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Steam Hop Into Blue Paradise #MFRWsteam #MFRWOrg

Welcome, everyone. I write in the various subgenres of paranormal erotic romance. To begin, I'm starting at the beginning, my first erotic romance novel accepted for e-publication, ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE. 

A bit of info: No, this novella is not a takeoff on "50 Shades of Grey." My otherworld fantasy was written years before, and published years before. I say this because I don't want anyone to be misled by the title--which came to me during a dream when I was half awake. 

Also, this story is written in a fierce new style I invented. 

Further, I give FAIR WARNING. While I respect everyone's view and personal opinion, *no* erotic romance I pen is ever politically correct. 

Blurb ~

Destiny and love can be denied for only so long... 

Except for her daring equestrienne competitions, Lady Sheridan lives a quiet life caring for her family's estate, staving off financial ruin and keeping her brother's misdeeds from ruining his marriage and the life of her beloved nieces. 

Despite all his desperate efforts, Baron Zaggry has never discovered why his Sherfantasy broke their engagement. Now, his ruse successful, Sheridan is finally his, his slave lover. He has ten years worth of denied pleasures to make up for, to savor however he erotic chooses. 

[Erotic Fantasy Romance, OtherWorld, Aristocratic Intrigue]

Note: Given the current situation over slavery, here's some background on Sher and Zag's home planet, the World of the Blue Pearl Moon...from the synopsis:  

Realizing, he still wants only her, knowing he will always love her, he deceives her brother. He lures his fantasy woman into his trap – the trap she cannot refuse, helping her two nieces and more funds for her children’s riding stable. 
Sheridan agrees to be his slave lover for one year. An erotic tradition on their blue moon world of Gryphiz, especially within their aristocratic culture.


Scene note: Zag and Sheridan attend a dinner hosted by Lady Moehnigua where the guests discuss commerce while having sex. 

Sheridan pressed hot desperate kisses down Zag’s muscle-beautiful torso—remembering, more and more, what she had forced herself to forget, their passions. Her hands stroked downward over the fabric of his pants, stroked over his brutally hard cock.

Feverishly, she kissed him. She stroked, holding his strength with her bound hands. Stroking up and down rhythmically, she pressed hard as she knew he once enjoyed. As he had once allowed, teaching her to touch him.

She stroking-tempted him from his tip to the base of his cock, feeling him stud-harden even more.

“You remember,” he harsh and hoarse blurted the words.

“You make me remember,” she challenged between her kisses, her furious pants of breath.

Zag seized her hands. She gripped his ache-pulsing cock harder. Devil-wicked, he was torn between sweetest ecstasy here, this moment. With her. Or continue his horrible need for her until later, a planned fiercer ecstasy with her.

“Zaggry, you will owe me.” Lady Moehnigua’s coy tone penetrated. Suddenly, he inhaled the pungent odor of a carnal-lessening candle. “You will favor me with the pleasure of you and your slave lover as my dining guests. Soon.”

“Your favor,” he guttural agreed, grateful for her assistance.

“Sheridan, dearest,” Lady Moehnigua invited softly, waving the pungent candle near his slave lover’s nose. “He cannot mount you until you release his impressively raised sword for you.”

Sheridan jerked, a measure of sanity returning. Her fingers loosened. She felt Zag lift her hands from him. He placed her hands back on his chest, held rule over her hands.

“Sher, come with me.”

“Duke Westerworth has requested your company, Zaggry. I will send Nebulia to you when your tableau is ready.”

“My special debt to you, Lady Moehnigua.”

“I will collect most pleasurably,” she assured, a vixen smile beneath her words.

Zag lifted his woman from the dais, feeling her crazed need for him—the sultry slide of her body down his.

“Duke Westerworth?” she murmured up to him.

“A possible ally.” Zag moved slowly toward the Duke’s salon area, raw enjoying his woman’s swaying curves against him.

As they approached, Duke Westerworth fondled his wife’s mountainous, alabaster breasts. He lapped berry meringue from her enormous bosom, his wife’s head was thrown back as she stood before him, offering up her breasts.

As her husband licked her nipple with the full length of his tongue, she cried out, carnal trembling. She lifted her breasts more to him. He suckled her nipple, pulling savage demand. Then he sucked meringue from her other nipple letting her whimper for more.

“You will wait,” the Duke ruled her. He gripped her nipple between his fingers, twisting.

“Husband,” she pleaded, wriggling her breasts for him.

The Duke pulled, rhythmically twisting her giant pink nipple.

“Baron Vettura,” the Duke greeted, his jade green eyes hooded with passion. “Know the pleasure of your slave lover’s breasts while we speak.”

