Friday, February 9, 2018

Lion Love In Wolf Peak Territory

Okay, our lovestruck lion, Lucario, is on a vital covert mission down in sunny Florida. He sent this photo of himself to his lioness shifter mate. 

*Valentine's Day Is Coming* howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

So, as I stated on another blog, these days -- for a whole slew of reasons, including being incredibly busy -- I am feeling like a KOUGAR ON A HOT TIN ROOF ... also, once again, I am recovering from physically pushing myself too hard -- because there was no other choice -- thank goodness, the symptoms have mostly abated... and I might get to actually write again. 

Anyway, I was searching for pics to use, and found a couple of my previous Valentine blogs ... last year's here on this bloggie, and a flash scene I wrote titled: The Love Wolfess ~ Heartbroken Howls Before Valentine’s Day 

I thought you might enjoy these flash-trips back in time... 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You Make My Heart Howl


Dante, alpha wolf leader, of Wolf Peak Territory sends his heartfelt LOVE to EVERYONE.

A Special Valentine Welcome To a Good-hearted Witch Who Has Moved To Moonrise Lake. 

A Sweet Cheesy Valentine Card That Tickles the Love Fancy of Some In Wolf Peak Territory. 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Love Wolfess ~ Heartbroken Howls Before Valentine's Day

The Love Wolfess ~ Heartbroken Howls Before Valentine’s Day 

By the time his potent, to-pant-for scent twitched her nostrils, Sozchy had already answered about every Valentine’s Day question ever thought of, from patrons at Dante’s Pleasure Club, and from her radio show it felt. 

She adjusted her headset, ignoring the spike of her hormones -- probably bouncing off Mother Moon by now -- and punched up the evening’s last call. 

“This is the Love Wolfess,” she throatily sang in her on-air voice. “What’s your question, Dharla?”

Sniffles answered her. Then, a tiny sob erupted. 

The grand room, bathed by red and pink illumination, and festooned with neon-light heart shapes, faded into the background as Sozchy intuitively focused on the distraught young werewolf woman. The flirtatious and intimate murmurings of the fifty plus couples, along with the singles looking for love mates, also disappeared for her. 

“Dharla, dear, I hear heartbroken howls before Valentine’s to me...please.” 

“How do I? Well...I know he’s my mate...and...” 

“How do you know, dear?” Sozchy kept her tone gentle, while her intuition razored her with images of the werewolf lout who had obviously humped and dumped Dharla. 

“I...I can’t get him out of my mind. I’m in heat all the time. I can’t sleep...or eat.” The last two words were a pathetic whine. “And...and now I have no one for Valentine’s Day.” Dharla howled, a pitiful strangled sound. “I’m sooooooo miserable. I’m all alone. What do I do?” 

Sobs crackled loudly over the line, and Sozchy pressed the mute button. “Dharla,” she softly crooned once the werewolf woman sniffled again. “Listen to me. Do you know about Mating Truth tea?” 


“Have you tried drinking it?” 


Sozchy inhaled a huge breath and stopped her eyes from rolling. Summoning her most professional voice, she leaned toward the microphone. “This is what you do, Dharla. Brew the tea and sip it slowly. Draw a hot bath, and then take a long soak. If you have violet and oak leaf infused Epsom Salts, add that, or just the Salts. Are you with me so far?”

“Yes.” At least, Dharla’s voice didn’t quaver. 

“If you’re still not sleepy go for a long run in the woods. You know the safe areas.” 


“Trust your body, Dharla. Sleep for as long as you need. Then, I want you to go out and find a new party outfit for Valentine’s Day...whether or not you’re in the mood.” Sozchy paused. “Do you understand?” 

“I understand.” Dharla spoke after several seconds. 

“Good. Good girl. Now, what you’re going to do is decide where to party on Valentine’s Day. With friends. At a special place --“

“I can come to the Pleasure Club...right?”

“Of course, Dharla. We’re celebrating here every night. And, there will be several different party rooms on Valentine’s Day. May I have a party coordinator contact you?” 

“Oh hell, yes!” An excited squeal-howl followed. 

“Goodnight, Dharla. Love is on it’s way to you.” 

Love is on it’s way to you. Sozchy’s own heartfelt words mocked her as she took off the headset, then automatically shut down the broadcasting equipment. Scat! She couldn’t even get the huntress side of her motivated these days. 

A strange rabbit, not a shapeshifter, had begun living in her yard. And more bizarre, the cottontail had decided the engine block of her jeep was its favorite place to hangout.

Sozchy had taken to opening the hood before turning on the ignition. More often than not the rabbit gazed back at her. It had done so earlier in the evening, before she’d driven to the Pleasure Club for her radio gig. 

To her shame, and she’d told not one other shapeshifter soul, Sozchy had begun cooing and talking to the bunny, while it watched her with one large brown eye. Yip-yeah, just like a tail-whipped human. That is, until the apparently suicidal cottontail decided to hop away on its own. 

After a long sigh, Sozchy willed herself to toughen up. So, her life was a stinky pile of scat when it came to love, and having a mate of her own. On the bright-moon side, her radio show had taken off like a chasing sprint with no sign of slowing down. 

Sozchy stood straightening her swingy short red dress. After a shake and toss of her long loose hair, she sniffed for the alpha wolf shifter who had skyrocketed her hormones.

To her disappointment, only a trail of his dominant musk scent remained. She knew him as Devil Wind, but to his tribe he was Howling Wolf Wind. The Sheriff of a nearby Indian reservation, no doubt he had arrived to form an alliance with Talbot’s Peak. 

