Monday, October 31, 2016

HAPPY HOWL-OWEEN From Wolf Peak Territory

Yes, it's the annual pumpkin carving contest, now happening in Moonrise Lake, Montana ... the small shifter-supernatural town in Wolf Peak Territory ... This  is cat-shifter Kitty's carving of her mate, Dante, the alpha leader. 

Dante is planning his own moon-high seduction of his beloved mate later... 

This is a carving by a secret admirer which was placed on the doorstep of a new tiger in town, the mysterious Darth Volcano, who has opened a zero-point energy business inside the Bunkerville wing of the Interspecies Pleasure Club. 

This fiery pumpkin carving was spotted atop the watchtower of a castle, guarded by dragons, which is hidden in the nearby Rocky mountains. 

This is the blue ribbon winner of the children's pumpkin carving contest, held in Moonrise Lake. 

A game of pumpkin football where shifting to your animal side can happen at any moment during  the popular sporting event. 

The most beastly werewolf contest held at the Wolf's Lair Nightclub inside the Pleasure Club underground complex. 

The humans in Wolf Peak Territory celebrate with their own werewolf costume party. Yeah, just for funsies and howls. 

A real magickal celebration to welcome the Good Samhain forces, and bring All Blessings to everyone living in Wolf Peak Territory, and the land itself. 

There are several faes who have made Wolf Peak their home, and are joining in the Howl-oween celebration. 

The sexiest pumpkin bum's the winner! 

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