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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY at ShapeShifter Seductions...

The Mound Builders like you've never heard... or read in this book.

Saturday night mews, Autumn-rollicking Big Cool Cats... more wonderful weather on the tame prairie... and the Kougaress had all these plans for what to get done... she was out cutting some of her jungly yard down when she got bee stung unexpectedly, not once, but three overall times, one a direct stinger hit... yeah, she must have disturbed a nest... so, at that moment her life was in jeopardy since this Big Cat goes into Anaphylactic Shock unless she takes a particular supplement [Country Life Aller-Max] that she always keeps on hand... usually it only takes one dosage... this time, with the nasty, no-fun pain, and the fact that her thumb turned bright red, and the redness began spreading rapidly, she took three dosages, along with extra Vitamin C... and topically treated the three site areas with Tei-Fu oil, and some other natural took about six hours before this Big Cat started feeling normal, and her thumb returned to its normal color... now there is just a bit of swelling... for several years as a kid, the Kougaress got bee allergy shots to supposedly keep her from having a bad reaction... well, that only worked one time in her life... after that, well, this Big Cat had to find her own remedies... thanks to the Divine, and those in the know about such remedies, she has found what works... thus, she's still alive and kicking and blogging.

Yep, darling kittens, take it from the Kougaress it's always wise to have what works for you on hand, and keep it easily accessible. Stock up, and prepare, kitty lovelies. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!


Authoress news and mews ~

More formatting done on the SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS special project.

Also... the Kougar signed up for the linky blog SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY She will be featuring the first six paragraphs of Chapter Thirty-three from HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS


Note: usually the Kougar DOES NOT involve herself in these rather salacious matters. In this case, given the overall gravity of the situation, as to the future of EC, and the harm done to many EC authors... well..

Posted on a private loop today: I hadn't heard about the suit until I read it here, but I went and looked it up.  Holy crap.  Here's the link in case anyone is interested.
Jane at dear author has the best response to this though...  check it out.
Dear @ellorascave I welcome your suit and look forward to inspecting all of your books. Truth is a defense in defamation cases.

Private loop comment:  Too good! Oh to be an observer in that courtroom...bring on the popcorn, people!  hehehehe

Oooh, it's the battle of the women titans, JANE VERSUS TINA, owner of Ellora's Cave... this could be too good, given Jane is a lawyer. I just hope she watches her back in this case. I wouldn't trust Tina as far as I could throw her. Jane is right, though. If all you are saying-reporting is the truth, there is no libel, slander, defamation, etc. ~Savanna Kougar

The Mound Builders like you've never heard... From both a mystical and historical point of view, this is just amazing, soul-nourishing information, and Greg Little is the perfect man for revealing a far, far different picture of ancient America than what we have been allowed to know. We do truly walk in the darkness of lies and deception. For, the TRUTH of our past has been denied to most of humanity by the social engineering minions of the psychopathic Viper elite.


 Friday September 26, 2014   
Greg Little in a Major Breakthrough
Greg Little has unlocked an ancient secret of immense power: the journey of souls as it was understood by the enigmatic Mound Builder people whose civilization predates that of the people we know today as Native Americans. Greg's work appears on Listen as Greg describes the journey of the soul after death as they understood it--a journey, like that described by so many other ancient peoples, westward and into the stars. But they weren't supposed to understand what stars were. And why did they imagine we have a soul? Provocative, enlightening and wonderful interview!


NASA Coverup Of Miles Wide UFO Over Earth (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Wake up America - All News PipeLine. By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine SecureTeam10 revisits the seemingly forgotten and unexplained issue of a November 2013 image captured from orbit from the International Space Station (ISS) of a massively huge Unidentified Flying object (UFO) hovering above Earth's ocean. The original image appear and is shown in...

MARS from Never a Straight Answer 'NEWS' ~

Curiosity Finds a Weird 'Ball' on Mars
While compiling a mosaic of images of the surrounding landscape, Curiosity captured a rather un-Mars-like shape atop a rocky outcrop. — Discovery News


Children Remember Dying in Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11? Reincarnation?
Beth Culpepper’s daughter, Carson, reported memories at a young age of what Culpepper thinks is her daughter’s past-life death in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. — Epoch Times 


New 'Nazca lines' discovered in Kazakhstan
More than 50 previously unknown geoglyphs have been found sprawled across the north of the country. — Unexplained Mysteries


A wearable camera that would turn into a drone and fly off your wrist
Check out the Nixie prototype, a wearable camera that flies off your wrist and turns into a remote-controlled quadcopter. — Gizmodo


The Body Electric
Every year, more than 500 Americans will be struck by lightning-- and roughly 90 percent of them will survive. Though they remain among the living, their minds and bodies will be instantly, fundamentally altered. — Outside


Black holes do not exist and the Big Bang Theory is wrong, claims scientist
A scientist from University of North Carolina states she has mathematical proof that black holes can't exist. — Mail Online
Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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