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Canines Versus Felines, the Friendly Rivalry In Wolf Peak

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An Idyllic Scene In Wolf Peak Territory 

It's Almost Summer Howls and Yowls, ShapeShifter Lovers

I swear it feels more like the end of summer, right now. This is because the position of the sun is farther north this year. For the last ten years or so, the sun''s position has been changing in the sky. How do I know? By how the sun's light streams through my south-facing and west-facing windows. At this point, I can only conclude the Earth herself, her position is constantly altering. By what dynamic, dynamics? I don't know. 
Believe me, I ain't the only one noticing this, neither, especially this year. There are lots of confirming pics, and testimonies featured on the Youtube channel MrMBB333, for one. 
No, despite your possible assumption that I have more than one screw less upstairs...if so, there are a lot of other folks out there in same dang boat with their screws loose, too. 

Check this out: 

  • "Their Sky Has Changed!" Inuit elders sharing information ...
    Jun 18, 2016 · The correct terms are indigenous people, Native Americans, Inupiaq, Inupiat, Inuit or Yupik...depending on the particular group. However, they still use the term Eskimo Dance to describe their dance...interesting... And the Natives here in Northwestern Alaska are also talking about how the sky isdifferent. 5 December 2014 at 09:55
  • White Wolf : "Earth has shifted"-Inuit elders issue ...
    They also alleged that the position of sun, moon and stars have all changed causing changes in the temperature. This has also affected the wind and it is very difficult to predict the weather now and according to them predicting weather is necessary on Arctic. All the elders confirmed that the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted toward the North.

  • So, yes, I am still managing to work on His Sassy Woman, a Wolf Peak Territory erotic romance--definitely this is a miracle in and of itself. Yep, the story is shaping up, slowly but surely. My secondary characters are emerging in all their shifter/supernatural glory, and so is the new town of Sunrise Prairie.
    Currently, my hero, Big D and his heroine, Sondi, are having dinner in an immense, three story Country Western club. There is a large central dining area that has one of those monster  TV screens where music videos are constantly being played. 
    Nope, no one inside or outside of the High Prairie Corral is social distancing. No one is wearing face masks, either. But they are having a real good time. In fact, Sondi is singing along with Chad Prather. Have a listen. 

    Canines Versus Felines, the Friendly Rivalry In Wolf Peak

    Ride the Lion In Wolf Peak Territory 
    Posted On Thursday, April 30, 2020 

    After writing this blog, where the lion shapeshifters, the lion companions were featured. Here's a description from that post. 

    Ride the Lion, a new, exciting springtime event in Wolf Peak Territory. It was created in the manner of a Renaissance-Medieval Faire. Imagine, how fun and daring are the jousting contests astride the Great Lions who live in the Peak?

    Anyway, the wolf shifters, the wolf companions... well, they got a bit growly-miffed. Thus, they created their own event challenge, naturally named: Ride the Wolf. 

    Ride the Wolf, a Warrioress Competes In the Flame Challenge Astride Her Dire Wolf Companion

    The Red Riding Hood Shooting Competition While Astride Your Wolf

    Ride Your Wolf In the Gladiator Games... No, No One Was Harmed... Just Lots of Smashing and Battering... 

    Ride the Wolf, the Team Guardian Race... Here Are the Winners!  

    Ride the Wolf, the Robin Hood Skill Games... the Crowds Loved it, Cheering, Roaring with Delight!  

    Before the Events Began, the Wolf Shifters and Their Mates On Parade 

    Art Piece Commemorating the First Annual *Ride the Wolf* Games 

    After the Games, the 'Ancient Times' Costume Celebration... Who Wouldn't To Attend?  

    Voted the Top, Most Dangerous Wolf At the Games 

    Afterward, the Cosmic Sky Watch With a Beautiful Shaman Wolfess

    The Dragon Riders of Wolf Peak Territory Couldn't Resist Putting On Their Own Battle Demonstration During a Break In the Events... 

    Yes, In the Earth Age of the Great Warrior Dinosaurs This Was a Common Scene ... A Contingent of Dino Riders, From Another Time, Are Requesting Entry Into Wolf Peak... 

    Once Upon a Time, One of My Most Beloved Lifetimes... 

    Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


    Savanna Kougar

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