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Chapter Twenty-six ~ Thanksgiving Day Celebration

Keina, my heroine, in her realm 

Happy Thanksgiving howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

As an erotic romance author, one reason I write, is because I love the interplay between a woman and man -- that shared intimacy which belongs only to them ... the heart to heart communication as the couple learns about each other...the soul to soul sharing as their relationship develops. All that to offer the chapter below, starring Keina and Drev from WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL -- their erotic love story set during Thanksgiving. 

Chapter Twenty-six: 
Thanksgiving Day Celebration 

The huge grin that split Drev's face instantly put Keina at ease. She took hold of the raisins. Loving the way his eyes danced, the golden twinkle in their depths, she smiled in return. "You'll have to tell me if I step over the line, Drev. I'm still learning about your Earth culture." 

"No problem. Like I said, sweetheart, I'm stocked up to the gills." Drev opened the cannister of rolled oats. "Besides, we always have the underground safe rooms at Bunkerville...inside the Pleasure Club." 

"I'll help any way I can. To keep us prepared, and stocked up." Keina carefully measured out the raisins, pouring them in. She mixed vigorously, saying, "We horses know about healing herbs, too." 

"You know what, sweetheart. There's a story Dad likes telling occasionally. About the horse who healed himself of cancer." From the corner of her eye, Keina watched Drev dip the measuring cup in the oats. "Back in 1840," he continued, "a veterinarian put his prize stallion in a pasture to live out his last days. Instead of dying from cancer, the horse knew what to eat, and within a year he became healthy again." 
"Really? I mean I believe it." Keina took the cup of oats, adding them to her mixture. "More, please." She handed the cup back. "We don't have diseases in my realm like you do here. I've never heard that story. Is there more to it?" 

"Yep." Drev added another cupful oats, and Keina folded them in. "This veterinarian noticed his stallion was eating strange plants for a horse. Then, when the tumor stabilized, he recorded which herbs they were. Eventually, the vet developed what is known as the Hoxsey formula." 

"Hoxsey." Keina paused, searching her memory. "Yes, we do know that formula in my world. I never knew the back story. Thank you, Drev." 

"How did....? You mentioned reading about Earth history. Do you have natural healing books too?" 

"We do. Although, ever since we could travel to other dimensions, our magician priests have studied any and all healing methods for equines. Especially plant-based remedies." 

"That makes too much sense." Drev dipped out another portion. "More oats, right?" 

"Yes." Keina slowly stirred as her stud man poured. "You know, Drev, it feels good to talk this way with you. Not to have to hide who I am...where I'm from." 

"Feel free, my filly girl. I want to know all about you." 

His lowered voice seduced her ear. Keina inched closer, even as she continued mixing in the mouth-watering oats. "Apples. Do you have any dried apple pieces. We could add them to the cookie dough." 

"You bet. Comin' up." Drev set the cannister down, and Keina followed him with her gaze as he headed for one of his large cabinets. 

She added the final amount of oats, and as she blended them in, Keina caught herself happily humming. Yet, on the heels of being high on love, came the flying stones, or the voice of fear about her future with Drev. 
With all four of her inner-horse hooves, Keina mentally tromped the insidious thoughts into the dust. For now, the floaty glow of love was hers. Drev was hers. 

For now. 

"Here we go." He tore open a large package of apple chips, then handed them to her. 

"Thanks, stud man. Mmm...the fragrance of apples, heavenly to this horse girl. As you know." Keina shook in about a fourth of the bag, and set it down. "Should have put these in before the oats." 

"Want me to use my big strong muscles to stir them in?" 

Drev spoke in a kidding tone. Yet, Keina heard his underlying seriousness. She relinquished the spoon and the bowl, and stepped back. Drev made quick work of mixing in the apple pieces. 

Keina stood on tiptoe, kissing his cheek. "Big strong muscles," she sensually crooned to his ear as she stroked her hand down his brawny arm. 

"Why don't you go get dressed like we talked about, my filly girl. The table is set. I'll put this in the fridge, then go put on some fancier duds." Drev turned and loosely embraced her. "We'll give thanks for our bountiful spread, and chow down." 

"I'm already grateful." Keina paused, caressing his upper arms. "For you, Drev. And for all the food we'll be dining on. Together." 

"Go." Drev broke them apart. "Change. Before I ravish you here." 

With a sassitude flip of her hair, Keina whirled heading for the cabin's guest room, which was now her room, and would soon hold all of her Earth belongings. Elation winged her steps, and formed the smile on her face. 
As she entered and saw the gown on the bed, where she'd spread it out earlier in the day, delight, then anticipation bubbled through her. She'd always found fabric shops irresistible. So soon after her arrival on Earth, on a whim, she'd designed the long flowing gown, then handsewn it. 

She fingered one of the draping medieval sleeves. Made out of an autumn-gold colored stretch velveteen, the simple bias-cut style skimmed her figure. When she walked, when she danced and whirled, the gown's hem caressed her ankles. Keina adored the elegant sensuality. 

Stripping off her garments, she gave them a toss into the laundry basket. Having showered and washed her hair in the morning, after she and Drev had enjoyed a lusty yet leisurely coupling, Keina moved toward the rustic dresser. 

She picked up the tiny spray bottle, and liberally spritzed herself. The blend of essential oils misted around her, romantic and ethereal. Feeling deliciously feminine, she dressed within the cloud of scent. 

Picking up the gold filigree and pearl, hip belt she'd crafted, Keina enjoyed its loveliness, but decided on the simplicity of the gown itself. Pulling the band from her hair, she moved to the small mirror above the dresser. 
She snatched up her styling brush, and went to work until the waves of her hair bounced and shone. After placing the filigree belt's matching earrings on her earlobes, Keina adorned her face with a minimum of cosmetics—just enough to enhance her features and cause her mood to be more festive. 

Oh for an Epona fun would it be to dress for Drev? 

Fantasy imaginings took over as Keina reached for the medieval-like headband she'd made out of the gold-threaded, embroidered trim she'd also used to edge the gown's sleeves. 

Instead of tying the headband Native American style, she placed it on her forehead, and painstakingly tied the trim beneath her hair. Keina couldn't help but smile at her reflection. She felt like a princess, a beloved princess. 

Not one who had duties to the realm. 

Free spirited, Keina dance-spun away from the mirror. Twirling several times, she relished the sliding caress of the gown against her body. 

With her heart tripping happily, she lifted the gown's skirt, and slipped her feet into soft satin slippers the color of a glowing pearl. As she glided toward the doorway, a shiver slithered through her middle. 

Like a fleeing snake, it disappeared swiftly. Yet Keina realized, it was a premonition of serious trouble ahead. Had the stench-ass Tretorff formed his plan on how to abduct her, force her into being his bride? 

Halted in her steps, Keina shook her hair to clear her head. Mentally, she hoof-kicked the intuitive warning away. Just for now. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing was going to dampen her happiness at being with Drev, at sharing his Thanksgiving day celebration. 



Drev Zander, ex super-soldier, built a new life in Wolf Peak Territory. His traumatic past is fading. On the Guardian Team, he battles sinister enemies threatening the shapeshifter community. After a mysterious Pegasus ruins his T-day plans, Drev finds the woman he's been waiting for. Will she rule his heart? 

Keina Svonj, winged horse shifter, is banished from her realm—the dastardly Prince has convinced the King. Flying above the Montana forest, Keina interferes with a hunter. She mind-melds with him, and realizing her mistake, makes amends. Passion explodes between them. Love follows. Will Drev save her from a forced marriage? 


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