Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Sexy Saturday ~ a haze of bliss

Black Cat Beauty


Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Yep, I'm still working on revising and expanding my Halloween paranormal erotic romance, BLACK CAT BEAUTY. This isn't technically a date between Sable, my heroine, and Devon, her hero. However, this is their first meeting, and their first night together. 

Here's the current tagline for Black Cat Beauty: 

Halloween seduction with claws and cattitude, Devon Zant is Sable's assignment. Problem: She's captured by his super-powered strength and passion.  


Seven X-rated paragraphs ~ 

Mindlessly, Sable drowned until she felt the nudge of his cockhead. He pushed between her pussy lips carefully, tenderly. 

Shoving his huge cock slowly, he halted as he pressed against the slick entrance to her sheath. His over-large cockhead—it should have been a warning to her. Instead, she parted her thighs wider and mewed a moan of invitation.  


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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