Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Eve Cometh To Wolf Peak Territory

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Holly Jolly Christmas Howls and Yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Santa is on the move, flying high through the dark starry skies. Absolutely, he's making his magical deliveries in Wolf Peak Territory. 'Course Santa gets a whole lot of help from the parents and relatives of the children. No one is forgotten. Dante, the alpha wolf leader, and his gift-gathering team make certain ALL are Christmas-cherished. 

Santa Claus soaring over the rooftops of Moonrise Lake, the small town in Wolf Peak. 

No need for that Teddy Bear in Santa's toy bag. An old-fashioned train set will be circling the Christmas tree.

Lots of goodies inside this house for Santa to munch on, including chocolate chip cookies. 

Cowboy Santa, one the favorite ways to deliver Christmas presents in the Peak. 

You dropped your Christmas hat. It's mine now, Santa. 

Who wouldn't want this little bear cub cutie waiting for them under the Christmas tree? 

This Wolf Peak family loves Christmas time. 

His first Christmas flight, this pony Pegasus is now part of Santa's sleigh team, the one in the town square of Moonrise Lake... Goodness! How the children run to get a ride. 

One of the Christmasy Paintings inside the Dragon Shapeshifter's mountainside castle, all to entertain the children. 

This baby dragon not only gets his own candy cane, but likes to give them to everyone who visits him and his family. 

Christmas festivities in Wolf Peak, this ranch family greets their party guests with a decorated horse. He's a shifter, of course, and looks forward to dressing up every year. Neigh, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas... whinny... his favorite holiday song. 

This Guardian team chases after Santa Claus while patrolling and protecting Wolf Peak. 

On the perimeter of Moonrise Lake, some of the Unicorns stand guard keeping one and all safe. 

A Holly Jolly Howl for romance novels, always popular in Wolf Peak. 

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Savanna Kougar

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Winter Solstice Scenes In Wolf Peak Territory

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WINTER SOLSTICE howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

This year in Wolf Peak Territory, the artists and the creative types took over several of the Winter Solstice celebrations by displaying their pictures. This past year, 2019, there has been a major influx of those walking the artist's path. 

Now that Wolf Peak Territory has established Guardian teams, and an army of warrioresses and warriors always on patrol--and with the explosion of shops, eateries, and services in the town of Moonrise Lake and the Pleasure Club--well, those who seek such stability are making the Peak their home. 

This,  of course, enriches the interspecies community as a whole. Lots of love matings happening, too, I can tell ya. 

Howling in the New Light With Friends 

 LAST YEAR: White Wolf Goddess Shifter, She Howls Her Sacred Prayers To the Full Cold Moon ~ 

Beauty and Her White Wolf Beasts Celebrate the Winter Solstice

This Winter Solstice Picture Was So Beloved From Last Year, It Was Displayed Again. 

These Days Many Stag Shifters, Their Clan families, Are Arriving In Wolf Peak. For, the Word Is Spreading That Prey and Predator Have United In Universal Love.

A Magical Fantasy of Winter Solstice

Friendship In Wolf Peak Territory...Enjoying the Sunrise Together On the Winter Solstice 

Many of the Stag Shifters Adore Children Especially, and Become Their Companions 

Bringing Forth Fairy Magic For ALL In the Peak...Stag Antlers Are Cosmic Antenna

The Shaman Coyote Communes With the Powerful Forces of the 2019 Winter Solstice. This New Light Will  Shine Away the Shadows Covering the Brutal Misdeeds That Have Been Done Against Every Good Being On Mother Earth. Thus, the Good of Every Race, Color, and Creed--the Shapeshifters, All the Supernatural Beings...We Will Stand Together and Overcome This Ancient Sinister Darkness. For, That Cosmic Time Has Arrived. 

The Magic Druid Ways and the Fantastical Beings of Merlin's Time Are Once Again Alive and Thriving In Wolf Peak Territory. 

During This Winter Solstice the Most Powerful Women Magicians Have Gathered Together and Are Joining With the Peak's Circle of Witches. The Ceremony Caused Lightning To Dance Across the Skies. 

Dressed For a Splendid Medieval Celebration of the Winter Solstice. 

A Druid Woman, Joy With Her Animal Companions In a Forested Area of Wolf Peak Territory... They Honor the Sacred Winter Solstice. 

Bejeweled Radiance, a Winter Solstice Painting of a Child With Her Beloved Fox Companion. This Is a Favorite In the Peak. 

In Wolf Peak Fairies of All Shapes and Sizes Sparkle and Fly Everywhere. They Love Their Homes, and Being Part of the Interspecies Community. 

Keina so adores this painting of her, she put it on display again: "Keina, a Pegasus Shapeshifter, Makes An Appearance Thrilling the Children. She Stars in WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL With Her Hero, Drev, a Super Soldier"

The Family In Wolf Peak Is Always Cherished. There Were Several Fun and Fancy Winter Solstice Events Held Just For These Precious Families. 

A Winter Solstice Angel Spreads Her Beautiful Ephemeral Wings Above the Town of Moonrise Lake. 

Once Again, All Those In Wolf Peak Territory Offer These Warm Wishes To All of You!  

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Savanna Kougar

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Winter Woman of the Battle Sword

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Mid December howls and yowls, Shapeshifter lovers. 

