Friday, November 1, 2013

...and the dark night rules...

Darling kittens, once the sun retires and the dark night rules, the werewolves, vampires, ghosts, goblins and demons will be prowling for their prey. Stay alert out there, and have a spooky-fun Halloween. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Half past the witching hour, brave and bold Big Cat Beauties... what an eerie night on the tame prairie, as the Kougaress has not experienced before... earlier in the evening, once darkness fell, the coyotes howled and yipped for a good while... and this Big Cat thought about the trickster spirit, given what she's been through recently... then, at midnight one lone coyote howled as if on cue, before another answered long moments later... it was an utterly perfect howl for Halloween.

And, wow! ... the stars covered the night sky, and were beyond amazing, beyond bright... it's been years since the Kougaress has seen that number of stars this beautiful and bright... perhaps because there's been no aerial spraying for months... the spirit of All Hallow's Eve covered the tame prairie like a blanket.  

Also, this afternoon, the Kougaress heard this odd low sound from outside, one she's never heard before, that sightly vibrated the floor and tingled through her. Gosh only knows what's going on... and she's feeling that odd tingle-vibration through the floor like she's felt several times for the past six months or so... yeah, it remains a mystery.

Ancestresses... ancestors...
while the Kougaress would love knowing more about all of her closest ancestors, for some time now, she's had this hankering, this soul need to know more about her ancient upon ancient lineage, those individuals who are her ancestresses and ancestors... who were they? What and why were they? It's said this knowledge is in the genetic code, and this Big Cat feels that's true... but how to connect in a way that is meaningful and is understandable? There are some psychics, for lack of a better term, who have this ability to tune in... and in a lot of ancient sacred practices, the dead are revered... on this night in particular the parting of the veil occurs and the dearly departed arrive to interact with the living... the Kougaress has had a few fascinating visions of ancient ancestors... but not nearly enough to satisfy her curiosity, her need to know... in part this deep yearning is fueled by this brutal and difficult time in humanity's history... what supernatural powers did the Kougaress's ancestresses possess, what did they know that would help? ... still, the fascination goes much, much deeper. Given all the lies and deception about humankind's real past, yeah, this Big Cat would really like to get to know her ancestors.  


Authoress news and mews ~

Little did the Kougar know when she wrote her flash scene, The Betrayed Witch and the Lone Ranger, for the Halloween blog hop at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS -- that she was being politically incorrect... that is, according to those who supposedly know these 'ultimate' truths... yes, darlings, who knew there would be hurt and offended cowboys? Well, gee, apologies to every cowboy who was/is offended and hurt, because the Kougar costumed her flash scene hero, Drifter, as the Lone Ranger. Sorry to all the cowgirls because this Big Cat adored her Annie Oakley costume as a kidlet, and wore it to pieces.

And, how intriguing because about a week ago, the Kougar came up with one of her lightbulb-moment phrases she hadn't yet talked about, but planned to at some point... what was this flash-instant phrase? ***practicing cowboy defiance, the time has come*** yeah, the time has come for cowgirl and cowboy defiance... to be strong, independent yet part of the community, to come to the aid of others like the heroes of yesteryear.  


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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