Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Solstice At Wolf Peak Territory...The Story of StoneHenge


Grandfather Shaman Wolf Speaks the Stories of Stonehenge In the Ancient of Days During the Summer Solstice Celebration

Now the Crowds Gather At Stonehenge To Greet and Celebrate the Reign of the Great Sun...In the Beginning the Stonehenge Circle Brought Forth the Magic of Time Travel, of Journeying Amid the Stars ... This Accomplished Through a Joining of Natural Forces and Technology 

Once the Giants Roamed This Land...One Race of These Mighty Men and Women Designed and Built Stonehenge. This Was Done With Great Skill, With the Knowledge of the Atlantean Wise Ones

It Was the Mystical and Creative Power of Women, Women Who Stood In Their True Spiritual Power...These Sourceresses Activated the Magnificent Energies of Mother Earth Marrying These Sacred Frequencies With the Crystal and Bronze Stargate 

Many Mammoths Were the Personal Pets of the Stonehenge Ancient Ones. They Would Often Assist With the Tasks of This Megalithic Stone-Energy Cosmic Culture 

For a Great Age of Time the Stonehenge Stargate Brought Celestial Families Together Once Again, After the Many Space Wars That Devastated Planets and Entire Solar Systems

The Moon, As a Rescue Starship, Delivered Several Races to Mars, Then To a Earth...Even to Venus. 

During the Genetic-Creation of Animals Upon Earth -- After the Second Raging Colossal Flood -- the Beloved Unicorns Danced At Many Stargate Sites, and Were Favorites of Visiting OtherWorlders 

Once Upon a Fabulous Age, Stonehenge Lived, a Waystation For Star Travelers, For Those Who Journeyed Through Time, a Sacred Temple of the Feminine and Masculine Joined As ONE...Yes, the Unicorn Remembers and Dreams of That Age, and Believes This Wondrous World Will Be Brought Forth Again -- Where ALL Will Dance To the Ever-changing Music of the Starry Cosmos

So Speaks Grandfather Shaman Wolf...  


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar