Wednesday, October 12, 2016

...A black cat did growl...

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Yes, there will be a Halloween Goth-Winged Party at the Interspecies Pleasure Club. 

*Season of the Witch* howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Omygosh, what a discombobulating day I've had ... sort of like: am I coming or going, or am I caught in an invisible whirlwind from who knows where? Might be the Halloween vibes have grabbed hold and are dragging me off to Spooksville??? 

Anyway, the weather has turned much chillier after a brief rainstorm in the wee hours, and my summer jungly yard is fast becoming stripped of its foliage -- given many of the plants are going into hibernation, their life cycle ended. Yesterday I caught a glimpse of what I thought was one of the golden eagles. However, as the bird zipped by, no, it was a hawk, likely a red-tail hawk. I have no clue if golden eagles and hawks cohabitate... but I have seen the eagles winging overhead recently, riding the thermals. 

Okay, it's slow, but the revision-expansion of BLACK CAT BEAUTY is going well. I just wish I had loads more time to work on Sable and Devon's story. 

So, on Monday, October 24th, Zol and Zin, my twin hellhound heroes in KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS, will be featured in an excerpt for Kate Hill's Compelling Beasts blog  ~ 

TOMORROW! the 13th – On Kate's other blog ~ Kandy Apple's Halloween post will be featured. ~supernatural grins~ 

Also, on the good news side, it looks like the new cover art for BLACK CAT BEAUTY is about finished. As usual, Amanda Kelsey has done one stellar-creative job. Sable, the heroine, is simply gorgeous! 

Note: Check out UNCAGED BOOK REVIEWS, the e-magazine at ~ I'm one of the featured authors, and KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS is featured with a lovely review. 


Here's another snippet from BLACK CAT BEAUTY ~ Sable is talking with Bob, the bobcat shifter, trading covert intel with him. 

Chapter Twelve ~ 

"Have a drink with me, away from this ear-splitting screech, and I'll share in a friendly manner. Your information for mine." 

"Sure, Bob, let's gab friendly-like," Sable yelled above the music. The next instant, her flesh eerily chilled as Devon sang in her ear, "A black cat did growl, two ghosts were approachin' and the wind began to howl." 

How had he pulled that trick off? And changing the lyrics? Yowls of course, the words fit for All Hallow's Eve, so who would know? 

Promising herself she'd find out about that particular power to capture her ear, Sable shook her whole body like a cat. With her blood flowing again, she shot a glare in Super Ace's direction.  

Truth was, she also wantonly sizzled inside, made worse as the Brykkitv bad boy lasered his gaze on her for several moments. How did she resist his dark rough timbre singing in her ear? 

Sable gave a nod to Bob, indicating he should follow her. She sauntered to the bar, and languidly leaned on her elbow. To be expected, Bob panted after her haunches, his expression lewd and crude. Although, gentlemanly enough, he brought his gaze to hers and seated himself. 

"Who collared you? There are several Brykkitv and half-breeds here." On his best behavior, he summoned the bartender, then gave her his undivided attention.


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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