Saturday, March 22, 2014

Springing and Flinging ~ TWO BLOG HOPS Happening

MARS RISING... the Kougaress has a special fondness for Mars, and includes the planet in her stories. Sun Rocket, her heroine in RED LIONESS TAMED -- a sci fi futuristic erotic romance -- lives on Terra-Mars, a moon orbiting Mars.    
From Coast to Coast am...

In tandem with his 3/20/14 appearance, Robert Morningstar shares a set of images (click to enlarge) and text related to his presentation.

These last photos depict what I call "Morningstar Beach...on Mars." I've been told many times that there is a "Morningstar Beach" on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands... :) Now we have one on Mars too. The photos in this batch are 2 views of waves cresting and breaking on the shores of "Morningstar Beach" on Mars!

For these photos I shot single frames from a video that I captured on the NASA Channel in summer of 2012 so people can see the changes in the waves coming ashore on a Martian beach. Note that the beach is to be seen across the top of the frames, not in the foreground. The foreground shows shallow tidal pools left behind by an ebbing (i.e. outgoing) Martian tide. Therefore, we know from this NASA video that there is more than enough water on Mars today to create waves breaking on a beach, and tidal pools on wet sand, proving that there is not only enough water for a large lake or pond on Mars, but enough water for tidal action to exist on Mars even today.


Springing-flinging mews, weekend wild Kittens... a warm but strange-feeling day on the tame prairie today... the Kougaress saw a beautiful robin, heard the froggies singing, and did a few outdoor chores... along with tons of other stuff... yep, another way too busy day for this Big Cat.

So, the Kougaress heard some interesting underground info which could very likely be true. Supposedly, there are 33 underground pyramids in Ukraine. Given there are 'confirmed' underground pyramids, one in Alaska, this could very well be the case. Anyway, this was put forth as 'one' reason Russia and the US are battling over territory in Ukraine. What's the big deal about these pyramids? Answer: Stargate Technology.

Take care, darling kittens, and watch for the coming 'superstorms'. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~
Springing and Flinging ~ TWO BLOG HOPS Happening

March 20-23 ~ The Spring Fling Blog Hop at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. 


March 20-25 ~ Springtime in the Country at the Kougar's RAWHIDE AND SUNDOWN ROMANCE blog


The Kougar got some writing done on her secret project today... wahoo!

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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