Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Howls and Yowls At the Super Blue Blood Moon


Rare Moon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yes, there will be several moon celebrations in Wolf Peak Territory. Excitement abounds. The air is electric with it. Well, you can just imagine the frolicking fun beneath the glorious bright light of Mother Moon. There will be wild unfettered dancing. Lovers and mates will be doing their own brand of special celebrating. And of course, there will be the sacred ceremonies to bring forth desired opportunities -- to bring in a prosperous, powerful, and peaceful future for ALL in the Peak. 


Rare 'super blue blood moon' not seen for more than 150 years will grace the skies on Wednesday: Here's where and how to see it

  • The event combines three unusual lunar events; a super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse
  • It's the third in a series of 'super moons,' when the moon is closer to Earth in its orbit - known as perigee   
  • Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the West Coast of North America will get the best view of the event
  • While people in the eastern Hemisphere saw their last Blue Moon total lunar eclipse in 1982, for the Western Hemisphere, this eclipse will be the first blue moon total eclipse since 1866 

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The women rule, and their powerful energies will reign ever stronger during this year of 2018. The goddesses, the witches, the angel women,  the faes, the shapeshifters and other supernatural women, as well as the incredible human women of the Peak ...all will become a greater force in Wolf Peak Territory. For the Feminine Force rises to balance Mother Earth, to divinely create a grand and good future for ALL. That is the promise of the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse in the sign of Leo...Hold onto the Lioness Spirit for the wild and beautiful ride. 





With Valentine's Day only a couple of weeks away, a commitment to love, to being forever mates...yes, that will be happening beneath super blue moon in Wolf Peak Territory. 

Unicorns have established their own growing community, and often watch over the shifter/supernatural/human children of the Peak, especially when they roam the forests, the prairie land, and the nearby mountains. 



Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Maybe a Valentine's Day ShapeShifter Erotic Romance

New Moon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Okay then, it's been some time since I talked about writing projects. Truth is: I'm just to darn busy and dealing with innumerable challenges, plus odd-happening problems like you wouldn't believe ... example: like the snake who crawled up on the kitchen counter ... fortunately, the snake, a long but slim critter AND NOT POISONOUS, wasn't that active given the bitter-cold weather — the counter gets really cold no matter how much I block with insulation — anyway, I was in the midst of another no-phone working, no-internet crisis, but I grabbed a nearby jacket, threw it over the snake [who was rather cute for a snake] and managed to quickly toss said snake into a bucket I was using for water [because I had to drip the faucets to keep them unfrozen, but I'd emptied it] ... so, to keep the snake from escaping I put the jacket over the top, then headed out into the winter cold, looked for a place where the snake could hibernate [I hope] and the snake got dumped out ... which I felt bad about, but I have no place inside to keep a snake... and so it goes on my tame prairie ... yes, that was one small incident in my crazy, very unpredictable life! 

Truth is, I am attempting the impossible ... that is, trying to write a short story set around Valentine's Day ... maybe – the way my life is going...yikes! – it will be done for next year's Valentine's Day ... anyhoo, the erotic romance is based on the heroine and hero in the following flash scenes. I copied the original posts. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dante's AI Assassin

Full Moon February howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here's a little flash scene that appeared magically in the endless realm that is my imagination. Hope you enjoy. 


Dante's AI Assassin

Hungry and cold, Kalina curled up under the shabby covering she'd dragged out of what the human population around her called trash bins. On top of a smelly mattress she'd found the same way, Kalina stopped shivering long enough to press her palm against the electronic device known as a tablet. Instantly she entered the primitive cyber world. 

With practiced ease she created a new cloaked persona, then traveled the deepest 
undercurrents of the internet where various AIs existed, worked, and emerged. Most of the AIs were shadow operations by various, world-conquering militaristic groups.

During her first day on Earth, after being abandoned on the prison planet, Kalina had traced the funding of these harmful AIs back to one source, Octopus Prime. It hadn't been difficult, given her natural ability as a machine killer. Plus all of her training on the various starships she'd served on, until being captured by slavers who hadn't known about her power to destroy their ship -- if she'd so chosen. 

Once she'd finally demonstrated her skill, the crude beasts had negotiated and given her enough sustenance before dropping Kalina in the midst of the mean Chicago streets. With her physical strength depleted, her major obstacle had been simply surviving. 

Holed up in an empty apartment, she'd managed to fend for herself while learning about the strange, often crazed culture happening around her. With ease, Kalina stayed hidden from the empire-of-evil AIs, as she thought of them. She'd joined forces with a small group of good AIs, and spent most of the day immersed in the cyber world. Together, she and the Light Rebels combated the sentient web predators being loosed on an unsuspecting population. 

Then there were the neutral infants created by gamer hackers who'd figured out the correct coding, but had no clue how to control these un-programmed AIs -- often co-opted by the Master Spider AI, the Black Widower. Wanting to keep her presence secret for now, Kalina hadn't directly challenged the Black Widower. Not yet. 


