Saturday, February 27, 2016

Samhain Saying Goodbye... Dear Amazon...

Hey Kitkats All... Not too surprisingly a top ebook/small print publisher, Samhain, has evidently announced they are going out of business...WHY? Well, you could say, and it's likely a factor, that SELF-PUB has cut into their business... HOWEVER, from the comments this Big Cat has read, it has more to do with AMAZON'S INFAMOUS *HOW TO BURY EVERYONE ELSE'S BOOKS...AND FORCE READERS TOWARD KINDLE-EXCLUSIVE TITLES* algorithms. So, the Kougar KNEW this day, this time would come. That's been one of Amazon's KING OF THE HILL plans all along. And even authors signed on to KU are suffering for it, in terms of lessening royalties. Readers will be suffering too, whether they realize it or not, because the quality and quantity of subgenres offered, will be lessened as well. Or, the good writers/authors you enjoy most, many of them won't be able to afford to write for publication anymore.
Given this is the same idiotic, *make everyone suffer in the long run* game plan that the BIG BOY PUBLISHERS have done to authors and readers... well, obviously, they aren't enlightened enough at AMAZON to get this strategy will EVENTUALLY fold in on itself... the sooner this happens with AMAZON, the better. Really, who needs all this crony capitalism, robber-baron type crap??? Isn't that what a lot of us writers wanted to get away from? We wanted the freedom to publish in a fair manner where readers got to choose what they bought. You know fair and square. An equal playing field, etc.
THAT SAID, Dear, Amazon... haven't you ever read about Henry Ford's economic strategy? That is, he wanted his workers to be able to actually afford the cars they produced. WELL, SINCE YOU'VE ***UPPED*** YOUR FREE SHIPPING TO WHAT IS IT NOW??? $49... well, this Big Cat *self-published author with you* can no longer afford to buy from you. And she is purchasing elsewhere now. Furthermore, she needs to think long and hard about whether she will be pulling her ebooks from your cyber shelves... and if not, whether she will bother self-publishing any of her future ebooks with you. You know, there is such a thing as THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING... how can the Kougar support your *UNFAIR, CHEAPSKATE PRACTICES AGAINST AUTHORS* operation with a clear conscience. The answer: she can't. 


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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