Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet Ewan... and a month long kissing event...

Meet Ewan, the coywolf shapeshifter at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS on Thursday in the flash scene ~ Extra Thursday Post: The Great Escape by Pat Cunningham

Nighttime mews, courageous and cute KitKats... gosh what a wacky-busy day for this Big Cat... overcast, cold, and some very light ice rain on the tame prairie... but, hey, at least, the Kougaress got her drive cleared of branches, and almost froze some of her fingers too much... but she has a natural cream with cayenne in it, and that sure works! to warm up your fingers fast... cayenne has been known to cure bad cases of frostbite... so keep that info in your big ole brains.

Stay alert, darling kittens. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

...a month long kissing event... FIRST KISS: at KMN Books

PLUG AHEAD: the Kougar's flash scene, FLASH OF THE WHITE STALLION, will be featured February 2nd at the FIRST KISS event on Karen Nutt's blog It's a month long kissing event. And yes! There are lots of giveaways.

Feb. 1 Ginger Jones Simpson
Feb. 2 Savanna Kougar
Feb 3 Debra St John- Facebook participant
Feb 3 Amy Lillard
Feb 4 Margaret Tanner Simpson
Feb 5 Gerald Costlow
Feb 6 Stephanie Burkhart
Feb 7 Author Charmaine Gordon
Feb 8 Sharon Kleve
Feb 8 Karen Michelle Nutt Facebook participant
Feb 9 Kathleen Adams Kathleen Rice Adams
Feb 10 Deborah Macgillivray
Feb 10 Arial Burnz- Facebook participant
Feb 11 Sarah McNeal
Feb 12 Babette James
Feb 13 Gina Conkle
Feb 14 AmyJo Nuest
Feb 15 Kennedy Streath
Feb 16 Lindsay Downs
Feb 17 Donna Michaels
Feb 17 JoAnne Myers- Facebook participant
Feb 18 Shelli Rosewarne
Feb 19 Dianne Hartsock
Feb 20 Jannine Gallant
Feb 21 Cheryl Pierson
Feb 22 Kristy McCaffrey
Feb 23 Sara Barnard
Feb 24 Jacquie Rogers
Feb 25 Eva Gordon
Feb 26 Livia Washburn Reasoner
Feb 27 Tanya Hanson
Feb 28 Linda Broday


This Big Cat author remembered to sign up for the linky blog hop MY SEXY SATURDAY at and will be posting at TITLE MAGIC ~


by Serena Shay

Reetha shut the door to her room at the Talbot’s Peal Inn just as a peel of frustration rent the air from the manager’s young daughter.  Her older brothers had once again taken her doll and were threatening to Hari-kari it at dawn.  The stuffed toys possible death was too much for the little one to take and she was resorting to mom to save her friend and someone named Hawk to peck out her brother’s eyes.

Here she thought her family was weird.



Renaissance Art of the End Times Revealed in Rediscovered Apocalyptic Book


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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