Monday, August 31, 2015

Gotta Agree With the Duke

Late summer yowls, Kitkat Beauties... days of gray overcast and cloudy days, but just sprinkles of rain on the tame prairie... the sun is finally out today... and this Big Cat saw the absolute brilliance of the waning moon last night... these days the moon is much brighter than when the Kougaress was growing up... yeah, no joke.

Take care, most darling kittens. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is about to start Chapter Thirty-seven of her WIP, Waiting For a Filly Girl... yep, the passion is hot and heavy with whipped cream involved. She also got some good penning done on her sci fi WIP, Warrioress.

The Kougar is also penning Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecast... a HUGE undertaking, which is *will be* posted later today at Kougar Kisses, and at these two sites ~ & ~ ~ 

SOME *SERIOUS* THOUGHTS ABOUT MAN-WOMAN RELATIONSHIPS ... first posted the Kougar Kisses blog...

Question: So, When Are Women Going To Quit Putting Up With UnManly Behavior  ... this question came up for the Kougaress as she considered all the ensuing craziness, the dark-side controller's war against the sexes, to keep us all divided, and at each other's throats, so to speak... this can easily be observed with all that's happening in society... with all that's happening between the sexes, between women and men in these chaos-troubled times ... and, with the whole transgender phenomena [and really who cares? Be whatever gender combo you want... ENJOY!] ... however, some of us do care about having a good relationship with the opposite sex... as this Big Cat has yowled many a time, she wants a real man, her definition of course... in these times, real men are now scarcer than hen's teeth... and this was evilly done by design... and NOT just in modern times... but throughout history since the evil ones took over... that is, in terms of ruling the world... anyway, man-woman relationships, in general, are a convoluted, complex, complete mess, with little hope of working out for the majority of us... UNLESS, you came into the world to be together, and have that kind of soul bond already... and now! The overall behavior of males in this culture has become so UNMANLY, well, number one, there is nothing attractive about them... and two, what woman in her right mind would put up with them??? RIGHT MIND, being the key phrase there. Okay, here's a maxim that is true: where the women go, the men will follow... why? Because they're men and it's in their genetic and soul code... or used to be... however, one of the keys to altering this devastating attack against man-woman relationships... well, women who want real men have to suck it up, and simply NOT PUT UP with unmanly men... yeah, there's a huge initial and painful cost... but the more women who say NO, and mean it... they will ultimately help society, and themselves... and men... given this subject is far too immense to thoroughly explain and explore... yeah, the Kougaress stops here.

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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