Friday, December 9, 2016

My Sexy Saturday ~ Santa Baby, Several Stars Away ~ crazed man stalker

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! This snippet is from my Christmas, small-town, erotic romance starring Kaily and Dylan. As the title suggests, Dylan is definitely NOT from this neck of the galaxy. 


Seven paragraphs from ~ 

Santa Baby, Several Stars Away 

Chapter Two:
Not Where Stockings Are Hung 

Kaily had swiftly made up an excuse about helping her nephew with his reading lessons. Then she'd offered to take care of Davie, so her sister and her husband could enjoy a movie labeled 'adult', instead of pg-13 Disney. 

Knowing she didn't have any good information to offer him about the mansion, Kaily had chickened out 'squawk, squawk' big time. Oh yeah, right--she could just see herself, staring at the hunk o'licious mystery man while attempting to ask tricky leading questions like a TV-show prosecutor. 

Hell, if she'd been as talented as the character Alan Shore on ''Boston Legal" , Kaily would have given it a shot. Or, if she'd had any talent at subtly seducing a man, which she didn't, she would have wriggled into her tightest cashmere sweater, the pink one that hugged her breasts to perfection, and also generously exposed her bosom. 



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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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