Wednesday, January 15, 2014 most in the Kougar's generation...

Pull the plug, Dave, pull the plug!!!... like most in the Kougar's generation, this film had a deep impact... in fact, a deep spiritual impact. However, the practical solution was evident as well. KNOW WHEN TO PULL THE DAMN PLUG!

Wednesday afternoon mews, most precious Felines... frosty nippy on the tame prairie with sunshine and blue skies today... the full moon blazed the heavens sailing from the east horizon to the west... although, the Kougaress just can't get over how ultra bright the moon has become... nearly like a small sun.

As always, watch your sixes, darling kittens. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!
Authoress news and mews ~

Some progress on the read through of the Kougar's flash-scene novel, His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth.

The Kougar is joining the February FIRST KISS flash scenes at KMN BOOKS ~ or Karen Nutt's blog So that should be a month long fun event! 

Another piece of the Antarctica mystery... over the last couple of decades, as the Kougaress has kept an eye on the 'supernatural' and high-strangeness stories about Antarctica... well, what the hell is really being hidden from the public??? Art Bell, during his radio reign, attempted to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding Antarctica. Because, really, why was Admiral Byrd *silenced* about the real story of what occurred... when he was sent to rout out the Nazis after WWII? Yeah, flying disc craft routed his fleet instead, and there's so much more to that story. What about the opening into inner Earth? What about the lake beneath an ice dome that is not frozen, but apparently looks like a paradise. What about the enormous hovering craft above an area in the Antarctic that is warm, and very liveable? Of course, it's been speculated this was Atlantis, or part of Atlantis when the overall clime on Earth was far more moderate. Speaking of the Nazis, supposedly they found a way to travel by submarine beneath the land mass, and ended up discovering a warm region for their base.

Right now, there is mystery piled on top of mystery concerning Antarctica, and the clamp down is on. Yeah, YOU THE PEOPLE don't get know the TRUTH, what has been discovered, and what is known.  But, you darn well pay for it with taxes piled on top of taxes. Yeah, the dark-side elite holds all the cards, it seems. So, from this point forward, the Kougaress says that will change, and the whole TRUTH comes out. So be it.


HEADLINE Something Strange Under Antarctica? the look on the faces of those team members as well as the look on the faces of the few guys at the station that are in the know when they returned. They all look like they saw a ghost. Totally scared and acting erratic...  A 10+ page public forum is now having an in depth discussion over what the forum moderator is calling ‘something strange being activated under the ice of Antarctica’. Our forum mod claims to be a geologist sent to Neumayer Station in Antarctica to study ice core samples. His introduction to this topic is summed up as below and discussed much further in depth in the newly released video report below. Surprisingly, this claim may have more credibility than one might think.  



HEADLINE ‘Sorry, Dave, I can’t let you do that’: Robots learn, network without humans


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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