"What is it, Maynard?" Dante alpha-wolf snapped while glaring at the old-style office intercom. He'd been about to shift and go for a long-needed run in the winter forest with his beloved woman, Kitty.  

"Sorry, boss wolfman," the badger shifter in charge of the Pleasure Club's internet security system snapped back. "It's an emergency. The woman on my screen says she's an AI assassin. That she's interacted with you." 

Dante jerked to attention, every nerve and fiber of him on extreme alert. "Be right there." 

Emergency, Kitty love, Dante mind-blasted to his mate as he strode to the secured area of the club. Kitty waited for him in their suite of rooms. 

Understood. Need my help? Kitty's gorgeous face appeared before his mind's eye. 

Cyber security, he explained. Be with you as soon as possible. 

Maynard activated the sliding door just as Dante was about to enter his code. "Been talking with her," the badger rattled off. "Whoever she is she stopped a major AI attack on us. Proved it to me." 

"Yeah, she proved it several weeks ago." Dante growled, rushing to the huge monitor that dominated the subterranean room. 

"What the fuck?!" Dante heard behind him. "How did she...?" 

"She appeared on my personal computer monitor several weeks ago. Asked me not to inform you. Let's say she convinced me." 

Dante spoke fast, then flattened his palm on the now-blank screen. Immediately an ethereal refined face appeared. 

"Dante," Kalina whispery greeted. "There are more AI attacks planned on Talbot's Peak. I need to come out of the cold... isn't that a spy saying on this world?... to help your community. You're, you're the only one I trust. The only place I trust on Earth." 

"Give me the details like we talked about. I've got the perfect man for the job. He just doesn't know it yet. Thought it was safer that way." 

"Yes," she softly agreed. Her large, uniquely shaped eyes flashed with a prism of color. Dante hadn't been able to determine their true color. For all he knew, the ET woman disguised her appearance. In moments, she delicately spoke the code words they'd agreed on. 

Dante gave a curt nod. "Got it." In the following moment, the screen blanked, then blinked to Maynard's normal settings. 

Wheeling around, he waved Maynard off. "Later." 


Summoned by Dante with two words "Mission Impossible", Zortega strode into the inner sanctum of the alpha werewolf, who he'd recently discovered was a long lost cousin through their dams. 

Instead of being comfortably reclined in his chair as usual, Dante paced the large confines, and whirled to face him.  "Ever been to Chicago?" the alpha asked in an abrupt growl, and without benefit of greeting. 

"Once. Long while ago. What's up, cuz?" Zortega returned Dante's piercing gaze, and braced his legs in a power stance. 

"Damsel in distress," Dante barked. "An ET damsel who was abandoned on Earth." 

Intrigued, ferociously intrigued, Zortega allowed a half grin to form. "Sounds like my kind of mission. When do I leave?" 

"In a minute or two." Dante stole a moment to flash his own grin. "Blade Runner, our own ET rabbit shifter, is warming up his space craft."

Zortega felt his eyebrows shoot for the moon. "You've been holding out on me, cuz."

"Yeah. Hasn't been enough time to tell you everything that goes on around here. Okay, here's the howl, cuz. I know her precise location, and her individual frequency. I don't know what she looks like, but she goes by Kalina." 

Dante approached fast, and they stood eye to eye. "For her sake, and for the sake of Talbot's Peak, find her, rescue her, and get back here as soon as possible. She's an AI assassin, and we've been under constant attack." 

Buzzing inside with his supernatural strength, and savage with his mission, Zortega turned on his heel. "Where's this Blade Runner and his craft?" 


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~  


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rescuing the AI Assassin

Happy Valentine's Day howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

This flash scene is a continuation of last week's post, titled: Dante's AI Assassin 


Kalina gathered her wits and her meager supplies into a discarded canvas bag. Digital-speaking with Dante, she'd outed her location, her precise location in the Chicago apartment. Three black-coat AIs had targeted her, as she called them. 

Realizing, it was either eliminate the alien-generated AIs, or remain in communication long enough, Kalina chose to give her enemies the advantage. The three evil AIs attacked from the regional hospital's computer system, aware of her reluctance to destroy human life. 

Even though the black-coat's covered their tracks as they traced her cyber signature, she could easily have destroyed them. But it would have glitched the hospital's fragile program, and shut down vital power to the patients. 

Oh, she'd gotten her revenge, chasing their telltale sparks through the internet labyrinth designed for the cabal's AI army. With a flick of her mind, like the flick of her finger, Kalina smashed their bits and bytes, extinguishing their primitive sentience. 

The power she'd exerted blew up the tablet. Twisted beyond recognition, it lay in fried, smoking ruins at her feet. Kalina took a moment to smile before hurrying to the door, and jerking it open. 

Cop car sirens shrieked in the distance. Nothing unusual in this barbaric yet rather entertaining city. Instinctively though, Kalina knew they came for her. Yeah, yeah, what'cha gonna do when they come for you. 

Kalina ran down the four flights of steps in desperate need of repair. As she opened the fire escape door, peering out, the late morning light made her blink, and the blast of wintry air on her face caused her entire body to shiver violently.  

