Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Witch's Moon...

...first chapter sneak peek at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS.

Wednesday night mews, skippy trippy Kitten Kats... a downpour with some hail on the tame prairie this evening, and a generally overcast day... the rain is very much needed, so it's a good thing... wow, another super busy day!

Take care, and hunker bunker down, darling kittens, it's getting rougher out there. Remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

Okay, kittens, the Kougar attempted to download her flash-scene novel, His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth, to Smashwords... however, a storm pelted the tame prairie at that precise time, and there was lots of lightning... so this Big Cat had to shut it down before the download could happen.



Witch's Moon, first chapter sneak peek
by Rebecca Gillan

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today is a very blah day for me. It’s my birthday and I’m down with a cold. (How typical, right?) So anyway.

Last week’s winner of the comment contest was Mary Preston. Congrats, Mary! Check your e-mail for the gift card!

Next order of business is… a preview of “Witch’s Moon,” the Mooney and Marissa story I’ve been trying to get polished up to release. As I said, I feel like warmed over goose turds, so this is the easy post. Also, I’d really like everyone’s input on what they think about it. I’m writing in in first person, which is fairly new for me.



Why Does Ancient Art Contain Depictions Of Flying Aircraft, Helicopters And Dinosaurs?
Michael Snyder | The history of our planet is far more complex than most people would dare to imagine.



Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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