Wednesday, September 28, 2016

UNCAGED REVIEWS ... and Mean Ole Witchie-poo

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Cool crisp howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yep, the past few days have been autumn-cooler and simply lovely with caressing breezes and wonderful dry air... the tame prairie is scenically beautiful, too. 

But omygosh, what a strangelet day --- what a crazy-making day at times... it's been good things interspersed with not-so-good things, all at highspeed. Okay, CERN was supposed to be doing some *new* super-energy experiment today that the scientists involved said, to paraphrase, they don't have a clue what will happen. Great. Who lets these idjit-brainiacs out to play with blackholes, etc.??? Anyway, I just hope the Divine protects us all living in this timeline. 

So, *wahoooo* my author interview, featuring KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS, is coming up in the October issue of the e-magazine, UNCAGED REVIEWS 

Yes, progress has been made revising-expanding BLACK CAT BEAUTY, and I'm about to do the cover art form. I wanted to get to it today, but like I said, too many crazy-making things happened. ~big ole sighs~ 


Anyway, here's six-paragraph snippet from BLACK CAT BEAUTY ... Sable has been confronted by a black-arts Hollywood witch-bitch. 

"Do you think your amateurish use of magick can stop me from getting what I want? I can enslave you to my will as easily as crooking my little finger." Demonstrating, sinister woman thrust her Grim Reaper hand in front of Sable's eyes. 

"A big ole oops, witchie-poo, but you're too late." Sable dismissively shrugged one shoulder, then languidly tossed her waves of hair. "I've already been enslaved. Any advice for removing this collar?" 

For several instants, mean ole witchie-poo darkly gleamed her gaze directly at the collar. Then she stared at the matching bracelet. 

"Want to give it a magickal try?" Sable held up her wrist, twisting it so the bracelet slithered. To further taunt the Hollywood black witch, she moved her arm so the gems glittered in the spooky illumination of the neon disco lights. "Maybe a tiny bolt of lightning. Want to try?" 

Silent long enough for Sable to hear the lyrics " to love you, baby..." from the disco party happening behind her, witchie-poo finally tore her gaze away from the bracelet. 

"You'll regret angering me, you stupid cunt bitch," she snarled. Vile greenish streaks of light shot from her eyes. 



A private Halloween party in a gothic mansion hidden in the Hollywood Hills. Add one party crasher, Sable Kiki, a naughty black cat with a sexy wild human side. 
Her covert assignment from her devious, always-cunning father: use her seductive wiles to find out the truth from Devon Zant, a movie star on the rise to super stardom. 

Posing as the superhero actor, Devon Zant, D'Torr has arrived on Earth seeking revenge for the capture of his younger brother, and to assist in stopping a powerful enemy. 
The leviathan warfleet of the Altirrux wants rule of all intergalactic trade routes to Earth, endangering the survival of D'Torr's race, and all the inhabitants of the rare blue jewel, Earth. 


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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