Thursday, October 6, 2016

...seductively slinked beside him...

Pic from Etsy ~ DKR Catwoman Catsuit Costume by Suzi Fox 


Autumnal howls and yowls shapeshifter lovers. 

My tame prairie is gradually losing foliage, but is still beautifully green overall, and there hasn't been much color change yet. I discovered a wonderful pear tree across the way because one of them rolled out to the road. No one picks the fruit. The land is owned by the neighbor, and no one has rented the small house in ten years. The large acreage is used for cattle. 

Anyway, on the happy side of life my author interview, featured in the latest issue of UNCAGED REVIEWS, came out looking fantastic. Also, the review of KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS made me feel darn good. A big thank you to Cyrene Olson. You can click on her e-magazine at ~ 

So, Amanda Kelsey, the fabtastic cover artist, is working on the new cover art for BLACK CAT BEAUTY. We've hit a snag, since the couple image is wonderful, and the heroine, Sable, has come out perfectly and gorgeously... however, the man's face IS NOT Devon at all. Originally, Amanda had cut the male image's head off, like is done with some cover art these days. Because I really like faces on my covers, I asked for the full couple image, and that didn't work... so now, what do I do? Given Sable is perfect, and the man's head doesn't work... do I make him headless again, or try to find another image? I did do some looking on Jimmy Thomas's site... but nothing really clicked, even though I really enjoy-love a lot of the couple images. ~sigh-sigh~ 

Okay then, I'm just over half finished revising-expanding BLACK CAT BEAUTY. Here's a snippet...  

Chapter Eleven: 

Probably useless, given a Brykkitv male could easily vibe-sense a woman's sexual arousal.  Sable flung her hair, and seductively slinked beside him. She slipped inside the embrace of his arm. 

Son of Super Ace swung her against his rock-hard thigh, and swooped down, taking her lips in a kiss that thrilled through her, then consumed her whole. Her toes curled appreciatively, and Sable willed her claws to stay sheathed. 

As his lusty assault on her mouth continued, Sable kneaded his chest, not caring who watched them. But Bastet, she was glad her tail had gone still with their unrestrained passion.

Keeping her claimed flush against him, he gradually un-fused their lips. Sable couldn't quit sensually rubbing his chest. "You can kiss, big boy," she murmured like Mae West against his hovering mouth.

Devon tightened his grip, deliciously flattening her breasts against his super-muscular torso. "Did your little friend make her getaway?"

"She's gone, and driving-away gone, if that's what you wanted to know."

"Yes, my Sable, that's what I wanted to know. I hear Vhaelyn waylaid you."

"You mean witchie-poo? She wants you banging between her thighs, super man...just in case you didn't know." Sable crooned the words close to his too tempting lips.

"Hmm, I'd was given the message Vhaelyn marked me as her property."

"I'm under black-magick threat. All part of the un-glamorous Hollywood lifestyle of the rich, famous, and infamous."


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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