Monday, March 14, 2016

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself... Versus Sinister Forces

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #393  

The Rise of Liberty Versus Sinister Forces... and We Stand In the New Streams of Aquarian Age Consciousness 


On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their mighty lightblades to slash away the dark bands of evil surrounding, concealing the Viper elite from public view. This will seem long in coming. However, *those* who have sorcery-enslaved humanity are being revealed. 

Because this will be a horror-shock to many on the planet, the people are being prepared to understand, and to cope with this TRUTH. Let yourself be guided  in this process. 

On the personal front, this week will be a major discombobulation for many. This will involve their financial situation, their work lives, and the day-to-day stuff of living. Mostly these will be minor situations, yet will seem HUGE at the time. 

Plow your way through, and ask for advice from those you trust. Patience will also be its own reward in some situations. On the other hand, there 'could' be  moments when you need to act, and act quickly. 

As always, your intuition, you inner knowing is the key that will help you decide, and  overcome. 

And yes, there is a good economic opportunity to be had this week. Something obvious. 

On the DAVID ICKE LIKE front, Kyle Odom's Manfesto ... Not the Rambling of a Crazy Man 

ARTICLE: "Suspect in shooting of Ted Cruz rally pastor arrested at White House
The Washington Times | The man suspected of shooting a prominent Idaho evangelical pastor was arrested Tuesday outside the White House hours after claiming his victim was a Martian." 

REPORT: "Kyle Odom's Martian Chronicles | North Idaho -
2 days ago - Kyle Odom is an honorably discharged Marine, a Dean's List graduate from the University of Idaho and a man driven to kill a Coeur d'Alene ..." 

ARTICLE: "Idaho shooting suspect blames 'hypersexual' martians in ...
1 day ago - Kyle Odom, who also allegedly threw a handful of items over the White ... Idaho shooting suspect blames 'hypersexual' martians in manifesto."

***Kyle Odom's Manifesto***

On the paranormal front, Exposing the Black Budget *Secret Space* Breakaway Civilization 

Article: "CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: UFO ECONOMY 3.0 THE BLACK BUDGET ROCKETS INTO SPACE CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. Previous DARK JOURNALIST – DANIEL LISZT FKTV.IS “The Diversion Between Official Reality and Real Reality Has Never Been Greater than It Is Today – and It Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder!” Former Assistant Housing Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts is back with Dark Journalist for Part 1 of their examination of..." 

ARTICLE: "Prepare To Be Shaken! Governments Deadliest Secret About the US Air Force and What They Plan To Build Revealed... CURATOR: Lisa Haven. By Lisa Haven If you don’t believe that aliens have visited us before or that the US government has developed alien-grade technology, then you are in for a real wake-up call when you see these declassified documents from the National Archives. A government document titled, “Project 1794, Final Development Summary... 

ARTICLE: "Prepare To Be Floored! Gov Deadliest Secret About the US Air Force and What They Plan To Build—Does It Prove Aliens Exist? Proof! (video)
 CURATOR: Lisa Haven. By Lisa Haven If you don’t believe that aliens have visited us before or that the US government has developed alien-grade technology, then you are in for a real wake-up call when you see these declassified documents from the National Archives. A government document titled, “Project 1794, Final Development Summary..." 

On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "Nebraska Police In Omaha Has Triangle UFO Sighting CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. An Omaha, Nebraska police officer, reported seeing a slow moving triangular UFO below 500 feet in the sky at a local Walmart store. The police officer was on duty patrolling near Walmart when he noticed something strange above. He claimed to have seen a triangle-shaped unidentified flying object at 5:38..." 

A scientist at the US Department of Defence has become the latest high-ranking personnel to speak up about aliens and UFOs.  The electromagnetic and laser systems expert of the department requested not to be named to safeguard his career. He claims to have seen a phone receiver-shaped unidentified flying object over woods during a hunting trip in Ontario, Canada.  The witness offered his account during an interview with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an alien investigation organization.  The man said that he was with a hunting group on August 28, 2013 when he saw a craft at around 9:40 pm for about six minutes. The aircraft was seen just 400 feet away, according to the witness account. The two other members of the team have also not been identified.  In a video interview, the witness claimed they were driving down a logging route and heading to the main highway when they spotted the low-flying craft from the windscreen.  The reporting witness estimated the UFO to be at the highest 150 to 175 feet altitude. He grabbed his rifle scope, downed the window, and hung out the open side window to watch the craft better.  He described the mysterious flying thing as bright, giving the same light intensity as stadium lighting." 

ARTICLE: "Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life In North Of England CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. Mutual UFO Network UK has logged 18 incidents of UFO sightings in North East since January 2015. They range from white glowing object to silent rocket and teleporting man. UFO Investigative Researcher in Hartlepool, Glen Richardson, is very much convinced these sightings prove we’re not alone. Richardson claimed that he..."  