Zag brought his woman before him. Pressing the base of his cock against her luscious ass, he stroked her nipples free of her bodice, his thumbs circling over her blatant burst nipples.

Wanton, Sheridan arched her ass up against his cock’s arousal. She softly moaned her pleasure and her wild embarrassment as his thumbs circled her nipples. When he leisurely plucked her fire raw nipples she burned blazes of ache and bliss.

“Duke Westerworth, your commerce goes well.”

“Well enough, Baron, due to your timely advice. Assist me with a new venture I am planning and further profit is yours. Also, I have the long-time ear of Duke Strovanoph. He can be persuaded against the transportation triad’s addictive lust for more of our land. Especially persuaded upon the victory of your slave lover in the wager-anticipated Braverth.” The Duke twisting-seized his wife’s other nipple. She carnal-happily cried out.

“Your new venture, Duke Westerworth?” Zag smoothed caresses over his woman’s breasts, lust-adoring the thrust of her ass to him.

“Feature improvements to the line of antique coaches produced by Gorrunts. I own a third share of the enterprise. I have the opportunity to own the controlling share.” Briefly, he teased his teeth over his wife’s nipple.

“I will research the favor of such a venture, Duke. Your time limitation?” Zag fondled his woman’s breasts to his pleasure, listened to her tiny stifled whimpers, carnal-enjoyed her desire to be mounted.

“Four days would be ideal. May I burden you with further contact, Baron? The Lady Moehnigua’s messenger arrives for you.”

“The afternoon, Duke, I am available for further details.”

Zag gently caressed his woman’s nipples beneath her bodice. She trembled, moaned, crazed to know more of his fondling touches. Leaning down, he listened to Nebulia’s instructions.

“Follow me.” Nebulia beckoned them.

“What decadent now, master?” Sheridan murmured, her legs not cooperative, her gaze filled with the Duke’s fondling assault on his wife’s giant willing breasts.

“Slave lover,” Zag growled. He stepped in front of her, passionately hoisted her up over his shoulder. His hand claimed her ripe ass as he followed Nebulia.

Zag carried his woman inside the small secret room, entirely dark, from where they would witness the tableau. Swiftly, he closed the door, allowed her to slide down his body, her body more than sizzle lust against him.


Lady Sheridan & Baron Zaggry invite you to read their love story ~

ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE ~ an aristocratic fantasy of fiercest passion ~ *5 Stars* from ReviewYourBook ~  available from Siren-BookStrand Publishing ~ http://bookstrand.com/savanna-kougar  ~ http://bookstrand.com/all-shades-of-blue-paradise ~ 


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Here is a description of Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry's homeworld. 

World of the Blue Pearl Moon 

Gryphiz, World of the Blue Pearl Moon, two dimensions over from Earth, where every shade of blue has its own seductive fantasy quality. 

Detailed Description 

Gryphiz, World of the Blue Pearl Moon, found in a waking dream just before slumber. Enter the fantasy world in all shades of blue where Lady Sheridan lives, wearing sultry fifties’ chic, her satin dress and high heels, a jewel shade of blue. Her hips sway provocatively toward the man who desires her beyond all else. 

Two dimensions over from Earth is the World of the Blue Pearl Moon. Gryphiz is an azure and sapphire shining planet, the second planet spinning around a white-blue sun, as seen from the cosmic eye. The radiance of the sun, refracting within the life-sustaining atmosphere, creates a blue translucent gleam over the pearl-colored moon, and over the stars. The sky 

and the lands are always rinsed in crystalline shades of blue. And the two shallow oceans ringing the planet glitter with intense shades from turquoise to indigo. 

The origin and culture of Gryphiz were begun by the goddesses and gods, as so many worlds in our galaxy, then guided by these Creators, another experiment of humanity in their images. In Gryphiz, these creators are reverently known as the Bearers of the Divine Blue Flame, a title continuing from ages past into the current time. 

In the course of history, the royals and the monied elites took the path of wisdom, including everyone within their vast prosperous realms, instead of brutally enforcing a policy of exclusion. Instead of keeping the ‘peasants’ downtrodden, benign and generous governing policies were instituted and maintained–policies always evolving toward the progressive needs of each modern era–despite the constant bids for influence, the endless savage intrigues, the positioning for power at the Court’s Metropolis Realm, and within the twenty-four individual Court Realms. 

Thus, history’s landed societies, Medieval, the Renaissance, the country estates of the Gentry, remain as vital and vibrant cultural threads, woven into the present-day tapestry of life in Gryphiz. Robin Hood never had a chance in this world. Technologies comparable to present-day Earth have also been woven into the cultural tapestry, the advancements similar, yet 

different in their innovative applications. 

