Thursday, June 12, 2014

If your character has a beer...

Painting: Interplanetary Travelers
Artist Douglas Taylor ( shares his painting titled Interplanetary Travelers. He writes: The fabric of space-time can be manipulated to allow for intergalactic travelers to almost instantaneously cross the vast expanses of the Cosmos.


Late night mews, exceptional and ephemeral-lovely Kitkats... no rain today but still cloudy-overcast at times... the sun did peek through brightly and dry some of the clothes this Big Cat had hanging outside... such a fresh smell... lots of beautiful butterflies flitting about as the Kougaress trekked down to her mailbox... and, of course, endless business as far as trying to get everything done. ~huge sighs~

Have you noticed, darling kittens, that natural talent or artistic talent seems to be less and less important in today's world... it's more what can be sold as an image, a trendy fantasy. Regardless, remember this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

So, quite a bit done on the Kougar's secret project. Yay-ayh...
If your character has a beer... hey, jump on the bandwagon against bad-for-you beer... and let your characters drink something that's actually a good thing, not just a symbol of a certain lifestyle... this will give your character more depth and individuality... and you'll being doing a good thing for humanity in general

Beware: claw and fang commentary ahead... The Big Beer Bamboozle ... via the Food Babe this Big Cat had no clue how disastrously awful commercial, big-brewery beer is... she knew it wasn't healthy given the fact that it's not brewed naturally and the ingredients like fructose corn syrup [mercury filled and made with GMO corn] are crap. That is,  as opposed to good and organic microbreweries... but, the chemical overload is absolutely astounding, and technically not even beer... yep, it's so disgusting nothing and no one on this Earth should drink it or even come close to it... okay, with the exception of the Viper anti-human elite... dousing them in this utter diabolical crap, then forcing them to drink it... maybe that would constitute some manner of poetic justice... be that as it may, the traditional ingredients that have been used to make beer, ales, meads, and liquor, and not to leave out wine, the Kougaress's fave... is excellent for body and soul. In fact, such brews were used for medicinal purposes, and for nutrition in our past. And, yes, these fermented herbal concoctions worked. So, time to just say NO to the big nasty breweries, and say YES to the good-for-you organic brews. Vote with your dollars. Vote with your heart and soul. And, for gosh sakes, don't drink that beer-pretender crap.

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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