Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter Solstice Beneath the Full Cold Moon In Wolf Peak


Winter Solstice Celebration Howls and Yowls, ShapeShifter Lovers

Endings, Beginnings, the eternal cycle of life on beloved planet Earth ... Winter Solstice 2018, now is the time for honest reflection about your life, then later, about your future course in the year 2019. What path do you want to walk next year?  What is most precious in your life? What would you CREATE for yourself and for others? 
For the act of creation, of the artist--as individuals we are all creative in diverse and wonderful ways-- and yes, this is a gift from the Great Creator to humankind. 

Realize this: the blazing light of the full moon brings clarity. What is called the Cold Moon at this time of year, also brings a fierce personal energy to discover the TRUTH about yourself, and your life. 

The Winter Solstice, this time of the longest night, opens the mystical stargate to the Universe. This Divine Connection cannot be denied--that is, if one tunes in, and accepts this natural spiritual KNOWING.  

The Cold Moon Mojo belongs to you. What course changes will you make to improve the quality of your life? To help the world at large? 

For in this beginning time of the Aquarian Age, we are all humanitarians at the deepest level of our beings. 
Our beautiful souls sing with the returning light of Sol, our life-giving Sun. More and more, we sing together--even with the great divisions currently playing out on our planet. 

Winter Solstice Beneath the Full Cold Moon In Wolf Peak

Celestial Blessing Magic...Her Reindeer Companion, His Antlers Are Antenna Touching Heaven

The Cougar King of Wolf Peak Territory -- He and Dante, the Alpha Leader, Have Joined Together, an Unbeatable Team To Preserve and Protect Everyone Living In the Peak

Winter Solstice Blessings From  All  In Wolf Peak Territory

One of Many Beautiful Witches Living In the Peak. Yes, She Is Part of the Infamous and Powerful Circle of Witches.

White Wolf Goddess Shifter, She Howls Her Sacred Prayers To the Full Cold Moon 

Of Angelic Heritage, This Supernatural Woman Cares For and Heals the Sentient Big Cats That Have Recently Arrived In the Peak. 

This Celtic Warrioress Celebrates the Winter Solstice With Her Special Magickal Pets 

Mother Shifter Bison With Her Winter Solstice Baby

Mountain Lion Shapeshifter Girl, a Solitary Celebration of the Winter Solstice 

White Wolfess Shifter, She Is Celebrating the Mystical Side of the Winter Solstice 

Loving Your Horse Familiar As the Light of Sun Returns 

The Circle of Witches Draws Down the Beautiful Power of Winter Solstice and the Full Cold Moon Blessing ALL In Wolf Peak Territory 

Bringing Forth the Ancient Blessing Power While Their Dragon Protects Them 

One of the Fairy Witches Basks In the Exquisite-Power Energies

Keeper of the Enchantment, This Fairy and Her Tiny Dragon, Blanket All of Wolf Peak With Magick

The Wolf Shifters of Wolf Peak Howling-Sing To the Cold Moon and Playfully Celebrate the Winter Solstice. Everyone Is Invited To Join Them. 

Celebrating the Solstice, This Cougaress Shifter Strolls In the Serenity of Winter. Later She Will Join Her Mate For Dinner and Dancing at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub.

Cozy Beneath the Wing of Her Dragon Protector, this Little Fairy Communes With Mother Nature. She Will Give Gaia's Messages To All In the Peak. 

The Ancient Magickal Celebration of Winter Solstice. Dragons Were Always Included. 

The Wolf Shaman Breathes In the New Morning Light of Winter Solstice 2018.

Fairy Soaking In the MidWinter Radiance With Her Polar Bear Companions. Yes, The Live In Wolf Peak Territory. 

From Her Hidden Chamber, This Goddess Watches the Reindeer Practice Their Upcoming Flight. She Works At The Heavenly Chocolate & Ice Creamery, Owned By the Half Goddess, Kalindi--One of Many Shops In the Small Town of Moonrise Lake. 

Kalindi Created This Poster For The Heavenly Chocolate & Ice Creamery. 

Father Winter Solstice, One of the Shamans In Wolf Peak, Makes an Appearance. And a Wonderful Time Was Had By All--Especially the Children.

She Assisted Father Winter Solstice, Giving Horseback Rides To the Eager Children. 

Keina, a Pegasus Shapeshifter, Makes An Appearance Thrilling the Children. She Stars in WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL With Her Hero, Drev, a Super Soldier

One of the Unicorns Arrives To Enchant the Children At Their Winter Solstice Celebration. 

Keina Morphs To Her Horse Self, Sans Wings. A New Mystical  Friend Flies With Her Delighting Everyone. 

A Private Ceremony, She Is Newly Arrived From a Dimension Where Atlantis Still Exists. 

Portrait of the Peak's Rabbit Shaman Shapeshifter

Young White Wolf Shifter, He Is Guarding Those Celebrating the Winter Solstice 

The Magickal Castle, Hidden In the Mountains Bordering Wolf Peak Territory, Is a Favorite of the Children. Mythical Creatures, Lost to the Mists of Time, Teach Them, Play With Them, and Guide The Children In Their Lives. Dante, the Alpha Leader, Wholeheartedly Approves. 

Wolf Playtime. Everyone is Welcome To Join In. 

After a Night of Celebrating the Winter Solstice At the Pleasure Club's Very Popular Discotheque, Mr. Mountain Lion Shifter Rests On a Bed of Snow. No, He Is Not Mated. 

His Wolf Shifter Friend Joins Him. It's a Long Story, Why He's Out In the Cold, and Not Enjoying the Company of a Beautiful Lady. 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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