Thursday, October 13, 2016


Okay, here it is! A big smooch of thanks to Amanda Kelsey, my cover artist. She did a most fabulous job...don't you think?  

Now, I just have to get the revision-expansion of Sable and Devon's erotic love story finished. I'm past the half-way point. Hopefully all will go well, and I'll publish for Halloween. ~fingers crossed~ 


A private Halloween party in a Gothic mansion hidden in the Hollywood Hills. Add one party crasher, Sable Kiki, a naughty black cat with a sexy wild human side. 
Her covert assignment from her devious, always-cunning father: use her seductive wiles to discover the truth about Devon Zant, a movie star/musician on the rise to super stardom. 

Posing as the superhero actor, Devon Zant, D'Torr has arrived on Earth seeking revenge for the capture of his younger brother, and to assist in stopping a powerful interstellar enemy. 
The leviathan warfleet of the Altirrux wants rule of all intergalactic trade routes to Earth, endangering the survival of D'Torr's race, and all the inhabitants on the rare blue jewel, Earth.


BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5506268940242484050Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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