Friday, January 22, 2016

Last chapter ... let the erotic fun commence...

A Winter's Starry Night In Wolf Peak Territory

Hey Kitkats, wintry cold on the tame prairie with a thin covering of snow... there have been lots of wild critter tracks as this Big Cat treks down to her mailbox... she so wishes she'd been trained as a child in recognizing animal tracks... okay, squirrel and rabbit tracks... raccoon tracks, and coyote tracks... but some critters' tracks aren't so obvious

Have a wonderful weekend, darling kittens.


Authoress news and mews ~ 

Okay then, the Kougar is in the middle of writing what is probably the last chapter of her ShapeShifter Seduction erotic romance, WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL... so far, so good... let the erotic fun commence. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak territory anything is possible. 

AND ... 

The Kougar spent a bit of time working on her SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION world, and the town of Moonrise Lake... the various small businesses, and those who own them... or world building. She'd love to spend more time, but just doesn't have time to spare. 


The Kougar plans to sign up for the linky blog hop MY SEXY SATURDAY at and will be posting at TITLE MAGIC ~ 


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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