Saturday, September 28, 2013 of her wilder incarnations...

Mistress P Prepares For the Longhorn at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. Mistress P in one of her wilder incarnations before she moved to Talbot's Peak and became Nick's right-hand assistant at the G&B Gazette.

Half past midnight mews, most magical Felines... a warmish Autumn day on the tame prairie... but then nothing really feels normal about the weather or the seasons in these times... at sunset the orange-gold neon color hit the windows with the most amazing blaze of light... and, yes, of course, another ultra busy day for the Kougaress... brain fatigue is starting to set in.

Darling kittens, lots of nasty financial breakdowns going on right now, including cyber attacks. Keep some cash handy, prepare, and keep a watch on your account[s], if you have them. Remember, this Big Cat loves ya!  

Lots of fabulous 'out of the box' ideas and info for this Big Cat's paranormal-fantasy love stories, so much so it's a banquet that can't be eaten fully. Btw, if you're in the mood for an excellent, mind-reeling-revealing show, listen to THE TRUTH DENIED, hosted by Roxy Lopez at Revolution Radio Roxy interviewed Robert H. Evans JR.  His site is:  

And afterwards... Kerry Cassidy's ~project camelot~ Revolution Radio show was beyond fascinating and wonderfully mind-expanding, especially about our ancient origins. Two of her guests from down under talked about the ancient megalith site they discovered in Australia, and the messages from the aborigine elders they have been given for humanity. It was difficult to understand some of what the two men said because there was this constant buzzing sound, which was traced to their computer. Anyhoo, the website is: ~ The Kougaress tried to access it, but there's a message that says the bandwidth has been exceeded.

Authoress news and mews ~

Okay then, it looks like the Kougar has two more chapters to revise for RED LIONESS TAMED... then it comes down to formatting for the Indie release.

At the last minute, the Kougar remembered to sign up for the MY SEXY SATURDAY linky blog She will be posting at TITLE MAGIC ~

Kitten readers, our own Rebecca Gillan at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS, has also entered -- along with Pat Cunningham/DanaStewart -- Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write contest. If you're in the mood for dark and scary, and for EXTRA HAWT, here's the linky:

The Kougar is considering joining in the contest fun with a manuscript she wrote back in 2006-07. She will intentionally re-write the first chapter so she has 'no chance' of finalling, because she doesn't want to deal with a major publisher. Anyhoo, she's shortened her original title to "Fortunate Wolves" and will likely use another pen name.  

Mistress P Prepares For the Longhorn


Dressing Up & Hanging Out, Size Does Matter
by Serena Shay

Little mink eyes watched as his Mistress, and her friend Ziva, dressed for tonight’s entertainment.  They never gave a thought to him still being in the room and one thing he could safely say was that Nick was one lucky SOB and an even bigger ass.

“Ziva, turn around and give us a full frontal of your world-class body in that outfit.”

Danny agreed.  Ziva was built in a way that could make an alpha male drop to his knees and promise her the world.  It would also make a beta mink weep with the unfairness of said world.  He would never be enough for Ziva; he was barely enough for Mistress P.


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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