Sunday, January 12, 2020

Wolf Moon, the Sacred Howls of 2020

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Full Wolf Moon Howls, Shapeshifter Lovers.

Here we go! The heart of the matter will be fully revealed this year, as if the brightest full moon shines upon the most private secret ever. Whether personal or on the public stage. 

Thus, those who are the deepstate/darkstate players will be more and more revealed for all the world to see... often, this will be to the shock, awe, and horror of those in our current society who have remained blissfully unaware. Deep trauma follows. Assist others were you are able or point them toward those who can help them. 

In your personal life, that which must be known to ultimately serve you and others, to serve your spiritual growth, will be full-moon spotlighted. For, TRUTH is your sacred ally this year. 

This will, of course, give you great clarity in major decisions that affect your future. Remember also, CHANGE is the name of the epic *Aquarian Age* game we are all part of during this spinpoint in Earth time. 

As well, the Divine Heart smiles upon all of us this year. This will be felt and experienced mostly in our soul-deepest relationships. 

One of the Powerful Witches of Wolf Peak Territory Walks With Her Wolf Protector In the Splendid Brilliant Illumination of the Full Moon

Drawing In the Sacred Wolf Moon Energies -- This Inner Knowledge Will Guide the Ever-Growing Peak Community. 

Howl Communicating With the One Great Wolf -- A Spiritual Heart-To-Heart, the Fierce Flow of Blood In Tune With the Soul of the Universe,...Yes, It's Time to Run With the Formidable Shifter Wolves Beneath the Magnificent Light of the Wolf Moon. 

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Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar

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