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2022 Winter Solstice Scenes


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  Winter Solstice Howls, Yowls, Growls and 'No Scowls' ShapeShifter Lovers!

 Herald the good dreaming sorcery of the longest night. Then herald the coming sacred light that will reveal All. In the following year 2023--Which will be a comic-trajedy of the deepest darkside, the monumental betrayals done to humanity, and a rise in Spirit that overcomes magnificently. 

For WE as humans are the magic conjuring of the stars. Let our highest and brightest powers arise. For it is ordained if we, the best of humanity, WILL it so.

 The Divine Union of Woman and Man upon Earth...nothing and no one is a stronger force.

 When life was sweetest and a time of gallantry toward every living being.

  The enchantment of riding a unicorn in the snow-kissed forest...once upon an ancient era. Now reality in Wolf Peak.

 Brave mojo of the Bear companion, he always travels with the Sage Magicians.

One of the Wolf Peak Wyches walking with her frisky fox familiar.

 Celestial chariot ride of the Winter Solstice Queen. She grants the children's special wishes.

 Adoring the Mystical Rabbit in snowy twilight.

 Young Wych communing with Goddess Source, her wolves protect her.

  Beautiful fae woman lights the long wintry night and hope soars.

 Above the Wolf Peak mountains flies the Winter Solstice Angel.

 His antlers receive the Divine Wisdom of the Great Universe.

 She soaks in the majesty of Winter Solstice replenishing her soul.

 Nordic warrioress, a new arrival to Wolf Peak she is eager to join the battle against all enemies.

  Moon rinsed in the Winter Solstice energies, she is filled to the brim with knowledge and LOVE.

 Floating with adored Mother Nature and her Wayshowers, the noble deer family.

 Empowered by the snow light, she carries the future dreams of those in the Peak. The miracles will follow.

 Fae princess and her snow leopard guardian enjoying the Winter Solstice.

 Baby in her arms, the gorgeous fae naps bathed by cosmic Winter Solstice vibes.

 Celebrating the unique alchemy spell of Winter Solstice with her beloved animal friends.

 Snow dragon, she lives high in the Wolf Peak mountains and has her own Watchtower Castle.,h_600,q_75,strp/solstice_by_hbruton.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwic3ViIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl0sIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiIvZi83NmU0MzE4Yy03NmI5LTQwYmYtYTVkNi05ZTEwOWEzMWNiYjcvZGF4aTdjLTUzMDRhMTRlLThkY2EtNDUzYS04YTJhLTY3YWNkNThmZWU3NC5qcGciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9NDYwIiwiaGVpZ2h0IjoiPD02MDAifV1dfQ.eQ66FSMsKt_HeIMP0zvHfbext6ezAjF0YG-T-yI0K8Q

 Fae and her pet dragon enjoying the ethereal flying dance of her family and friends.,h_849,q_75,strp/winter_solstice_fairy_by_shadowelve-d1uaiju.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwic3ViIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl0sIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiIvZi8xMzQ4OTBjNi02ZDY1LTQ0ZGQtYjc5YS05MTA1ZTA0OGNjYjcvZDF1YWlqdS0yMTg1MmQ4Ni03NDA0LTRjYjItYTFlYi1mOWQwMTI0YjMzY2IuanBnIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTYwMCIsImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9ODQ5In1dXX0.zAgAbI37dXvdpg843TrAv3Si9nDHAKLaslcgiaOYAUM

 Joyfully creating the star crystals, snowflakes that don't melt in the festive bonfires.

 For the love of songbirds, her constant companions in Wolf Peak.

 Drawing down the splendid wisdom, a sacred well for all to drink from.

  A young priestess shines, her spirit uplifting All.

 The Wizard of Winter Solstice arrives, watched over by his faithful Guardians.

 The warmth of her protective Wolf ShapeShifter mate during Yuletide.

 The power of mythical gods, Odin visits his progeny, the Silver Wolf clan living and thriving in Wolf Peak.

 Just for cowboy-bucking fun happening at the Interspecies Pleasure Club.

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