Friday, October 18, 2013

Tiger Horse in Talbot's Peak


Wow, talk about a dream come true. The Kougar would love to have a tiger horse... and of course, so would one of her heroines.

Lunar eclipse yowls, Halloween-capricious and cute KitKats... to quote from "This powerful full Moon will rise in fiery Aries opposite the harmonious Libra Sun." ... a windy lovely Autumn day on the tame prairie... the Kougaress had to get up hours earlier than normal, so she didn't get much sleep... she did get a lot accomplished... so, one serious problem got partially solved today, but now there's another glitch. ~sighs~

More world-event chaos ahead, darling kittens. Watch your tails and take care. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

A bit of authorly stuff got done today... the Kougar is working on her guest blog for Mia Downing's blog it's scheduled for October 30th ... yep, right in the middle of all the other HALLOWEEN PROMO events lined up.

Why Is There a Tiger Horse in Talbot's Peak?


Puca-men: gotta catch them all!
by Rebecca Gillan

The song of the grandfather clock in the corner was unnaturally load, echoing in the room with every swing of the pendulum. Marissa was looking everywhere but at the man sitting behind the massive walnut desk that dominated the spacious office.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock...

"Fine," she said eventually, staring down at her hands like a guilty child. "I admit it. I set the curse in a fit of temper."

by Pat Cunningham

(I just had to get in on this …)

Dash pulled the horse trailer into the compound’s front yard and climbed warily out of the cab. He eyed the man who briskly approached him with even greater suspicion. It wasn’t so much the gun as the scent the man carried. Dash snorted a warning. He couldn’t help himself. No horse, or horse shifter, could ever fully be at ease around the smell of big cat.


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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