The World of the Blue Pearl Moon remains, predominantly, the land of blue-blood aristocrats, their exquisitely bred horses and their large splendid riding stables, their magnificent castles and mansions. Their immense areas of untamed wildernesses. Their personal lands are also filled with pedigreed domestic animals, and are managed with enduring ways of agriculture, 

including the design and productivity of their spice, floral and herb gardens, comparable to our Thomas Jefferson. Their sporting games reign, evolved from every age. Business and commerce join hands, a democracy of trade and skills, with opportunities available to All in the realm, as is education, which is also provided to everyone, and never limited. 

The blue ray created and loosed by the Creator goddesses and gods at the inception of human life on Gryphiz, shapes the artistic moods and the expressions of the culture itself. B.B. King and Janis Joplin would certainly find royal homes here for their music, as would all of the musical artists of Earth. 

Indeed, all subtle frequencies of blue light rule in a relentless and ever-varying symphony on Gryphiz. The frolicking merriment of a medieval fair, the elegant cotillion and the sultry languid rhythms of a blues tune, dance and twine together in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon. 

Since the World of the Blue Pearl Moon has not known the catastrophic changes and the Armageddon wars of Earth’s history, the humankind of Gryphiz are not only as we know our own the humans upon our Earth world. They have been allowed and encouraged to genetically flourish. Longevity is natural with little change in physical appearance. Thus, their stamina, their level of athletic and sexual prowess is superior to what we know on Earth. 

The World of the Blue Pearl Moon–An otherworld of lush erotic decadence, where the fiercest passions between a woman and a man need never be denied. A world of potent seductive arts, where every appetite is served in the salons and the lavish entertainments. A world of wicked and resplendent pleasures, where the love between a man and a woman is a sensual lusty affair, soaring up to the radiant blue vault of sky. 



Since my OtherRealm, erotic romance novella *** ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE *** does not celebrate the holidays as we do here on Earth, I thought I’d write a winter courtship scene ten years prior to when the story begins. Yes, it’s all about romance in it’s purest form as Sher and Zag fall in love.

Winter in Blue

The Courtship of Sher and Zag ~ 

A prequel scene to ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE ~

He rode beside her, Zag, the Baron, astride one of his winter steeds, a silvery gray stallion of majestic stature. Lady Sheridan glowed, a giddy excitement. Her heart winged toward him, the flight of a dove toward its mate. For a moment she closed her eyes, and hoped with all her being that his heart soared toward her. He’d spoken so. Just two days past. Two days of dreaming about him night and day. Of walking on a floor of air as she remembered the emerald smolder of his eyes only for her, as she remembered the fierce passion of his features before he had sealed her lips with a kiss that had been a silken blaze of pleasure over every inch of her flesh. 

Goddess of the Blue Flame, she recalled his every word of love. 
For two days now, she told herself to stop acting like a lust-wild virgin beneath the full blue pearl moon.

Yet, did she dare hope? Given his stud-formidable reputation with women, lots of women, could she afford to give her heart? His erotic talents and trysts were well-known throughout the kingdom. Still, in truth, she’d heard no woman claim his love as hers.

Shades of pale blue shimmered, a glaze over the deep blanket of snow on the mountain plateau, where she often trained her horses for competition. The cold air of winter only tickled her nose as bluefire raced through her veins. She listened to the snow-crunch of their horses’ hooves echo softly as they sedately traveled the scenic path. Blue-sky wishes, she wished her heart would quit fluttering, a fast-winging bird in her chest.

The frigid stillness around them, seemed as companionable as the silence between them now. She’d swiftly discovered being with him didn’t require the silly art of playing coy, of always engaging his attention.

“Sher.” His purring tone, so like a golden cougar, warmed her skin to honey. Clasping her  gloved hand in his, he brought them to a halt. “Mother is throwing one of her extravagant balls for Father’s top business associates. Would you attend with me?” 

His formal tone soared her insides, yet shattered her composure. This invitation to the Baroness’s high profile event was a step toward becoming engaged.

“Yes.” The icy mist of her breath met the mist of his.

“Sher, you have become my heart.” 

Subtly, he squeezed her hand, his gaze a glisten of fire. Lifting her hand beneath his lips, he caught the edge of her glove with his teeth. Almost fiercely, he tugged, exposing a sliver of bare skin. With one kiss, soft yet completely potent, he seduced the underside of her wrist. 

Spinning inside, she leaned toward him. Their lips collided in a searing kiss. As he claimed her mouth with a ferocity that pleased her, she moaned, inviting the play of his tongue. They dueled passionately, the swordplay of pleasure only interrupted when his stallion became impatient.

“I shall teach him better manners.” His grin wickedly teased her.

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar


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