Tuesday, January 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 From Wolf Peak Territory



All Those Living In Wolf Peak Territory, In the Small Town of Moonrise Lake, Wish You and Yours the Most Incredible and Wonderful Year Ever! Be Brave. Stand Tall. Use the New Powers That Will Be Yours.  

New Stars Will Show Up In the Heavens. For, the Celestial Beings Will Be Making Their Presence Known To Many More On Earth. The Time Has Come To Rise, and Live a Spiritually Powerful Life. The Shamans, the Priestesses, the Circle of Witches, the Angelic-Heritage Beings of Wolf Peak Will Be Leading Everyone In This Aquarian Knowledge. 

Yes, the White Wolves of the Peak, Once Again, Wish Your Pack the Happiest, Most Prosperous Year Ever. Their Pack Is Expanding. New Mates, and Several New Cubs. As One of the Most Powerful Wolf Packs, They Regularly Patrol the Borders As Part of the Guardian Team. 

Meet the Latest Hero, Zankorr Dquiv Vheth. He Is Half Lion, Half Cougar, and Stars In My ShapeShifter Seduction WIP, Currently Titled: Santa Studly, Trim My Christmas Tree 

What Makes Him Desire His Heroine More Than Life Itself? Due To An Emergency Situation, He Sees Solessa Singing a GIRLS NIGHT OUT Version of Santa Baby... 

"Santa studly, just slip satin sheets under the tree, for me. 
Been a very good girl, Santa studly, 
So slide down that chimney tonight." 

White Wolfess Singing-Howling 'Auld Lang Syne', Then 'What Are You Doing For New Years' Eve'. In Her Woman Form, She Performs At the Midnight Stardust Supperclub. 

A Great Greeting Roar To the New Year At Midnight. 

All Creatures Big and Small -- Everyone In Wolf Peak Is Valued and Cherished. 

This Stallion Shifter Is On a Beach Vacation With His Beloved Mate, a Human Woman Whose Ancestress Is the Celtic Goddess, Epona 

A Wolf Tug of War On New Year's Day, One of Many Sporting Events

Yep,  a Copy of This Old Photo Is Displayed At Moonrise Livestock and Pet Center by Mary Lou, the Horse Shifter Owner

This Is Just An Adorable Animation Reminiscent of Wolf Peak Territory 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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