Sunday, May 15, 2016

Censoring Comedy...The Slippery Slope To A Hellacious Future

Hey Kittens, as many of you know censorship of free speech, and the constant idiotic demand for politically correct speech, is scarily on the rise in these times. This is obviously a wicked slippery slope that if left unchecked, unchallenged, will negatively affect ALL of us writers, and readers in the very near future. The very books you like to read most...well, there will come a time where they will be put on the censorship block. That is, unless WE ALL SAY NO!!! NO MORE!!! 

Police Now Arresting YouTubers for “Offensive” Videos

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Joke clip about pet dog being a Nazi deemed “hate speech”
Paul Joseph Watson
May 10, 2016
UK police arrested a man for making a joke YouTube video about his girlfriend’s pet dog being a Nazi.
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