes, although the satanic cabal has cleverly exceeded their right to test Earth humanity. Most sadly."

"Most sadly," Kymbra echoed in a murmur. 

"We cat people, we the lion peoples roar in our love, in our partnership with Divine humans. We are comrades in the fight for galactic freedom."

Kymbra buzzed, resonated with renewed Spirit. "Galactic freedom. Freedom...precious freedom. I've wanted freedom, to run with wolves so to speak, ever since I was itsy bitsy. Yeah, I'm guilty. I like "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

"We are of the same sacred nature, you and I. Freedom, true freedom for our eternal souls." Pasha gave a fierce feline shake. "Rawrrrr!" 

Kymbra grinned, wider than she had for months and months. "Impressive. Tell me how you arrived on Earth." 

"Our people, while sailing the galactic waves, noticed there was a change in this solar system, your source of nourishing light. What is now the current sun had arrived. We chose to explore, to follow this new celestial beam. After all, we are Sun Lions."

"That is mega fascinating." 

"Like us, our ships bask in and soak up the resplendent rays. We have many such sun-paradise ports of call--rather like enjoying a tropical vacation here." 

"Makes me think of the Virgin Islands--bare-boating, the beauty of the sun, the turquoise sea, the feeling of sun and sea on my skin." Kymbra paused for a breath, "But the solar power fuels your ships?" 

"We would say 'energizes'." 

"That makes sense. I am energized when I'm outside or sunbathing."

"We will visit my favorite sun replenishing spots here."  

"I would love that."

Pasha positively glowed. "You know, Kymbra, those of us who are brave of heart...we warrioresses with battle souls, those of us who nourish our Spirit with ferocious freedom...we boldly leap through the celestial Lion's Gate."

"To achieve our golden destiny on Earth...then, in the stars." Kymbra nearly sprang to her feet, her healing leg only stopping her. "BOOM-BOOM BOOM-BOOM BOOMERANG...BANG-BANG." She aimed her finger like a gun. "Bing bang boom, the despotic scumzoid globalists are going down." 

"Down for the Universe-eternal count. Absolutely. For, we will use our pyramid's power with uncompromising wisdom."

"Ladies." The Danger Man approached. With a charming grin, he doffed his cowboy hat. 

"Finished working with your horses?" Kymbra ignored her stupid raging attraction. It's only's only hormones. 

"Yep, darlin'. Later we'll be taking a walk. Give my regards to White Fang, beautiful Pasha." With that Dangerous spun on his bootheel, swaggering from them. 

Pasha giggled knowingly. "He's got a big ole hankerin' for you, ma'am. As they say in these parts." She tossed her hair for emphasis. "I'm learning Old West speak." 

"Yeah, it's a problem," Kymbra muttered, rolling her eyes. "I don't understand it--given my age." 

"It's different here in Wolf Peak..finding a mate, falling in love. There's a highly sacred connection often." 

"Well, that's good...but..." 

"Kymbra, you're in no danger of being forced. Dante has zero tolerance for such behavior. However, he encourages every manner of courtship, of men romancing single women. It is one reason there are so many dance clubs, community dance events like square dancing." 

"Heck on steroids...yeah, dancing, I'm in mega trouble."

 "On the good news front our pyramid will likely be able to provide a type of wireless electricity for many beyond our Wolf Peak was accomplished throughout the world until Atlantis, then Tartaria were both attacked and mostly destroyed."

 Kymbra let Pasha's words settle for a bit. "That is good news. Like Nikola Tesla's technology." 

"What our world has been wrongly denied by those who are criminally devoted enemies to All of us--those who love life on our Divine Earth." 

"Yes. They emerge into the Light like hordes of monstrous evil cockroaches...As you said, Ferocious Roars From the 2022 Lion's Gate"


Wardenclyffe Tower
Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as the Tesla Tower, was an early experimental wireless transmission station designed and built by Nikola Tesla on Long Island in 1901–1902, located in the village of Shoreham, New York.Wikipedia


 NOTE: This post is out of order in Kymbra and Dangerous's love story.

To be continued... hopefully.

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