Wednesday, May 9, 2018

COCKYGATE... Romance Novelists, your words are in danger!


May greeting Howls and Yowls, shapeshifter lovers! 

I have been so viciously overwhelmed by my current life circumstances, that time and and energy to post has simply vanished ... you know, gone with the spring winds. 

However! I am beyond HOT UNDER THE PROVERBIAL COLLAR. This author, Faleena Hopkins, has reprehensibly TRADEMARKED a five hundred year old word. If you DARE to use the word COCKY in your book title, well, she and her lawyer are out to get you, and ruin your life. Who gave this on-the-bad-side bitch-witch the right to end an American right, a God-given right -- the protected RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! 

If this unconscionable TRADEMARK is not reversed, flushed down the hellhole where it was stupidly allowed, words commonly used in romance novels will fall like dominoes. Why? 'Cause the BIG BOY publishers have very deep pockets, and will end up trademarking them ALL. 

What if ***LOVE*** is trademaked? For merely one small example. Think about it. This legal-illegal road leads directly to the hell on Earth for WE ROMANCE WRITERS. 

Now obviously, if you have a uniquely created word that you want to use in your book title... okay, I can see trademarking a new, madeup word. But to deprive all Romance Novelists from using the word COCKY in their book titles...NOPE!!! And this woman -- I say that loosely -- is currently seriously hurting, DEPRIVING other authors of their livelihood over a five hundred year old word. What the freaking hell???!!! 

I so wish I could spend the next few months penning an erotic romance novel with COCKEY in the title, then self-publish ... maybe the Divine will be that kind to me. Who knows? 

Oh, most likely this Faleena Hopkins will flick me and my challenging comment [see below] to her off like an annoying fly. But should she and her lawyer threaten me with a defamation lawsuit. Well, for one thing: I have no current book title with COCKY in the title. Furthermore, I own *nothing* worth stealing. She'd spend a bunch o'mullah over nothing in return. 

Where did I learn about this disgusting insanity, why on the IndiePublishing loop, where it is being called CockyGate. I was enlightened by a short discussion, and the fact that a group of authors planned to challenge Ms. Hopkin's trademark of COCKY by pubbing their romance stories together. However, their lawyer cautioned against it, so that project was dropped. Also, one good thing, the RWA is intervening with Amazon, etc. to keep other authors' books for sale on the site. 

Check this out: 

News about Faleena Hopkins
Romantic novelist's trademarking of word 'cocky' sparks outcry
Faleena Hopkins is the self-published author of a series of books about the “Cocker Brothers” (“Six bad boy brothers you’ll want to marry or hide under you …
It appears a romance novel writer, Faleena Hopkins, decided her recently-registered trademark should be wielded as a weapon against any other author using the word …
On the surface, it sounds like a savvy business move to protect her content. Instead, not only did Faleena Hopkins trademark her series and one of its main … 



Who the hell are you that you get to TRADEMARK a 500 hundred year old word? Who are you that get to ruin other authors for doing nothing!!! I find your behavior stupidly and criminally disgusting. This will completely backfire on you. You know that, right? 'Cause karma is a rabid female dog. 

Me? I'm a nobody author compared to you. I don't even  time to write because of my current circumstances. But you can bet, if I get time I WILL WRITE an erotic romance novel, using the word COCKEY... are you going to trademark that too??? And gosh, are going to get my books banned because I dared to call you out? 

No, you'll just delete this comment and count your ill-gotten gains. Be glad I'm nobody. With no power to come against you. 


Have a Magickal Shapeshifting Week! 



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Kisses, Savanna Kougar