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Bold Wild Howls From Wolf Peak Territory

  Bold Wild Howls From Wolf Peak Territory

 2024, Belated Happy New Year

My Beloved ShapeShifter Lovers! 

The Full Wolf Moon Arrives  

GREAT AWAKENING Songs Echo Across the Forever-Sacred Lands! 

Ferocious howls, yowls, and growls rule the vast blue-sky air, now icy with a fiercely penetrating cold... 

Come Kiss the Winter Wolf.

The Wolf Full Moon: what is it and where did it come from?

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When the frost nips at your nose, your fingers, your toes 

When your heavy parka, your knit hat, your big-ass gloves, and your wintertime boots 

aren't enough to keep you warm...


Hug and Snuggle Deep In Luxurious, Thick Fur... 

Feel the Welcoming Strength, the Beat of an Enormous Loving Heart. All For You.

Spiritual Meaning & Astrology of The January 2024 Full Wolf Moon

 Yip-yip howls, this year the indomitable dangerous passion of the wolf rises. Like winter's brutal and relentlessly whipping wind, this wolfish spirit circles the world battling every dictatorship.

With sharpened fangs, with stealthy step, with ruthless precise attacks, every despot is destroyed, one after another. Bite, crunch, snap, it's over, evil ones. You will not take our freedom. Our right to roam wild, unhindered, untamed. You will fail. Our will to be brilliantly wonderfully creative lives into the eternity of Christ. For, we are warrior-wolf beacons of Truth. Throughout this beautiful planet, our natural-born freedom rings like a chorus of unending howls.


Here’s how 2024's first Wolf Full Moon in Leo will impact your zodiac sign

2024’s first Full Wolf Moon in Leo will be seen on January 25 at 12:52 P.M. Eastern Time

The first ever full Wolf Moon of 2024 is a cosmic phenomenon during which the Moon will oppose the Sun in the charitable zodiac sign Aquarius, allowing members of each zodiac sign to embrace true confidence and letting go off their fear through meditation, exchange of thoughts and spirituality.

This is the time of the year, when you can reminisce your growth and do some self-reflection. ~

This ceremony looks ultra howling kool ...  Time To Jaw-Grab the Journey, Run with this Leo-Moon Charging Lion He Roars His Sovereign Rule, Demanding Kingly Justice For His Worldwide Pride.  Meanwhile, the Queen Lioness Snarls Guarding Her Treasure of Cacao, Her Goddess-Created Chocolate. This Gift to the Divine Ones of Earth,   Her Cacao-Chocolate Heals Body, Mind, and Soul...  Thus Soaring the Spirit.    About the event FULL WOLF MOON IN LEO - SACRED CACAO & SHAMANIC SOUND JOURNEY
A Transformative Healing Ritual for The FIRST FULL MOON 2024 in the Ancient Mayan Jungle to Open Your Heart with the Sacred Cacao

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on your life and set intentions for the future.

Full Wolf Moon in Leo on January 27, 2024, is the perfect time to unleash your inner wolf and howl your intentions to the universe. πŸ”₯πŸͺ·πŸ”₯

As the first full moon of the year, it's like a clean slate, a new beginning, a chance to birth your ideas into reality.

Let the powerful energy of the moon guide you towards success and fulfillment in the New Year.

Howl at the moon and let your intentions be heard!Join the thousands of others who have been doing this for thousands of years and let the power of the Wolf Moon guide you towards your goals.

A Transformative Healing Ritual for The FIRST FULL MOON 2024 in the Ancient Mayan Jungle to Open Your Heart with the Sacred Medicine of Cacao, known as Mayan Food of Gods,and allow your soul to travel to a different realm with the Shamanic Sound Journey

 AT ~

Full January wolf moon to glow in night sky this weekend -

Beneath an icy bright moon, the young Black Wolf, a warrior for his clan, patrols the Peak borderland. Sniffing a cabal-conjured demon, he races to intercept. With quick, ripping efficiency, he dismembers the hulking soulless beast. 

Basking in her moonbeams, embraced by a Mother Full Moon, the White Wolfess walks between starry-diamond dimensions. She seeks the wisest and boldest ways to move through the coming Great CHAOS, through the savage and necessary challenges. She seeks the highest path that will benefit ALL in Wolf Peak... ALL those on and inside most precious Earth. This, as Gaia ascends the spiraling ladder of the Cosmic Divine. 

Later, when our White Wolfess shifts to her human form, she will put on her fluffy white wolf slippers and sip on her cup of creamy steamy hot chocolate... with organically made marshmallows, of course.

 The Silver Wolf pack, shapeshifter descendants of Thor, sing howls of praise to the Full Cold Frost Moon, as is their ancient shamanic tradition. Huge tables are laden with fabulous feasts. Viking Drinking Horns await to be filled with jugs of Honey Mead.

How to Make Mead Like a Viking’ve just watched Eric Northmen and Ragnar Lothbrok down mead from a horn and were inspired to do the same. Drank by Vikings and their Norse Gods, sometimes even referred to as Nectar of the Gods, mead has been around for centuries and is possibly the world’s oldest alcoholic drink. 

The History of Mead

One of the earliest references to fermented honey dates back 4,000 years, well before the Vikings, and the earliest written recipe for mead dates back to 1520 by the Archbishop Olaus Magnus, stating that “on the eight day it may be drunk, but the longer it is left, the purer and better it will be.” The traditional Viking mead recipe has stayed the same over the years, with the three main ingredients of honey, water, and yeast. With the beverage being fermented all across Scandinavia, added ingredients from local areas (or pillaged lands) created plenty of varieties. Mead can have anywhere between 8 - 20% ABV, be as sweet as honey or as dry and un-honey tasting as wine.

This easy-to-make alcoholic beverage was such a favorite for the Vikings, they even dedicated entire buildings to it. Viking mead halls were the central place for people to socialize, feast, drink, probably participate in Pagan rituals, and get killed by creatures like Grendel. Or if mead halls don’t make you think back to reading Beowulf in your British Literature class, the key takeaway is these halls were built for drinking. Drank in horns, cones made from rolled birch, and bowls passed around the hall for everyone to imbibe. Mead was so well loved that the Nordic people had a saga called “the mead of poetry” dedicated entirely to the drink. And in Norse mythology, Valhalla had a goat whose udders flowed a never ending stream of mead for Odin and his warriors.


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