Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Paddy's Day In Wolf Peak Territory

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Top of the Morning, ShapeShifter Lovers, and Happy St. Paddy's Day! 

Enjoy the magickal walk through Wolf Peak Territory As Winter Transitions Into Spring. 

The Celtic Old Way Lives In the Peak


One of the Druid Priestesses In the Peak Honoring the Ancient Magick of Mother Nature With Her Pets 

Dante, the Alpha Wolf Shifter Leader of the Peak ... He Embraces His Highland Roots 

Razor, a Razorback Boar Shapeshifter, Always Competes In The Highland Games

Celtic Stag Shapeshifter, Descendant of the Antediluvian Gods Who Settled In Ireland ... He Teaches the Lost Knowledge To Those Who Desire Such Awareness 

Stephanos, a Wolf-Lion Hybrid Shifter, Is the Chief Mechanic For the Wolf Peak Motorcycle Club, and Best Buds With Razor

Celtic Wisdom Priestess ... She Leads the Various Spiritual Communities In the Peak, Encouraging Both Unification and Individual Spirituality

Tartarian Castle Embraced By Creation's Rainbow ... There Are Those In the Peak Who Are Studying and Resurrecting The Amazing Building Technology of Tartary and Their Energy Grid 

One of the Many Fairy Beauties ... They Are Creating Their Own Fae Landia Within Wolf Peak Territory ... All Are Invited To Share In This Flora and Fauna Fantasy-Like Realm 

A Remembrance Painting of an Ancient Celtic Lifetime

The Celtic Warrioresses of the Peak Celebrate Their Heritage 

Springtime's Bear Shapeshifter Cub From Last Year ... Isn't He Just Too Adorable? 

Mr. Beautiful Horse Shifter Springing Into Spring ... Again a Pic From Last Year

Akita Shapeshifter Greeting Springtime ... Yes, a Pic From Last Year 

The Cheetah Shifter Clan ... Mom and Baby ... The Cheetahs Hold Racing Contests At This Time of Year 

The Cougaress Shifter With Green St. Paddy's Day Eyes

An Irish Elf Woman Who Has Arrived In the Peak To Visit Khryssa, the Half-Elven Half-Human Woman That Razor Is Boar-Wild In Love With. He Is Currently Wooing Khryssa Despite Her Reluctance 

A Little Too Much Libation At One of the Peak's St. Paddy's Day Pub Parties 

Shaman Wolf Playing the Fiddle For Mother Nature

Riding the Irish Wolf In the Peak's Fae Landia 

This Shar-Pei Pup Is One of Many Shapeshifter Breeds Populating Wolf Peak Territory ... Yes, Too Cute For Words ... the Photo Taken Last Spring 

Fantasy Fairy Art Is Very Popular In Wolf Peak

This Dragon Shapeshifter Is a Rock Star ... He's a Singer With a Band Playing At One of the Nightclubs In the Interspecies Pleasure Club

Just Cannot Resist Showing This Little Dragon Guy Again .. He's Been Featured Before

Oh, Those Wee Folk Always Tempting a Beautiful Maiden ... But She Knows Better Than To Believe His Blarney 

It Wouldn't Be Wolf Peak Without a Unicorn Pegasus Flying About 

Unicorn Dancing In Fae Landia ... Truth Is, I Just Adore This Fantasy Art Pic

The Celtic Dragon Cross With Real Dragon Attached ... Many Were Beloved Pets In the Early Celtic Times 

When Life Was Good In the Ancient of Ancient Times ... These Times Are Being Recreated In Wolf Peak 

One of the Peak's Beautiful Unicorns Gathering Star Energies During the Aurora Borealis 

Archeress and Her  Dragon Protector In the Peak's Fae Landia 

Have a Sparkly and Happy St. Patrick's Day ... Love From All Those In Wolf Peak Territory

Authoress Note: I am busy working on a WIP tentatively titled: Beauty and the Biker Beast. This is a Valentine ShapeShifter Erotic Romance. Also, both of my submissions for the Bad Boy Antho were rejected. I had planned to quickly Indie publish them. However, time does not allow for that to happen. I'm kinda in publishing limbo once again. ~darn it sighs~ 


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar