Thursday, June 19, 2014

Witch's Moon continues...

The Kougaress would rather be dancing through life... like Dante and Kitty in the flash scene, Saturday Night Fever with Dante. 

Late night mews, summer-rollicking fabulous Felines... a calm-humid weather day on the tame prairie, but gosh the damaging storms are all over... with tornadoes touching down, high winds, power outages... and tomorrow one storm system is supposed to move in... also, while the sun was out most of the day, still atmosphere felt odd, or out of sorts with itself.

Take care out there, darling kittens. Don't let those big nasty storms get you or your loved ones. And remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

So, the SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS July newsletter is being put together. Lots of shifter goodness, and the Kougar wrote a little flash scene starring her alpha werewolf hero, Dante, and his cat woman heroine, Kitty. It's titled: Saturday Night Fever With Dante. Anyhoo, if you haven't signed up and want some shapeshifter fun, click on the sidebar promo.


Witch's Moon - chapter 5, part 2
by Rebecca Gillan

We took seats opposite of Lex at the long conference table and settled in to wait for our host to return. Mooney said nothing, just stretched his six foot plus body out in what was clearly a relaxed pose. He was letting Lex know that he felt not the least bit threatened, a silly thing since Lex could probably have taken the wolf in open combat. Lex may not be more than a few inched taller than my own five foot three, but he was an ancient Egyptian demi god. One didn't survive that pantheon for four thousand years without knowing how to defend oneself. I knew this first hand, having been subjected to the Egyptians for most of my life.


HEADLINE £1 billion 'time machine' could reveal how the universe formed: Final antenna is added to Alma array to help explore the cosmos:


Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
New results from the particle detector attached outside the International Space Station show something else beside ordinary matter is generating cosmic rays. — Discovery News


The Mysterious Blue Holes of the Bahamas
Andros, the idyllic island getaway is a place steeped in mystery, legend, and myth. — Mysterious Universe


1st 'Scent Message' Sent from NYC to Paris
At the American Museum of Natural History, co-inventors David Edwards, a Harvard professor, and Rachel Field showcased their novel scent-messaging platform. — LiveScience
Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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