Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Inspiration: the naked wolf showed up...

Recently observed in Wolf Peak Territory 


Gentle-rain howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Ah, life on my tame prairie, what an interesting nature-adventure at times. My sister had sent me some pants for my birthday...she's really good at shopping. Anyway, there's always this horrible perfumey stuff that just won't wash out very fast, that I'm allergic too. So, I'd hung these four sets of pants out on the line to air them out... well, it took much longer than I figured it would take, and today when I checked the smell, which had finally faded mostly, I decided to wash one pair again... I only wash one pair at a time with the other clothes because the perfume stuff stinks up the other garments, and stinks up my pets' blankets... however, as I began lifting one pair of pants off the line, a bird winged into the nearby deep-grass foliage... well, guess what, this little bird has built a lovely nest inside one leg of the pants, and there were several eggs... I was definitely shocked, seeing those little eggs ... I quickly replaced the pants on the line, and I hope mother bird will keep sitting on her eggs ... sighs... but, wow, I had no idea something like that would ever occur... who knew? 

So, I only get to do piecemeal writing, right now, given my time is still severely restricted, and my energy levels remain unpredictable...yep, I'm having to look for health solutions. And yes, it's becoming a major frustration, since I miss getting to write regularly. Yeah, how do I solve this situation? 

Anyway, today on my tame prairie I was returning from my mailbox, about half a mile away, and after I closed the gate across my drive, I leaned over to pick up a delivery box... and splat! Yep, some birdie let loose and mulberry poop grazed my hair then hit the box... amusing in one way... long ago, I used to make a joke about lucky bird poop whenever my car's windshield got hit ... so, I'm hoping this is a lucky poop strike... ~grinz~ 

Okay, on the writerly inspiration front, the naked wolf showed up... as I was in the twilight zone before slipping into sleep, an extraordinarily handsome, very large wolf was with my heroine, and was her protector ... however later, Mr. Wolf shapeshifted into a naked sexy man in the heroine's boudoir ... he was showing off his nude assets, and asking the heroine what she thought of his physique ... if he was attractive enough to be her husband...a spirited conversation ensues between them... but that's part of the plot, that is, as it unfolded inside my head. 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Her Resplendent Refuge ... and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Wolf Mother, she is a new arrival in Wolf Peak Territory, having time-traveled from the days of Odin. 


Sunny day howls and yowls, shapeshifters. 

Yes, I'm still here...it seems like life is taking its toll way too much during these turbulent times. Plus, my foot was seriously injured when I slipped on a patch of mud. My foot, and my leg, bent backward at a very awkward angle---very painfully stretching my muscles, ligaments, and tissues. Fortunately, I had topicals like arnica gel and Tei-fu lotion, and natural anti-inflammatory supplements on hand. I've also learned over the years that if you can get up and walk, despite the agony, the healing happens much faster...not to mention, I have to be able to at least limp around...there's only me to get stuff done. Thankfully, my foot, my ankle, and my leg is healing well...yep, I am MORE THAN THANKFUL FOR THAT MIRACLE. 

However, being able to write steadily has suffered, despite all the good ideas I get...no time, baby, no energy, and having to focus on healing myself so I can remain mobile. 

Okay, I am considering writing one of my erotic romance novels 200-500 words at a time, and putting that on the Shapeshifter Seduction blog daily. However, realistically, am I up to that? Yeah, I don't know. I wish...I wish... 

Btw... the MY SEXY SATURDAY blog hop is on hiatus until June 1, 2017. 

ANYWAY, here's the beginning of a blog I began, but never finished 'cause everything got in the way.

April 4, 2017 

Spring rainstorm howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Omygosh, what a crazy, not-fun week, in several ways. However, some situations have resolved themselves. Thank Goodness! So, I just might be able to write this blog. 

So, three or four days ago, it was raining when I awoke and heeded the call of nature. I looked out the window to see if I could tell how hard it was raining on my tame prairie...it was about six in the morning... well, all of a sudden a lightning bolt flashed so close it looked like it hit the ground right outside the window...I saw the bolt, then immediately the light was a blinding flash...what followed was a boom of thunder so strong it felt like the sound waves struck the roof above me, then hit my window...  I was touching the window, and it shook like crazy. I thought my window was about to break... I've certainly felt thunder-booms shake the entire house, but this was different in a way I can't explain -- the terrifically strong vibration of it... and, there was no previous thunder ... okay, truthfully, I had to wonder if some force had it out for me...have I inadvertently displeased the Great Spirit??? If so, I have no idea what or how. 

Be that as it may, I'm still here and relatively whole -- and still kicking, somewhat anyway. And, yes, I'm still trying to get time to write. But that isn't working out too well, so far, given the overwhelming demands of my life. However, ideas and plot points for Wyoming Wrangler are brewing, and I'm writing them down diligently. 


Continuing the blog from this morning: There was a lovely sunset this evening on my tame prairie, an ephemeral shade of orange-pink

Here's WIP I began, temporarily titled: Her Resplendent Refuge ... which is an otherworld erotic romance... 

Weary, numb inside—yet, apprehension tightens and flutters my stomach as I enter the designated interview room. Nothing decorative or unique to see. It looks like I've walked into a colossal egg. There's no decoration, only a green-grayish sheen on the gently rounded walls. 

Complete neutrality, I think. 

A slender woman with an air of *I'm in charge* efficiency enters. Her one-piece, medical garment almost matches the room's interior. Although, her platinum-colored hair is purely human in expression—an attractive, upswept style that accentuates  her pleasant features. 

"Please, have a seat, Shovani Kemyu of the Wzan Clan." She offers a genuine smile then indicates the white chair before her simple work station—the only chair. 

With fatigue sucking at my insides, I slip onto the surprisingly comfortable seat, rest my arms on the chair's arms, and let the back support me. Perched on an elongated funnel, the chair is still utterly stable. 

I draw in a long breath preparing to answer the woman's questions, which I understand could be quite extensive. 

"I am Rhuria, Counselor for the Ptaddar Empire. I alone am responsible for approving your status as wife to one of our High Warrior leaders." With efficiency of movement she positions herself to fully face me. 

"May I ask a question before we begin?" 

"Of course, what is it?" 

"I understand this an age-old custom of your culture, to allow these type of marriages. However, if there is no longer a shortage of Ptaddar women, why does the custom continue?" 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar