Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Let There Be Dragons At Christmas


The Cardinal Shapeshifters In the Peak Adore Their Dragon Shifter Friends. They Fly Together On Patrol To Keep Everyone Protected. 

This She-Dragon Loves Sending Out Audacious Cards At Christmas Time 

Winter Sunrise At This Red Dragon's Lair 

Dragon Wreathe On the *Let There Be Golden Dragons* Shop In Moonrise Lake 

Rudolph, the Red Nosed Dragon, One of the Characters In a Play For the Children of Wolf Peak Territory

Dragon Baby Shifter Enjoying Her First Christmas 

Dragon Pet For a Witch Princess Mated To a Druid Priest. They Have Arrived in the Peak To Bring Their Ancient Knowledge To All In the Peak 

The Adorable Baby Dragon Stocking Stuffer ... Someone Is In For a Christmas Morning Surprise 

Waiting For the Santa Klaws Dragon... 

Celebrating the Holidays Dragon Style ... and Telling Ancient Tales When Dragons Ruled the Sky 

Untangling the Christmas Tree Lights...Well, It All Went Wrong To the Hilarity of the Children 

A Baby Dragon's Fun With Holiday Bulbs 

Making Friends With a Young Shifter Dragon 

In the Mood To Mate, This Dragon Is Awaiting To Kiss the Dragon Shifter Maiden He Loves From Afar 

Rise of the White Dragon During the Winter Solstice, a Tradition In Wolf Peak Territory 

Winter Wonderland At One of the Castles In the Territory

Enjoying the Holidays At Home and Roasting Chestnuts ... No Need For the Fireplace 

Soaring the Winter Skies In Moonrise Lake During the Hot Toddy and Hot Cider Celebration In Town Square 

Many of the Peak ShapeShifters Gather Around the Forest Christmas Tree, a Painting By One of the Many Artists Living In Moonrise Lake 

Sunset, the Fairy Dragons Come Out To Play and Amuse Everyone In the Town Square 

A Fairy Forest Gathering of the Peak's ShapeShifters and Supernatural Folk ... the Magick Sparkles and Spins and Blesses ALL! 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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