Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Tradition ~ Celebrating the Christmas Holiday Spirit

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Howliday and Yowliday greetings, shapeshifter lovers. 

New traditions, and the holiday *good cheer* celebrations continue in Wolf Peak Territory, especially in the small town of Moonrise Lake. Much of the Winter Solstice, cheery fun, is taking place around the various decorated trees. And oh yeah, the multitude of nightclubs, eateries, and specialty businesses in Dante's Interspecies Pleasure Club complex, are all holiday-hopping too. Let the fun-time yowls and howls happen all year round. 

On a more serious note... 

Question: why shut down the *good will toward men* or in truth, the *good will toward each other and humanity* simply because a holiday's date has come and gone? Why not increase this GOOD WILL into the new year? 

Yes, that's obvious to a whole lot of us, and many of us practice that way of being. However... 

Celebration like in the ye olden days of the renaissance period, brought people together... a sort of loving and joyous celebration of life and each other. You know, like being at a really good party...for one example. 

While I'm NOT advocating any particular way to celebrate, as in any religion or tradition... and I'm certainly NOT advocating more egregious nasty *buy everything* commercialism during this holiday season... However, I AM ADVOCATING that we ALL celebrate in the manner, the ways we desire to do—what we find most joyous and meaningful... that is, continue to celebrate with our loved ones, our families...and within our communities. Or, how about keeping the HOLIDAY SPIRIT going wherever you are. Why not come up with more creative ways to celebrate—which humans are particularly good at. For one example, we could have various types of feasting days that are inclusive of all cultures, and certainly inclusive of the homeless, of those who need our help the most... really, why not? 

Personally, I love various cuisines from around the world, from the different ethnic cultures in our country... we could have Asian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisines, Latin country cuisines, Middle East cuisine, East Indian, and European as in the European countries... we could enjoy Russian and Eastern European cuisines ... African cuisines ... it's endless what we could create as far as FEASTING DAYS. For example, we could enjoy American Indian ways of feasting, and other original peoples... whatever ... or just have BAKING DAY ... mygosh, most of us love breads and pastries of all types ... French bread and pastries come to mind. Yum! And pancakes or flapjacks... gosh, it could be a cornucopia of delicious foods, and even more delicious, that we are enjoying each other's company ... you know, beyond the whole social media phenome of burying your nose in your ipad or iphone... and not actually talking to one another. Anyway, the creative opportunities are enormous and could be a way to help out the local economy, the small businesses, in organic ways of doing business. 

Yeah, how about HOLIDAY MUSIC CELEBRATION DAYS... and HOLIDAY DANCING PARTIES, such as in a Victorian Christmas Ball. Yes, these type of wonderful celebrations already happen... but, why not make it more available to ALL, and more widespread? Gee, talk about a beautiful way of doing business with each other. 

Wouldn't it be far more fun and fulfilling to celebrate with each other, locally and worldwide, instead of having endless warring conflicts??? For those who don't want to celebrate, or they're forbidden to celebrate... well, I say, STAY OUT OF OUR WAY, or be banished to your own little area. DON'T IMPOSE YOUR ***SCROOGE*** ON THE REST OF US. And if you dare tear down one of my decorated trees because of your intolerant theocracy-religion... well, you won't like the consequences. I WILL NOT bow down to your brand of religious idiocy, your brainwashed ignorance and stupidity. Keep it in your own religious community. NOT IN MINE! 

Oh, and gosh, gee, I believe most of us would rather be at various holiday celebrations than brawling in a stupid mall. 

When I was growing up during the fifties in midwest suburbia, there were certain limited ways Christmas was celebrated. Put up the Christmas tree—which gradually changed from Christmas eve day to weeks before Christmas day. Then, you were supposed to take down the tree on the day after Christmas...well, that changed for various reasons as we in society changed. In my family we decided: why take down a beautifully decorated tree? ... so the tree would stay up until New Year's usually—then, it became until the tree was a bonafide fire hazard. 

Yes, I love Christmas trees, and have dreamed of growing my own tree inside a house I designed... maybe someday. 

However, the point of this sorta rant... LET'S ALL HAVE FUN CELEBRATING WITH EACH OTHER, LET'S CONTINUE THE *GOOD WILL* SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, LET'S EXTEND THESE HOLIDAYS, at least during the week before New Year's Eve. Yep, we need to continue everything GOOD about Christmas Time, regardless of religion, creed, or traditions. Let's reach out to each other wherever possible, and bring more love and joy to planet earth. 




Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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