Friday, October 11, 2013

Closer and closer... a New Kind of Mistress

In these times Robin Hood is the way to go. The Kougaress would love to design a Robin Hood fantasy costume for herself... and she has a Lady Robin Hood WIP she'd love to write... so many WIPS so little time! 

After midnight mews, Halloween-spooktacular Big Cat Beauties... a splendid Autumn day on the tame prairie... but rain is still very much needed... please, please, good weather beings... tonight the waxing crescent moon was spectacular in the late night sky... and still unbelievably bright... the Kougaress just can't get over how different the moon is now compared to even six years ago.

Watch out for your hides and tails, darling kittens. Lots coming down the pike at us during the final months of 2013. Remember, this Big Cat loves ya~

Authoress news and mews ~

Closer and closer, the Kougar hopes to finally finish revising RED LIONESS TAMED soon.

Remember to go enjoy the HALLOWEEN FLASH FICTION BASH at author, Karen Nutt's blog lots of prizes too!

a New Kind of Mistress...

Featured at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONSyou gotta see the pic Rebecca has with her flash fiction!

a New Kind of Mistress
by Rebecca Gillan

 The clink-clink-thud of doors being unlocked resonated in the clammy air of the dungeon. None of them were opened, just unlocked. Not that it mattered really. All of the occupants were chained to the walls and to each other, grouped by species and race for the most part. There weren't enough werewolves to be so picky since few survived both battle wound and the change.

Garth looked around him, knowing what he'd see. He and his men, all five of them humans, the Andorian wolf who had been born a shifter rather than turned. And the young darkling youth. He felt for that one, though he probably shouldn't.


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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