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just like the Phoenix... talk about plotline inspiration from alternative news...

Mars is Alive... and so is Comet ISON, apparently... just like the Phoenix...  


In tandem with his 11/27/13 appearance, Richard C. Hoagland shares a set of images & descriptions related to his presentation... 3) Eerie 2013 comparison of Comet ISON's symmetrical "dust wings," first appearing November 4 as ISON neared the Sun, with a strikingly similar "crop glyph and associated Mayan hieroglyphs," photographed in a southern England, June 2009.


Almost high noon mews, best of the best Big Cat Beauties... not as cold on the tame prairie, and the sun is shining brightly on the nearly leafless trees... but it's still mighty chilly.

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Authoress news and mews ~

So, the Kougar did get some good formatting done on RED LIONESS TAMED. Yep yowls, closer and closer.

And, the SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION website, created by Serena Shay, is nearing completion.

Mars is Alive... and so is Comet ISON, apparently... just like the Phoenix...


Chemtrails/ Comet ISON & Mars

Date: 11-27-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: George Barnes, Richard C. Hoagland

In the first half of the show, director of photography George Barnes discussed his new project which reveals the extent of geoengineering, weather modification and chemtrails. Studying time lapse footage in reverse, he discovered that the entire overcast sky was created by jets flying in a grid pattern, and when zoomed in, he saw the jets were military or tankers and didn't have any windows. There is a lack of governance or regulation regarding these missions, and he suspects that a variety of groups are trying out different experiments on a massive scale, especially for inducing climate change.

Barnes had his hair tested and was alarmed when the results showed toxic levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium, which have been associated with chemtrail or geoengineering emissions. The tester further revealed that everyone, including kids, were coming back with these results. Barnes has introduced a new way to protest against geoengineering by using a mobile app called Skyder Alert. Within the app, the user photographs chemtrail activity such as streaks or grid patterns in the sky, and then the app geo-locates it, and sends a pre-populated petition to legislators in your specific area, asking them to investigate the problem and put a stop to it. For more, check out this excerpt from his documentary: "Look Up!"


In the second half, Richard C. Hoagland, who was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon, shared updates on Comet ISON and the findings of the Curiosity rover on Mars. Somebody using the technology of the "secret space program" has maneuvered Comet ISON into its precise orbit for "symbolic, ritual, and celebratory purposes," as a kind of foreshadowing of amazing announcements or events here on Earth, he posited. Hoagland cited the work of Paul LaViolette, who has written about suppressed technologies (such as in his book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology) that are likely employed in the secret space program.

Rather than evidence for fossilized rodents and reptiles on Mars, Hoagland sees images from the Curiosity rover that show "mechanical ancient fossilized junk" that's been eroded by millions of years of Mars climate. He also talked what could have happened to the space program if JFK had lived 50 years ago. According to Hoagland, Kennedy had seen photos of the Moon that indicated it had artificial structures, and he was in talks with Khrushchev to team up on joint US-USSR missions to the Moon. Those who opposed such a collaboration may have been involved in JFK's assassination, he implied.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Steve Kates 'Dr. Sky'

Video(s): Look Up!

Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA
The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever



Holy Crap! They Hid MARS From Us – Covering Over Whole Cities!
By Susan Duclos

Videographer David Vose released a video which he says “is not a joke” and he claims the images shown are real, just magnified many times over to reveal a massive coverup by NASA on the original images coming from MARS.
By showing the NASA MARS images, the what Vose calls the “real MARS pic without NASA enhancements,” he proceeds to make his case that NAS deliberately altered the images to hide entire cities on MARS.
Via the video details, a note from VOSE:

This is NOT like some other Mars videos, Not about rocks that look like lizards. This is real pictures magnified and brought into focus and proper light. Also having removed the red and brown color over that Nasa has painted over it. Mars is populated just as earth and with the same cities and civilization as we have. It appears they are simply HUMANS. Weather they have any Idea of Our existence I do not know. But We do know of theirs, NOW! I did not take these pictures or find them, I have just put them all together for this video. Thanks.
As always I encourage readers to watch and determine for themselves if they agree or disagree with Vose’s assertions.




 Comet ISON Survives & Emerges! BPEarthwatch

Update! Proof ISON Survived & WTF Is That Giant Thing Following Behind It? (Video)

Don't Look @ Comet ISON!


NASA Stumped As ISON Causes CME: "It's Not Looking Good For ISON"

Big Cat Note: who are these wimp-idjits working for NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER? What? Do they look for the dumbest ones that can be groomed well enough to fool the public? Of course, the sun will lash out at incoming objects.


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