Thursday, September 11, 2014

...on the home stretch...

Yeah, the Kougaress has always been fascinated by this type of genetic info. And who wouldn't want a prehistoric bovine?

Jurassic Farm
Can we bring prehistoric bovines back from extinction?

By Kristan Lawson on September 10, 2014
The 21st-century back-to-the-farm movement stems from our yearning to escape the artificiality of modern urban life.
A small group of determined visionaries are on a mission that seems ripped straight from the plot of a (farm-obsessed) sci-fi novel: Resurrecting a species of prehistoric bovines, called aurochs, which have been extinct for centuries.
Wild aurochs were bigger and leaner than domesticated cattle. Centuries of human intervention and selective breeding gradually transformed them into docile, milk-heavy dairy cows and beef cattle. Most Americans have only ever heard of aurochs when name-dropped in Game of Thrones, and likely assume they’re mythical creatures. Not only were they real, they were once dominant: million-strong herds thundered across Eurasia and North Africa. Sadly, The last recorded aurochs perished in a Polish forest in 1627.

Late night mews, gorgeous and gamboling Felines... much shiver-cooler on the tame prairie today... wow, what a day!... it all started when the Kougaress went on an unplanned cleaning spree, and ended up sucking an empty supplement bottle into the hose of her bowling-ball holding vacuum... the size was so perfect she couldn't get it out of either end... yeah, that was tricky dicky to remove but she ended up using one of her bamboo poles that she collects from the plants down at the end of the drive... and it was long and strong enough to shove the bottle out... and that was just the beginning of her strange-o cleaning day... then, during the late afternoon the Kougaress trekked down to her mailbox and found the neighbor chasing one of his bull calves through the other neighbor's soybean field... she did her best to help, which wasn't much, given the black Angus critter stopped at her approach, then ended up running slowly in the direction the neighbor wanted... and so it goes. 

Okay, darling kittens, stock up on Vitamin C and other good health supplements. Make yourself as healthy as possible in these superbug times. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

So, the Kougar got a lot done and is on the home stretch of polishing her manuscript. Yay!!!


The Modern Cowboys of Colorado
By Tove Danovich on September 10, 2014
Photography by Michael Crouser
Photographer Michael Crouser is hesitant to refer to the mountain cowboys of Colorado as a disappearing culture. “I don’t want the ranching people themselves to feel like I’m casting a judgment on their future,” he says. Yet the type of cowboy who ropes cattle on horseback instead of an ATV is growing rarer.
Crouser has spent the last eight years photographing the traditional side of cowboys for his series “Mountain Ranch.” Crouser didn’t seek out his subjects; he happened to have a friend who lived next door to some ranchers. He decided to try photographing them, and a lark turned into an expansive project. 



Stonehenge researchers discover site is much larger than previously thought
Researchers find series of hidden chapels, burial mounds and ritual shrines, transforming view of historic area. — The Guardian

The Stonehenge hidden landscapes project finds 17 hidden late Neolithic monuments - that are 'like Stonehenge' itself - with the help of new technology

Fever mounts as stunning statues found at ancient Greek tomb
Two caryatid statues have been unearthed holding up the entrance to the biggest ancient tomb ever found in Greece. — AFP


U.S. Open Doubles Champs Bob And Mike Bryan On Their 'Freaky Twin' Telepathy
That strange bond has helped them stay ahead of their doubles competition even at age 35, considered old in tennis circles. — Huffington Post


Sabahans abuzz over mystery lights in the sky
Mysterious lights streaked across the night skies of an East Malaysian town. — The Star


Arctic Shipwreck Found After 170 Years, Solving "Great Mystery"
Have archaeologists solved the mysterious loss of the Franklin expedition? — National Geographic News

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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