Meet the latest heroine who now lives in Wolf Peak Territory, Saxia. I began writing a flash scene about this warrioress, one I hope to finish and post on this blog. ~hope, hope~ 

Yes, the title is: Winter Woman of the Battle Sword

Anyway, Saxia trains women in the use of a battle sword, whether ground fighting or on horseback. She has fit in wonderfully with the other warrioresses who have made the Peak their home. 

Although of late, Saxia is experiencing a big case of loneliness. She also feels out of place during the holiday season, celebrated with great gusto in the Peak, and of course, in the small town of Moonrise Lake. 

This is because her home culture is quite different in certain ways. No, Saxia isn't a shapeshifter, either. Yet she does own certain supernatural abilities common to her ancestors. 

Above in this gorgeous image... this is Saxia as a child with one of her guardian riding stags--she has two. They were given to her at the time of her birth. 

Saxia also has two giant-sized white wolves to watch over her. She has two magnificent white war horses, stallion and mare. And two huge polar bears that have been especially bred over the ages as protectors for her people. 

Saxia's clan is from a remnant population that once occupied the land of Hyperborea. To quote from many articles: "In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a race of giants who lived "beyond the North Wind."

In those very ancient times, Saxia's people escaped a catastrophic event on Earth. Currently, they dwell inside a chain of enormous, crystal-shining caverns. Away from the human population on Midgard, or topside Earth. 

Saxia chose to live on Upper Earth for several reasons, one being she adores bathing in the warm light of Sol, or what we call the sun. Also, she deeply felt the calling to teach those in Wolf Peak Territory her olde world knowledge, and her battle skills. To contribute to their incredible thriving community, one that is helping to save everyone, every being on Earth from a massive evil force that would parasitically feed on, and enslave humanity. 

Of course, Saxia has a hero... but that's for another post. Hopefully... and hopefully I'll be able to post a Winter Solstice blog next. And maybe, just maybe I'll be lucky enough to finish this flash scene... maybe... 

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Looking For That Perfect Christmas Story #holidayromance #christmasromance

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McKenna Dean

Santa Baby, Several Stars Away

Santa Baby, Several Stars Away

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Friday, December 6, 2019

White Stags of the Tuatha Dé Danann... the Squirrel Invasion...

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Early December howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Isn't that a gorgeous Celtic-inspired image? Well, once upon a time, during the age of the Atlantean colonization--that is, after the fall of the Great Atlantis civilization because of a series of catastrophes and catastrophic wars... when the Tuatha Dé Danann, one powerful sect of Atlantean magicians... when they arrived in Ireland, many of the women had white stags as pets, and as protector animals. 

These psychically powerful women would ride about the splendid lands on their magnificent elegant beasts. At that time, telepathy was common between humans and their most beloved pets. As well, there was an art to breeding beautiful and intelligent companion animals. Domestication as it evolved later, was never part of Atlantis culture. 

Can you imagine this pleasure? Prancing, galloping across the emerald isle while astride your own white stag? 


Okay, my authorly endeavors are still suffering. I've made a little progress. Why so little? I am still putting out numerous, what I am now calling 'brushfires' in my life, and more just keep popping up--for several months now... big, very big sighs. 

One of the latest 'brushfires' is the squirrel invasion of my attic. Okay, there have been squirrels in the past. One was a very nice squirrel who rarely made noise and would curl up above me when I went to bed. I suppose for the warmth. However, the latest batch are rambunctious, noisy, destructive. It used to be I could chase the naughty ones out when I banged the attic, spring-loaded door. 

Nope, not these latest bad critters. They just wait it out, and continue their rampage through my attic when they think it's safe. Now, of course, I don't want to harm these squirrels, no matter how pesky. I just WANT them out of my attic. After all, there are numerous large trees--perfect for squirrel nests, many of them occupied, yes. But there's plenty of good places outside to build a comfy cozy nest, and lots of good building materials. 

To chase these stubborn squirrels out, I've tried several methods. Okay, they don't like incense. So I burn sticks near ventilation openings. It hasn't been enough to solve the problem though. I read that squirrels don't like peppermint. I've tried spraying, and placing peppermint-oil saturated cotton balls in the attic, which does seem to work for awhile. 

These long-tailed, furry little monsters are so loud, tumbling about I can't sleep. So, I've done battle, shouting at them...I even purchased one of those piercing loud party horns... hurts my ears, I can tell ya ... yeah, this battle is so not fun when you trying to get some sleep. When you need sleep. 

And, while the terrible horn noise does get their attention, and the little beasts quit tormenting me for awhile... but oh no, they don't leave. I'm forced to hear their tromping-about antics, their destructive scratching and chewing. I think they're dropping and playing with nuts, too. 

Well, two days ago I discovered why these squirrel pests refuse to leave. They've built a nest inside the overhang from the roof, yep, right next to my bedroom. So, risking life and limb I got on a step ladder and shoved a couple of peppermint-oil swathes of cotton into the nest. That stopped them for almost a day...that and the incense I keep burning... well, to sum up for now, today, instead of risking a nasty fall, I used a squirt bottle to spray peppermint-infused water beneath their nest... we'll see... 

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Savanna Kougar