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Rebecca Gillan Reviews "Charming (Pax Arcana)" by Elliott James

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Yowls, a bit of revising done on RED LIONESS TAMED. The Kougar has gone into an organizing mode, and continued to work on her new author site... so, everything else has been put on hold, given her limited time and energy.

Okay then, it took a bit of doing, but the Kougar overcame her tech un-savvy and successfully changed to her new author blog site

Oh, and the Kougar spent some fun time pinning animal pictures to her ShapeShifter Seductions Pinterest board A nice break, but gosh time escapes darn fast.

Rebecca Gillan Reviews "Charming (Pax Arcana)" by Elliott James


Hot twist on a werewolf story!
by Rebecca Gillan

Ok, so I read this book called "Charming (Pax Arcana)" by Elliott James. It just came out yesterday and despite having a day job with precluded me reading during the day, I've already finished it. Let me say, for a "non-romance" book, this one had some seriously delicious romance going on! It also had a rather unique spin on both the Prince Charming legend and werewolves in general.



 Authors Do you have a book that's a good Halloween read?

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If you want to join in please send the info below to chaoscat@ with Halloween Read in the subject line.

RJ Halloween Reading List

I'm compiling a list of Spooky Reads for Halloween for our Readers. If your story would be a good Halloween read - if it has Paranormal, ghosts, shifters etc then send me the info below.

I will be posting the list in October on the RJ blog and in the Readers loop. I will also be asking if you want a copy of the list to post around on your social media. If you answer yes I will send you the list once it's compiled. Clear as mud? ;-)

Do you want a copy of the list when it's completed?

Author Name:

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This is the type of authorly research the Kougar does on a regular basis for her books like MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS. She has a sequel planned...

Rise of the Pyramids ... with the land and climate changes now occurring on the planet, a major secret it being 'uncovered' about our ancient, antediluvian past... that is, Earth is actually riddled with pyramids and pyramid type structures. While the Kougaress doesn't have the time to do a thorough investigation at this point, and offer lots of examples, she still thought it was worthwhile to mention this 'uncovering'. 

Terceira: Subaquatic pyramidal shaped structure found – Azores

Recently the Kougaress listened to a show on Revolution Radio ... and of course now, she can't recall the details of precisely which program... however, the source was credible and there is some old photo evidence which shows the top of an ancient pyramid at Montauk in New York state.

Okay, that was it, Stewart Swerdlow *Montauk-The Alien Connection* and his wife were on Sacred Matrix with Janet and Dr Sasha Lessin.

So, the Kougaress just found this ultra-fascinating link:

Article - The Montauk Project - Lightnet
An old book dated 1911 and entitled 'Historic Long Island' contains a photograph of the 'Pyramids of Montauk,' the plate shows three pyramids or mounds about 20 feet high.


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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