And, no doubt, she belonged to the mists of his memory. Sixteen in human years, and running wild as a teenage wolf in the forest, she’d been chasing any prey animal that moved.

She’d consumed her fill, but simply ran for the sport of it, her muscles carrying her swiftly, easily. Well, she’d charged straight into the path of a mother bear and her cub. 

With a mighty bellow of outrage, the mother bear lunged upward, and swiped colossal claws at her. Springing out of the way, barely, Sozchy had twisted in midair. About to race for her life, she’d seen a Dire Wolf rush past her. 

Snapping like a fiend, Devil Wind darted back and forth, protecting her. Yet, he’d done nothing to harm the mother bear and her squalling cub. 

Spinning on her hind legs, Sozchy had joined him. Between the two of them, they’d convinced the mother bear to give up, then amble after her distraught cub. 

After their telepathic introductions to each other, Sozchy had tried to thank him. She’d nose-kissed him before heading home. However, he’d remained beside her every inch of the way, a monstrous dark gray wolf on guard. 

Once she arrived at her parent’s stone house on the range, about twenty miles outside of Talbot’s Peak, she’d halted behind the barn. Sozchy hadn’t wanted her parents to know about her narrow escape. Not until she’d had time to think about an explanation. 

Before she knew it, they’d both shifted to their human forms. As if it had been ordained, they’d flung their naked bodies against each other. Embracing with a passion that still took her breath away, their kisses had been wild, impossibly frantic, yet somehow sumptuous as a feast. 

And then, he’d gone away. On the brink of surrendering her virginity to him, Sozchy had been about to speak the words as their gazes seared into one another, as their pants rushed and raged. 

How often had she recalled that moment? When nothing could have torn them apart. When her much smaller body desperately pressed against the big brute strength of his... when he’d held her with all the might of his desire for her... when... but, he’d cupped her face between his large, large hands. 

She’d seen it in the depths of smoke and amber eyes then. He was leaving. He didn’t want to take her virginity. He didn’t want her. 

After shaking her head to erase the remembrance for now, Sozchy waved to those in the club who were acknowledging her with a wave of their hand. Some blew kisses of appreciation toward her, while some wagged furry tails. Spreading her arms wide, she sent her love vibes to the interspecies crowd. 

The real smile on her face didn’t last long, though, as she walked toward the small comfy room Dante had provided for her. It served as her office, a changing room and a place to sleep if she didn’t want to drive, or lope home. 


About to open the door, she whipped around. He stood there, as ferociously imposing as ever. Not that she’d actually glimpsed him before now... not since she’d tracked him down to his territory a few days after their encounter. 

She only knew about his appointment to Sheriff, some seven years ago, because she’d seen it on the local news. Damn, he was as ruggedly-feral handsome as she remembered.

With her mouth suddenly parched, Sozchy stopped herself from licking her lips. Hell’s bite, her vocal chords were frozen, too. And, all she could think about was -- why hadn’t she scented him? 

His gaze ravished her face with a hunger that had her backing up. Before Sozchy knew it she practically clung to the door. Her nails scraped, embarrassing her, and she balled her hands. 

“The Love Wolfess.” His guttural tone sensually devoured her insides. 

“Need some advice?” she choked out, only her voice sounded like a breathy come-on. 

“Maybe.” The glint of his black-as-obsidian eyes suggested ‘advice’ wasn’t what he was after. 

“Maybe?” Again, her tone sounded like a seductive invitation. If she could reach the door latch... 

“Maybe, after I’ve possessed you every which way but loose...little woman wolf.” His gaze flashed wild with need. “My woman wolf,” he growled. 

Shockwaves captured her insides as he leapt with deceptive speed, and captured her flush against him. His hand sank into her hair and fisted. 

With one tug that claimed her as his, he brought her face beneath his. Briefly his gaze penetrated her soul, then his mouth trapped hers. The crush of his kiss soared her to heaven’s gate, even as her mating lust turned her raw and wickedly hot. 

Their mouths fused, too long denied. Holding her hair taut, he slid one hand beneath her dress, and swept his palm over the curves of her hip, her thigh, her ass. 

His utterly dominant handling of her didn’t stop as their mouths fiercely tangled -- as his lips blistered her lips with such pleasure, she whimpered for more. 

His kisses consumed her for the longest time, as her kisses consumed him. Howl to the goddess, she wanted anything he wanted to give her.

Suddenly releasing her hair, he pushed her against the hard surface of the door. “Sozchy.” 

“Sozchy.” He rasped her name again. “Look at me.” When she surrendered her gaze to him, to the twin suns that were his eyes, he caressed between her thighs. 

Aroused her to an unbearable wildness, all she could do was feel his large rough hand stroking her inner thighs. All she could do was feel the sweep of his palm over her yielding body. 

His name burst past her lips, “Devil Wind.” 

His eyes flared, savage with need. Savage for her. His lowered his head and his kiss embraced her mouth. His kiss lingered until her heart thudded ridiculously fast -- until she swooned against him. 

With a groan, he blazed kisses down her throat. The sweet torture didn’t end as his lips fondled the sensitive flesh of her breastbone.

When he scorched a kiss on the hollow of her throat, his lips stayed. Sozchy moaned, belonging to him. 

His lips caught hers, again. Commanding her passions, he boldly cupped her sex. His big palm kneaded possessively, and Sozchy helplessly keened a moan. 

“Mate,” he growled, 

“Prove it,” she dared. 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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