On the THEY ARE HERE front, Article: "NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, Finally Admits the Existence of Aliens – After His Year in Space (video) CONTRIBUTOR: JFK Waves. [CONSPIRACYBUZZ.INFO] FIRST was the image of what appears to be a large UFO above earth which was photographed on-board the International Space Station (ISS) by the Astronaut Scott Kelly who was arrived back down to earth after a year in space. This photo (please see above) of what looks like..." 

ARTICLE: "Mexican Farmer Builds Pyramid at Behest of Alien
An indigent farmer in Mexico constructed an enormous stone pyramid allegedly at the behest of an alien who ordered him to build the structure. 
Raymundo Corona claims that the encounter took place in 1984 when a tall ET came to him and told him to build the structure. 
The alien, Corona says, was named Herulayka and hailed from a planet in the Orion constellation. 
Despite warning him about being ridiculed for building the pyramid, Corona honored his interstellar visitor's request by constructing the 22 foot stone monument to their encounter. 
In wisdom one would expect from an alien, Herulayka mused to Corona that the pyramid would be unwavering like his faith and point upwards to the stars. 
Corona's tale is reminiscent of legendary alien contactee George Van Tassel, who constructed the amazing Integratron building in Landers, California during the 1950's. 
Tassel also claimed to be following the instructions of ET visitors who told him how to construct the alleged 'rejuvenation center.' 
While Van Tassel never lived to see a full-fledged alien arrival, perhaps Corona will be lucky enough to witness such an event and, if so, he'll likely be in good standing with the ETs, since he fulfilled his pyramid promise." Source: Express 

On the BIGFOOT front, BLURB: ...Connie Willis ... welcomed eighth-grade science teacher, paranormal researcher, and Bigfoot hunter Thom Powell to the show to talk about his years of study and the connections he has made between his Bigfoot research and other aspects of the unknown. Powell described how he first became aware that the evidence for large, hairy hominids in North America was far more extensive than he first believed. Every time thought he could dismiss it, he said, "the evidence was better than I realized" which only increased his interest. Website(s): ~
Book(s): Edges of Science, Shady Neighbors, The Locals 
More at:

ARTICLE: "Government Knowledge Of Bigfoot From Animal Behaviorist (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. From the youtube channel of Bigfoot Crossroads: In this episode we are joined by a very special guest. "Suzy" is an animal behaviorist specializing in bears and other large predators. She joins us to discuss her own experiences with bigfoot, says what she can about the government's knowledge of sasquatch,... 

On the WEREWOLF front, ARTICLE: "Video of Crazed 'Werewolf' Man From Czech Republic ~ Sunday, March 13, 2016
Man growls as he chases passersby and jumps on a police car." —

On the CATTLE MUTILATION front, ARTICLE: "Arizona Rancher Struggles with Cattle Mutilations ~ Sunday, March 13, 2016
Problem at ranch since the 1970s. Headlights are seen on surveillance cameras, but no tire tracks are found." — Arizona Daily Sun

On the UNKNOWN CREATURE front, ARTICLE: "Giant Unknown Creature Washes Ashore in Mexico
The bizarre body of a twelve-foot-long sea creature washed ashore in Acapulco, Mexico and no one is quite sure what it is. 
A local official estimated that the ghastly blob had not been dead for long but was flummoxed over the nature of the unsettling former denizen of the sea. 
Fortunately for anyone daring enough to inspect the animal, it has yet to give off any unpleasant odor, which seems very surprising in light of how it looks. 
Online observers viewing the photos and footage of the creature have suggested that it is perhaps the remains of a giant squid or whale. 
We can only hope they are correct and that it is not the first of a wave of sea monsters en route to destroy our cities. 
Source: Mirror 

On the PLANET X front, ARTICLE: "Is March 2016 the Date Planet X / Nibiru finally Makes its Appearance? CONTRIBUTOR: Michele Johnson. Is Planet X getting close? The video below was shared by Omar; it looks very compelling and I think it is worth paying attention to. There is more and more evidence suggesting that not only is our planet feeling the effects of Planet X but that the entire solar system..." 

ARTICLE: "Planet X “The Destroyer” Cometh: The Kolbrin Bible And The Prophet Jeremiah (video) CONTRIBUTOR: JayWill ~ It seems that Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah felt compelled to warn us of something he called “The Destroyer.” The Kolbrin Bible, parts of which were written during the same period as Jeremiah’s warning, gives a detailed description that..." 

ARTICLE: "Nibiru Confirmed 2016 Bob Fletcher Underground Cities, Declassified Documents Reveal, Global Government CONTRIBUTOR: Paranormal Stories. Nibiru or Planet X has been confirmed by several main stream media outlets now here in the USA and abroad. The information on when people will feel its effects varies and that in itself should cause red flags. With that said the information presented is for you to decide and..." 



Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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