Wednesday, September 12, 2018

There Is a Hidden War On the LOVE Between a Woman and a Man


Welcome, Romance Novel Lovers. I am speaking out about the very slippery slope that leads to the wholesale censorship now happening on social media platforms ... but today, it is specifically about book banning by Amazon. This author today--tomorrow, make no mistake, it will be YOU -- that is, if you dare color outside their ever-tightening lines. This is pure, unadulterated Fascism happening in the land of the free, in our America. 

Okay, yes, I've predicted the TURNING against romance and romance novels for a long time now. While that has not been put into OBVIOUS effect. Not yet. The proverbial writing is on the futuristic wall. All one has to do is realistically study the sociopathic trends that are being used to dominate our culture. The propaganda is everywhere!!! 

As romance authors we must all stand together, keep writing our novels, and SAY NO to any type of restriction, any manner of banning--any sinister way of BOOK BURNING. Or, any type of digital erasure. 

You might ask: Why??? Who doesn't want LOVE? The answer: those among us who consider themselves the tycoon-king/queen movers and shakers of society who are sociopaths/psychopaths, and thus, DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO LOVE. In fact, they want LOVE banned, eliminated forever--off the planet. Their psychopathic jealousy, their deep down hatred of themselves, demands that ROMANCE, LOVE BETWEEN A WOMAN AND A MAN, OR ANY COUPLE[S] be destroyed. They can't love, why should we mere little peasants be allowed to truly love anyone. 

So, the next question: Romance novels are very profitable, why ban the golden goose, so to speak? ... or, censor those of us who write romance novels and give readers what they want, what they crave--that is, HAPPILY EVER AFTER/HAPPY FOR NOW LOVE STORIES. 

Because ultimately, it's not about actual profit--giving readers what they want, what they love. IT'S ABOUT POWER, SICK AND DIABOLICAL POWER OVER EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. IT'S ABOUT BECOMING A TRANSHUMAN MONSTROUS GOD. 

You know, the god complex, only writ large as a hundred million Godzillas trampling on the human face, on human love, forever ... to paraphrase what was written in the novel 1984. 

Whether you believe in evil, or not. THIS IS PURE EVIL.  

Why? The very power of the Universe IS the love between a man and woman. That is the Divine Design. 

Note: I am all for LOVE between any couple of any gender. Go for it! 

Now, here is one of the opening salvos against LOVE, against the LOVE PARTNERSHIP between a woman and a man. Whether you agree with this author, his views, or not, he has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve this 'banning' by Amazon. In fact, his books are milquetoast when compared to any erotic content in any romance and/or erotic novel. 

There is no bestiality, no sicko hardcore porn, no pedophilia... all of which are niche-allowed on Amazon, on YouTube, on Twitter, on Netflix... but, hey, don't allow an author to advise men on romance, on relationships, on how to win a woman he loves. No, we can't allow that. 

ALSO: Amazon has book-burned other authors for daring to go against the deepstate establishment. For daring to publish their take on a conspiracy, a conspiracy theory. What happened to freedom of thought? Freedom of speech? What happened to adult people making up their own minds about a particular subject??? 

Video: Amazon is Now Banning ‘Offensive’ Books

Big Brother Bezos blocks Roosh V books
Paul Joseph Watson
September 11, 2018
Forget burning books, now Amazon just digitally erases them.
Roosh V is the latest thought criminal to face the ban hammer.
But hey, at least it’s not the government, right?
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So, will I continue to publish on Amazon??? I don't know. The freedom lover in me says NO. The freedom lover says TAKE DOWN ALL OF YOUR SELF-PUBLISHED BOOKS. Another part of me says: stay on Amazon and keep trying to get your love and freedom message out through your romance novels. That's my dilemma currently. 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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