Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The nearly full moon blazed high in the midnight sky... SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS.

Wow, early morning mews already, Halloween-divine and dancing Big Cat Beauties... time has escaped today... mild weather on the tame prairie, and the temps have fallen fast tonight... it's downright chilly out there... busy-craziness for the Kougaress from the moment she opened her eyes to now... all while the world goes hyper insane.

So much is coming down right now, darling kittens, dare to prepare. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

Hey, kiddo kittens, the Kougaress chose her winner for the HALLOWEEN FLASH FICTION BASH at author, Karen Nutt's blog Remember! There are more prizes too! And fab-spooky flash fiction to check out.

Okay then, more progress on finishing the revisions of RED LIONESS TAMED... and some formatting got done too. The Kougar is eager to get on to her next writing project. She's toying with the idea of using Createspace to put HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS in print... however, she doesn't know if she's up to that tech-task.

The nearly full moon blazed high in the midnight sky...


Horse Whispering Witch
by Savanna Kougar

Halloween-anticipating howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Really, can you believe it? The middle of October already. Autumn colors are just now making their appearance in my neck of the woods. And the air is crisper... and it's finally raining, a beautiful rain soaking into the land.

A bit of promo-ing here. We'll be participating in a Halloween blog hop, so be on the lookout for spooktacular fun and prizes.

Okay, Pat got me in the mood to write a flash scene with a horse shapeshifter. And it is the season of the witch, after all.


Horse Whispering Witch

The nearly full moon blazed high in the midnight sky, an unnatural light to Sibelle's knowledgeable eye. Alarm chilled her blood. Gently pulling on the reins she halted the magnificent, pale gold stallion she rode.

As she studied the moon's strange radiance, the voluminous hood of her long black cloak slipped from her head. Sibelle carefully sent out tendrils of psi energy. No use in being discovered by dangerous entities who were psychically advanced.



Once again, darlings, *innocent* Indie authors are being brutalized on the pretext of the 'few rotten apples' out there who are writing incest and bestiality fiction. Of course, this type of unlawful practice should be monitored and simply removed from a site's catalog. However, that's not what is happening. There is a wholesale TAKEDOWN of ebooks without any manner of sane review.

AT THIS POINT IN TIME, the Kougar's ebooks are still available at Amazon and Kobo. Obviously, that status could change by the looks of things.

Here's a bit of the info being talked about at IndieRomanceInk@

"My concern is that they will soon start pulling all self-pubbed titles on all e-retailers, singling out these authors. And I bet the large, traditional publishers are jumping for joy right now. They've lost a lot of business and money due to the fact that authors have gotten business savvy and learned to do it on their own, cutting out the "middle man".

This entire episode is enough to scare first time indie authors like myself into tucking tail and running right back to the submission process. I don't write erotica or explicit graphic content, but looks like even covers and keywords are under fire for anyone in the romance genre that is self-pubbed."

"What strikes me as incredibly hypocritical is they don't seem concerned about traditionally pubbed books with equally graphic content. Haven't all these booksellers made a killing selling the 50 Shades series? And it's not just Kobo. See below:"

***Prominent e-tailers are taking down self-published ebooks following reports that sites like Amazon and Kobo had unwittingly made pornographic content available.

And in the UK, WH Smith has gone so far as to take its entire site offlineuntil "all self published ebooks have been removed and we are totally sure that there are no offending titles available."

In an attempt to keep such content from populating sites like WH Smith that get ebooks from Kobo via an automated feed, the company is pulling down titles that independent authors uploaded using Draft2Digital. In reply to DBW's request for comment, a Kobo spokesperson explained, "Kobo has reviewed its catalogue and removed the content, authors and publishers in question."***  



Mystery Winged Creature Filmed Over Guadalajara, Mexico – Strange flying object Over Guadalajara, Mexico caught on Camera. According to The Viral Post “On 29 September around 21:00 hours near Bustamante Park in the downtown area, a strange flying creature was seen flying from one tree to another. Its size was estimated at around 2 meters tall and shaped like a manta ray.”


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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