Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rrwwrr. She drew in his scent...


Mild Summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Wow, today on the tame prairie I just saw two different types of wild bees feeding on these magnificent blessed thistle plants that are growing along my half-mile drive ... their flowers are this lovely shade of purple-orchid, and just beautiful... and yes, blessed thistle is definitely prickly. I do wish I knew how to harvest them since they are a wonderful medicinal plant. Sure, there's the internet where I could find the info. Truthfully, I'm just too worn out keeping up with everything else that needs to get done. But I am so glad the bees are busily feeding, given the current sad situation of the massive bee depopulation.

So, on the promo front for WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, I managed to get a blog written for THE ROMANCE STUDIO ~ ... yep, letting more readers know about my latest release.

Okay, also, BLACK CAT BEAUTY is being revised-expanded, and I'm breaking the story down into more chapters. I am so hoping I can get everything done in time for Halloween, since Sable and Devon's erotic love story is a Halloween-themed novella.  And, as I mentioned before, I'm going to need new cover art, since I don't own the current cover.

Anyhoo, I've also been doing a lot of research via Pinterest on Celtic-Viking images... there are a lot of reenactment groups out there. Talk about fascinating, and it is so cool seeing the photos, the art, etc.  This is for my 'secret project' story.

Yep, the creativity is flowing like a crashing, splashing waterfall... I just wish I had a way to keep up, and get much more writing done. And as I stated before, the WOLF PEAK TERRITORY stories are competing for their fair share of time. I love the SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION world I helped to build, and now exclusively build via my own divergent timeline.


Here are six paragraphs from BLACK CAT BEAUTY at the end of Chapter Two ~ 

Rrwwrr. She drew in his scent, careful not to overwhelm herself—easily done in this topsider culture. Ignoring the expensive men's cologne he used, she inhaled the smell of his oh-so powerful virility.

Give me some more...he's purring yummy.

Sliding her hand along the polished wood banister, Sable gradually mounted the staircase. His gaze smoldered over her, and she swayed even more teasingly.

Beneath his unwavering scrutiny, her breasts rounded, and became heavier. Her nipples peaked into tight buds, and Sable knew they were outlined by the black gleaming stretch fabric of her costume.

For a human male, Devon Zant's allure was far more ferocious than she'd ever experienced. Goddess Bastet be praised.

Or, Bastet guide her. Was trouble lurking, just waiting to snap her up in its Megalodon-like jaws?


BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5506268940242484050Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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