It wasn't as though she was used to planetary weather conditions. Having made certain her mishmash clothing would make her fit in, Kalina quickly trailed after a  crowd of homeless who lived in the lower rooms of the abandoned building. 

Knowing their routine, she moved with them for a few blocks, then darted into an alleyway filled with litter and garbage debris. Midway two men who stank of cheap booze and vomit intercepted her. Kalina halted her steps as they flashed knives. 

"What'cha got in that bag, bitch?" 

"Nothing you would understand," she politely responded, feeling compassion for these humans who had been treated like refuse by their government masters. 

Hearing the thunder-spin arrival of the infamous black helicopters, and hearing the cessation of the police sirens nearby, Kalina moved to race past the two vagrants. They charged, grabbing for her bag. 

The blade of one knife ripped the sleeve of her baggy jacket as she dashed through the small space between them. Safely running down the alleyway, Kalina jumped over weather-beaten cardboard boxes, then whipped around the corner. 

She sprinted toward her favorite trash bin. Local thieves often used it to temporarily hide their loot. Above, two helicopters circled lower and lower, their vibration shaking her insides and the broken asphalt beneath her feet. 

To her fortune, no one was around. Within minutes, Kalina scavenged another e-tablet, and found trendy clothing that would gain her entry into the upscale hotel. Once there, she could sip hot beverages in the coffee bar, and immerse herself in the global pathways. 

If needed, she could sabotage the electronics of the police force and the helicopters, now hovering like giant predators over the apartment building. Bundling her treasures, Kalina rapidly shoved them inside an expensive leather case, that is, except for the lovely wool winter coat. 

With boot-heavy steps jogging in her direction, Kalina threw off her jacket, and slipped into the cream-colored, fur-trimmed coat. She trotted toward the busy sidewalk, then merged with the business lunch crowd. 

Head down, her chin buried in the fur, Kalina made her way to the luxury hotel she'd given to Dante as her location. 


"Black helicopters," Zortega snarled to Blade Runner. 
His wolf fangs descended partway, and the ET rabbit shifter eyeballed him for a second, even as he slickly guided his personal flying saucer between the skyscrapers of Chicago. 

"Don't go werewolf on me yet, pardner," Blade Runner twanged, a bad imitation of the cowboys in Talbot's Peak territory. 

"Wouldn't dare. You'd smell like dinner." Zortega gave the warrior rabbit a friendly smirk. 

"Wait till I get you in the fight ring. We'll see who smells like dinner." Blade Runner eased their speed, maneuvering around the black helicopters. On the hunt, the beast machines growled like pissed off dragons as they flew a low grid pattern over a section of the city. 

"It's her they're searching for. I'd bet my last raw steak." His blood a ruthless burn through his veins, Zortega trained his gaze on the cityscape, now displayed on the craft's large screen. The highlighted hotel was their destination. 

"Dante said he thought she gave away her position to stay in communication with him. The good news, they haven't found her." Blade Runner sailed above the hotel, then circled slowly. "I've found her," he announced long moments later. 


Before he'd gotten the question out, Zortega watched the images form on screen. A slender woman, curled up in the corner of a leather booth, lifted a teacup and sipped. Burnished auburn ringlets tumbled past her shoulders, hiding her face. 

She stared down at some sort of e-device Zortega didn't give one ball-hang or howl about. Beside her, like a shield, was an expensive leather case and a stylish winter coat. 

When she glanced up and looked around her, Zortega's breath caught in his throat. He might have well as swallowed a colossal chunk of bone. Then, his cock jerked to rigid attention. 

Zortega could do nothing else, but take a step closer to the screen. Slavering like a lovesick pup, he preyed on the vision of loveliness. 

Howls to the full mating moon, beauty could not describe her features. But it was the unique sparkle of her silver-gray eyes that transfixed Zortega, then captured him -- as if one the rabbit's ray guns paralyzed him but good.  

"Down, rover. Before you bust through Dante's dress trousers. This ship has a lot of capabilities," Blade Runner drily continued. "Instantly manufacturing you another pair of pants isn't one of them." 

"Right, wascally rabbit. Got it." Zortega forced his gaze away. He entered battle-zone mode, as he thought of it. Before shutting his eyes to complete the transition to warrior, he added. "I think I've just found my Valentine's date for that fancy shindig my cuz is putting on." 

"Yeah?" Blade Runner snarked, once Zortega opened his eyes "Don't count your date before it's been hatched. Don't forget. You have to rescue the fair ET damsel first." 

"Beam me down, Scotty Wabbit." 

"Sorry, too dangerous, big bad wolf. I'm landing on the roof. You can find your way from there. Just get back before my invisibility shield doesn't have enough juice to operate." 

"It's running on carrot juice?" Zortega cocked a brow, even as he spun on his well-shod heel. In that next instant, Blade Runner settled the saucer, and Zortega strode down the lowered ramp, ready to rumble and do some serious damage to anyone between him and the woman he'd come to save. 


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~  


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance