Red Lioness Tamed

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Red Lioness Tamed

Adventures of Sun Rocket, Book 1

A Shapeshifter Sci Fi Erotic Romance Novella

~ Starring ~

Sun Rocket Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan


Captain Draxen Z of the Venture 


Lioness shifter lost in space with a loner captain who will do anything to keep her, even seduction by leather.



What does a lioness shifter do when she's suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser's cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself, she's trapped beneath the swashbuckling but human Captain.

And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed?

Answer: She fights tooth and claw.
Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.


Shapeshifter lovers, if yer partial to a futuristic adventurous romp of lust and love on the high celestial seas of space...if you have a yen for those cat shifter types, lament no longer.

And watch out if yer a bad kitty shifter roaming and plundering the galactic ports, and the outpost cities, there’s a kick-ass Red Lioness on your fleeing furry tail.

It's the year 3051 on Terra-Mars, the homeworld of 'Sun Rocket' Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan. Orbiting the planet, Mars, Terra-Mars is a terra-formed moon from a thousand years past.


Warning: Contains capture and bondage by a swashbuckling space captain who has a yen for sex with his partially shifted red lioness woman. [see cover art depiction]


Chapter One:
Sun Rocket and Draxen

Year 3051, according to the relic Earth calendar preserved on Terra-Mars
"Frax! My brain feels like it’s been spun out of cobwebs." Sun Rocket squeezed her eyelids open and shut several times. Anything to clear her head.

Aware she lay on a hard metallic surface, Sun Rocket slightly altered her position. After blowing out a large breath, she attempted to open her eyes.

"Frax it to the sun! More cobwebs," she angrily complained.

Pressing her hand over her eyes, Sun Rocket sniffed carefully. Sterile, her surroundings, except for harmless micro dust – except for her – about half a day away from a bath or a good tongue licking.

Experimentally she shoved with her foot. Half her usual body weight. She was probably inside some cargo hold, orbiting or...

Cargo hold. What the–? Sun Rocket shot up to a sitting position. Her head spun at some undefined warp speed.

Blinking rapidly, she forced one eye to remain open. Ubiquitous gray cargo containers were randomly stacked around her. "How the friggin' frax...?"

She fought to stand upright, assisted by the lessened gravity, and crashed into a tall stack of empty containers. Stumbling into more containers, she kicked at them, managing to knock them out of her way while her head whirled like a new-forming galaxy.

"Not like there's going to be a port window in here," she muttered derisively. Both eyes open now, Sun Rocket watched the wall circle before her impaired vision as if a dimensional portal opened.

Steadier and steadier on her feet, her brain cobwebs clearing, Sun Rocket automatically reached for her left-flank phase pistol.


"Dang the villain!...of course," she reminded herself a split second later. All her weapons would have been stripped during beam transport into the space craft's hold.

But, whose cargo hold?

Frustrated, wild, Sun Rocket lashed out at the nearest containers. Her combat-trained kicks scattered them, semi-floating the giant cubes away from her.

Spying a dark, glass-looking monitor at the top of the hold, she flung the nearest containers beneath it. Rapidly, Sun Rocket threw the airtight cubes together building a tower.

Heedless of the consequences, she leapt up the huge makeshift steps. Sun Rocket pressed her palms against the wall, and stood on tiptoe. Leaning forward, she tried to examine the reddish convex monitor, still inches above her head – not a type she'd seen before.

"Get down from there!" a highly irritated male voice commanded in third galactic vernacular.

Wobbling precariously, Sun Rocket knelt on one knee. "Not like I can't land on my feet like a cat," she murmured, amused.

Gazing down toward the voice's origin, she saw the fierce male's flowing locks – well past his shoulders. For a nano-instant, the dark red and amber coloring transfixed her, pleased her.

With his fists planted on his lean hips, the humanoid male glared at her as if she dared interrupt him during his favorite meal. From her vantage point, he looked like a holoromance buccaneer – a fricken fine one.

Sleekly built, he reminded her of a racing cheetah from her homeworld – yet compared favorably to one of the holoprogram's beautifully muscled heroes.

Even his garments – a style unknown to Sun Rocket in her far-flung galactic travels tracking down, capturing, or if necessary, eliminating cat shapeshifters who had gone bad – well purrs, by her discriminating eye the attractive clothing was reminiscent of ancient Earth's movie-star swashbucklers.

"Who are you?" she called down to him, then rested on her haunches. It was her good-luck moon, she remained in human form. Not every galactic race 'appreciated' feline shapeshifters. To put it tuna-fish mildly.

"This is my vessel. Get down now!"

Frax, Sun Rocket was surprised smoke didn't billow forth from his ears and his mouth. If he'd been a dragon shifter she'd likely be coughing out lungfuls of nasty smoke.

"You failed to answer my question," she flung down to him, even as she tensed to do battle.

Ominously he placed his finger on his belt. He pressed, eliminating the weak gravity field. Her tower of containers floated, as she now floated, helpless.

The next moment Sun Rocket felt the pull of gravity, and she plummeted downward. Forcing herself not to shift, and land on her four cat paws, Sun Rocket twisted to land in a roll.


Enemy or not, Draxen admired the sleek power and the beautiful round curves of the woman preparing to land. If she had been in trouble, he would have caught her, captured her, then discovered who she was – and how she'd gotten in the way of his vessel's transport beam, whether intentionally or not.

Her unusual female fragrance, a blend of fiery heat and earthy musk, caused his blood to simmer with lust. His cock jerked to life, and as he watched her mane of flaming red hair fly out behind her, his pants tightened uncomfortably.

Gods, his carnal appetite had always been for redheaded women. Special delivery from fate? he asked, as she athletically landed, and rolled.

Draxen launched himself above her, wanting immediate control of her. He also wanted to know how sex-delicious she felt against him.

The woman yielded to his capture, even as he felt the ready-to-spring strength of her muscles. Draxen trapped her hands beneath his, and pouncing like a primitive, he partially covered her curvaceous body.

Her desire to fight him hummed through Draxen, yet she regarded him, cool as ice. Her eyes, stunning in their beauty, held no fear – the sparks of defiance kept veiled, hidden beneath the aqua shimmer of her steady gaze.

Draxen yielded to his own desire, studying her features – exotic high cheek bones, the strong face of a woman warrior, a naturally stubborn jaw.

In equal balance her face was sensually created, her lips full, luscious – her skin ivory, tinted with gold. He could have kissed the upturned tip of her adorable nose. Instead he stared at her tantalizing mouth.

"You could introduce yourself. Now that you have me at your mercy." Her tone offered no challenge, yet brooked no nonsense from him.

"Your body begs to be with a man, intruder. Do you belong to any man now?"

Either his Creator smiled upon him, or guffawed over His trickery. Draxen wasn't certain which, given he sailed the galactic sea toward Uresch in search of a suitable woman. One who could fool his family and the bevy of women they would sunrise-surely have lined up for him.

"What a charming compliment. How am I to answer without a proper introduction?"

She mocked him, her tone subtle. As the silence stretched between them, her gaze wavered not one micro-bit, demanding his respect.

"You are aboard my vessel without invitation or authorization. I require your title, your name." Draxen spoke officially, sternly, when all he wanted was to taste how sumptuous her lips really were...then...

"Why should I trust such knowledge to you? When I don't know where I am. Or how I precisely ended up here." Defiance flashed her eyes, then fierceness took over.

"What do you remember?" Draxen decided another course was needed if he was to gain answers – if he was to gain what his cock now begged for.

Fates be kind, her silky green-golden bodysuit clung to every curve and was so thin...

Draxen refocused on her face. The transport beam must have scrambled her most recent memories because she closed her eyes to recall.

"Spurnia," she murmured, "the coast city of Brill...I was walking along the dock...going to meet a friend..." She halted, concentrating, frowning.

"We ate a small meal together at an outdoor fishery...oh, I remember. She wanted help locating her brother. He's on a pleasure cruise, the Xroj quadrant. They hadn't heard from him as he'd promised...and I have connections...I know I was walking back, another route...I like to watch the spaceships glide overhead, and land at the intergalactic port."

Draxen watched her pause, attempt to focus – to catch any glimpse of what came next in her mind.

"I docked at the intergalactic port," he offered. "Minor repairs. Supplies...spoke with an acquaintance over space brews." Never mind the acquaintance had handed over the latest defense device on the black market – for a hefty price, paid for in Jerobb healing tea.

"There's no cargo in here. What did you transport on board?" She eyed him with some suspicion.

"My sister's wedding gift. One of them. A premium saddle for her racing llama."

"Oh..." she burst out, obviously realizing what must have occurred. "Oh no...I stopped at a pen of pet them. They were near the tack market...where you beamed up your saddle. Oh noooo," she moaned.

"Wrong place, wrong time," Draxen uttered, even as he wondered if it 'really' was the wrong place at the wrong time.

Or had fate played its hand? Intervened for him, his own special delivery.

"Return me," she announced, as if all he had to do was make a quick U-turn, drop her off, then head on his way.

"That was two ports ago. I can't spare the time."

She blinked. "How long have I been in here?" Alarm and anger rang inside her voice.

"Two and a half days' flight time for me."

Irate, she stared at him, her eyes burning aqua jewels. "You can't keep me here."

"No. My cargo hold could be destroyed. How about enjoying the favors of my bed?"

She wanted to claw his eyes out. He witnessed it in the blazing depths of her eyes. Her hands clenched beneath his, strong for their smallish size.

"Leave me at the next port," she suggested evenly.

"At Uresch?" He raised his brows, waited.

Widening her eyes, she pumped several breaths in and out. "No, thank you." Draxen felt her pulse race with fear before she spoke again. "I have no desire to be enslaved to a male's ludicrous rutting whims."

"Virgin?" he inquired, knowing it was unlikely – yet she wasn't a female panting after any suitable male. That was star-point clear.

"Because I refuse sex enslavement," she glared furiously, "you consider me a possible virgin?"

"I consider you perfect for my rutting loins."

"Quite obvious!" Her gaze was leaping fire. "Given the intruding size of your shaft."

She pushed her hands against his, protesting. In a bid for freedom she twisted beneath him. When he kept her pinned, she tested his strength for several moments.

"Get off!" she warned, her eyes absolutely beautiful in their savagery.

Trusting his luck to fate, why not? With his curiosity as aroused as his cock, Draxen didn't 'get off' her.

She exploded beneath him, writhing so swiftly, so powerfully, she escaped his hold. Rolling, she gained her feet in one lithe move.

He sprang up, and they faced each other.

Braced for battle, her eyes gleaming like a warrioress, she demanded, "Leave me at the port after Uresch."

"I can't, lovely one. My sister's wedding waits for no one."

She didn't bother with speech. She launched an attack, not to harm first. With expert jabbing punches, she measured his ability to counter her moves.

Quickly their contest escalated. Their hands and feet flew, slapping hard against each other. Thuds of flesh and bone – their elevated breathing – were the only sounds as they fought, as they searched for each other's combat weakness.

The "lovely one" only gave way before his power moves – merely spinning away, then trapping him with her superior agility.

On and on, they challenged each other, as if they battled in a Nikrib contest arena. The instant his smashing blows nearly gained him possession of her, she whipped away, and sprang on top of a container.

From that height, she drove her heel into his jaw. Draxen reeled for a moment. He'd been too slow in avoiding her next blow.

Hold the sweet galactic stars!

The flame-haired beauty proved to be a far more experienced fighter than he'd first thought. She'd been around the galaxy, obvious as asteroids to him now.

She knew exactly how to fight the likes of him. Further, from all indications, she was not desirous of his bed favors.

Soon to be changed, he decided.

Draxen figured his optimal tactic would be fighting her to exhaustion. Fortunately, he flew through a relatively benign area on his space route. And owned the time.

Balancing on the balls of his feet, Draxen followed her feline-agile leaps as she positioned herself. He charged, prepared to capture the woman who had his balls tied in a hellish knot. 


Copyright 2013 Savanna Kougar
All rights reserved
Originally published by Liquid Silver Books, 2008

Cover Artist: David Burton
The original painting by artist, David Burton, is owned by Savanna Kougar


Originally Published 2008
Original Editor, Jean Cooper

This book has been revised by the author, Savanna Kougar.
Reissued by Purple Silk Books, 2013


29,685 word novella, total words: 34,480 appr. 
Includes an action flash scene, The Capture of BusterBalls
and a long interview with Sun Rocket Kahoqua 

~~~ Sun Rocket and Captain Draxen Z invite you to read their love story ~~~
RED LIONESS TAMED ~ Lioness shifter lost in space with a loner captain who will do anything to keep her, even seduction by leather ~ *5 Flowers* from Book Cravers 

Available at ~ SMASHWORDS Premium Catalogue, AMAZON, and ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS.

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